zebNet Backup for Opera Browser Free Edition is simple to use and allows you to easily create backup files, storing data acquired from your favorite Web browser. The software is designed to perform basic data backup and recovery, being especially useful when you wish to transfer this type of information.
Reliable backup tool for the Opera browser
Opera Web browser is one of the most popular applications of its kind, allowing you more than to only navigate the Internet. It can remember your preferences, favorite websites or options, by saving this information. zebNet Backup for Opera Browser Free Edition is capable of acquiring this data and store it to your computer in a special format file.
It can easily extract the data from your Web browser then almost instantly save them in a .ZBFX backup file. Additionally, before the conversion, the software can calculate the size of the output file, thus informing you how much free space you need in the destination folder. The process is quick and the results can be saved in a folder of your choice.
Quickly restore the data to your Web browser
zebNet Backup for Opera Browser Free Edition is a suitable software in case you need a means of transferring data from one computer onto another. After creating the backup file, the application can also recover it in a short time and restore it to the Opera Web browser. Simply load the previously created backup document and start the process.
For this function to work, you need to exit Opera Web browser, if it is currently running. The software notifies you if any of the required conditions are not met, before performing the recovery.
Simple backup and recovery software
zebNet Backup for Opera Browser Free Edition is lightweight, easy to use and quick. Moreover, it indicates the size of the output file, thus notifying you, in advance, how much free space you need on the hard disk. All in all, the software is reliable, even though it offers only basic functions, without customizable options.







ZebNet Backup For Opera Browser Free Edition Crack + Keygen (April-2022)

* Free version of zebNet Backup for Opera.
* Backup your Opera’s bookmarks.
* Perform automatic backups.
* Compress the backup file.
* Password protected backups.
* Safe and reliable software.
* Internet Explorer compatible.
* Hot-key activation.
* Auto-clean backups.
* Can restore Opera’s bookmarks from an old backup.
* No installation is required.
* Supports Windows XP, Vista, and 7.
* No page file required.
* Supports Windows Server 2003, 2008.
* No e-mail notification when the backup is completed.
* Can restore data from a backup file created with the free version of zebNet Backup for Opera.
* Supports multiple backup files.
* Can restore bookmarks from each of the multiple-separated backup files.
* Can restore a selected bookmark or all saved data from the backup file.
* Supports HTTP and FTP protocols.
* Supports HTTP, FTP, HTTPS, IMAP, POP, SMTP, and SSH protocols.
* Offline data backup and recovery.
* General Database backup and recovery.
* Simple one-key backup and recovery.
* Customize the list of saved passwords from which to recover data.
* Customize the output format of the restore files.
* Backup and recovery of Internet Explorer (IE).
* Quick recovery of IE data.
* Backup & recovery of Opera, Firebird, and MS Access databases.
zebNet Backup for Opera Browser Key Features:
* zebNet Backup for Opera Browser Free Edition Serial Key is designed to perform basic Opera data backup and recovery.
* Supports file compression.
* Quick recovery of Opera’s bookmarks.
* Supports Windows XP, Vista, and 7.
* Supports Windows Server 2003, 2008.
* Can restore data from a backup file created with zebNet Backup for Opera.
* No installation is required.
* Supports multiple backup files.
* Supports HTTP and FTP protocols.
* Supports HTTP, FTP, HTTPS, IMAP, POP, SMTP, and SSH protocols.
* Supports Internet Explorer, Access, and Firebird databases.
* Quick recovery of IE data.
* Supports many popular browsers.
* Password protected backups.
* Automatic data back up from Opera’s Tools → Database.
* Online database backup and recovery.
* Supported database engines and tools.
* Customize list of saved passwords and system settings from which to

ZebNet Backup For Opera Browser Free Edition Crack+ Free [Latest] 2022

Simplicity and reliability – zebNet Backup is the ultimate solution for reliable, fast and safe backup of your data. It supports all major operating systems and is available as a universal download for all environments and platforms.
zebNet Backup is the first utility of its kind to have Secure Technology, aiming at enhanced data security for Windows. Secure Technology is based on the latest security standards, aiming for safer, easier and much more secure data protection.
Extremely fast and efficient backup – zebNet Backup backup is extremely fast and gives high data protection. You can backup large volumes of data in less than 5 minutes!
Simple and safe to use – zebNet Backup is safe to use and offers a simple and safe user interface.
Key features:
Manage all your data – zebNet Backup is a universal data manager. It allows you to combine several storage devices.
Native 64-bit technology – zebNet Backup has been optimized for 64-bit architecture.
Safe and reliable backup – Data Recovery experts recommend zebNet Backup, as it is safe and very reliable.
Protect your data – zebNet Backup can protect your data from everyday loss by saving your data twice.
Native security support – zebNet Backup has also been made secure by offering native security standards, securing your data.

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ZebNet Backup For Opera Browser Free Edition

zebNet Backup Pro is a program to perform data backup and recovery from your browser. It supports more than 80 Web browsers and a variety of platforms such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The software has the capability to automatically extract data from your active Web browser, importing all the information into your backup file. zebNet Backup Pro uses a proprietary backup format and stores all the data into a single file. All the data is fully encrypted for your protection, and all output files are not created by the software. zebNet Backup Pro supports secure password protection, customized backups and saving of all data to CD. It also has the capability to restore the data back to your active Web browser. You may customize the backup and recovery process, making the data backup your own.
zebNet Backup Pro description:

zebNet Backup 2 Professional is an advanced program designed for backup and recovery of data from your browser or operating system. It supports over 80 Web browsers and all Windows based operating systems. The software supports more than 60 data recovery formats, including iTunes, ZIP, RAR, Microsoft, ISO and so on. With the package, you can backup the data automatically using a scheduled job and create customized data backup by taking a snapshot of your browser. All files will be backed up from the browser settings, extensions and toolbars. zebNet Backup 2 Professional restores the data back to your browser in the original format, including format extensions, extensions, favicons, bookmarks and more.
zebNet Backup 2 Professional is a trustworthy application that can backup and recover all of your data, including the location of bookmarks, favorites, history, passwords, extensions and settings. The package can save your data into the most preferred file formats, such as ZIP, RAR, Microsoft, ISO, WIM, and more. zebNet Backup 2 Professional includes the option to back up your browser every time you start the browser, thus making the process easy and convenient. It is also capable of retrieving the data during an on-line backup. The application can keep your data safe and allow you to easily back up your browser.
zebNet Backup 2 Professional features:

Opera Web browser is an application used to browse the Internet, save information for future access and save the options and preferences. This type of software can help you to stay up-to-date with popular Web sites, contacts and more. zebNet Backup for Opera browser Free Edition allows you to back up your Web browser and recover all of your data from

What’s New In?

* Archive your data securely using zebNet Free Edition.ZBFX backup file.
* Easy to use
* Back up and restore from the same computer.
* Support for.ZBFX backup file formats
* Support for 64-bit and 32-bit computers.
* Secure and easy to use with no user interface or external programs.
* Shortcut menus and icons to save typing.
* Saves backup files into subdirectories.
* Supports named devices.
* Files are created as a single.ZBFX backup file.
* Append.ZBFX to the file name when archiving
* Scan your computer for operating systems including Windows, Linux and MAC OS.
* Images and PDF files are extracted and archived to the system directory.
* Scan your computer for documents including Word, Excel, Image and PDF files.
* Scan the My Documents, My Pictures and My Music folders.
* Show the print settings, controls and Page Setup dialogs from the toolbar.
* Show the passwords in the Password window.
* Browse archives and protect them as a group.
* Restore the backed up file or partition to the destination.
* Back up your data in archives.
* Extracts images from PDFs in archives.
* Scan and back up your documents from the desktop and libraries.
* Browse your archives and restore them to the destination.
* Conveniently create password protected archives.
* You can easily back up and restore documents from both your desktop and the folders in the libraries.
* Back up and restore frequently accessed documents like favorites, bookmarks, URLs, homepage and saved passwords.
* Make the new windows inherit your old windows settings.
* Recover data and documents on your computer.
* It can be installed on your system in 7 minutes.
* It includes the latest version of Opera browser.
* It can save your settings and bookmarks.
* Downloading it will not show the “crack” message.
* It’s safe and free.
* It won’t be listed on any anti-virus databases.
* Free to download and use.
* Includes the latest version of the Opera browser.
* It’s safe and free to use.
* It doesn’t show the crack screen
* Download it from the link below.


* It will not show the crack message on download.
* It will not be listed on any


System Requirements:

Note: This product was released as a preview version.
For the latest version of this product or to try out the latest release, please see the latest version.
Alternatively, visit the product or subscription page.
Please ensure you meet the system requirements of your target platform before purchasing.
You can find the list of minimum system requirements below. Please note that, these are the minimum system requirements. The required system specifications for this product may change from time to time. Also, the performance of the product may vary based on different configurations.


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