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How to validate the response of a Twitter async search in android?

I’m trying to make a Twitter search in android.
The only problem is that it was very slow and i’ve had to check if there was something wrong.
The problem is that is a very slow response.
The search uses the so-called “Search API”

And the fact that it’s a http method, it gives a ok for which to receive the response.
My problem is that i can not understand how to validate if the response contains the keywords i’m looking for…
The problem is that since it uses a http request, i receive the response as an object, and with android i can not understand how to handle the data.
The search API returns a string, but as the twitter api returns different objects depending on the type of request and the search, i can not figure out how to handle the values.
i’m very interested in how to validate the response.
Thanks in advance 🙂


just send a GET request to twitter api directly and see what status code you get, if it’s 200 it’s good or not.
and just like @Haralord said, you could use the twitter4j library.
public int search(String query){
AsyncTwitterApi api = new AsyncTwitterApi(


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Update your browser to make sure that you are using the right version of this software.//
// AKAppleIDAuthenticationRequest.h
// Application Kit
// Copyright © 2010-2013 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.


@class AKAppleIDAuthenticationRequest;


@class AKAppleIDAuthenticationRequest

The AKAppleIDAuthenticationRequest class represents an asynchronous request that the system will execute. This is the basic class for working with synchronous and asynchronous requests.

API_AVAILABLE(ios(7.0), watchos(2.0)) API_UNAVAILABLE(macosx, tvos)
@interface AKAppleIDAuthenticationRequest : NSObject


Creates a new AKAppleIDAuthenticationRequest object

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