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What Is App Namespace In Facebook

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If you do need this new service – but don’t want to link your old apps over, then you can do that here:.

Facebook is a popular website, and it is widely used for business, social media, and networking. Facebook is a website that has some of the most loved features. All of these features are provided by Facebook. This feature is provided by a facebook application.
Facebook is a very popular website used by millions of people around the world. Facebook plays an important role in our daily lives.
By using the facebook marketing, advertisements and communications, marketers, businesses, bloggers, and businessmen can avail all the benefits of social media.
By installing the facebook application, marketing team can create a complete marketing strategy by using social media advertising.
What is the facebook application?
If we talk about the basic concept of a website, it is its pages. A facebook page is the most famous type of a page of a website.
A facebook page is an online location where any user can share his views and any type of information about a particular topic.
For example, if you like football, you can create a facebook page of yours. After creating a page you can share your views in the form of a blog.
After creation, all the visitors in the world can visit your page. You can even post your blogs or any type of posts in your page.
The term Facebook is also used for mobile applications and this is a very popular.
What is a facebook application?
A Facebook application is developed using the facebook application programming.
By using the facebook application programming, Facebook application developers are able to provide many useful features to users.
Features provided by Facebook application

Create fanpage

Create a group for its users

Facebook sharing a website

Facebook login for the mobile apps

Facebook login for websites

Facebook marketing/advertising

The facebook application is easy to use and very user friendly.

The facebook application programming can easily handle all the features related to Facebook.
By implementing these features in a social media, the business marketing team can attract more visitors for their websites and also make the social media very useful for their businesses.
Facebook application programming is implemented in a wide range of languages.
C++, C#, JAVA, Python, XUL and PERL are some of the most popular programming languages for facebook application

how to use app namespace in facebook
how to use app namespace in fb app
how to use app namespace in facebook app
how to use app namespace in facebook app . how to use app namespace in facebook .
How to use App Namespace for a Facebook Application How to use App Namespace for a Facebook Application. Type this into the text box and then click the save button.
. Do not use spaces. Just make sure to include a period in between the namespace and the “FacebookAppID” and “FacebookNamespace” entries.
How to use App Namespace for a Facebook Application create with facebook api
Connect your Facebook App to LiveAgent Start creating the Facebook App you created earlier by going to the web-based Facebook App Management section of your LiveAgent account and clicking the “Create a Facebook App” option.
How to use App Namespace for a Facebook Application
Step 2: Configure the App Name and App Namespace For the App Name text box, enter the name of the App. Specify the namespace of the App by entering a Namespace. enter the namespace of the App you want to configure into LiveAgent,.
How to use App Namespace for a Facebook Application
Step 3: Verify the App in LiveAgent After creating the App, wait a few minutes.
Facebook Application Namespace : Set up what will appear in your Facebook app in LiveAgent.
Facebook Application Namespace : Use the same app namespace that you entered when configuring your Facebook Platform application.
Developing Facebook Applications | Fb App | Articles | Fb App | Blog
How to use App Namespace for a Facebook Application This video was created by LiveAgent.
Facebook Application Namespace : Change the namespace of your app to match its Facebook Application ID.Q:

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I have a crontab in which i have included a command to execute a shell script that takes a parameter. This script is called from shell directly.
My problem is that this cron job is not running.
I have done lots of research on how to fix it, but none of them worked. I have gone thru the following posts on SO but could not get it to run:

Running a Cron Job from the terminal
How to Run a Crontab Job via PHP?
run a cron job from a PHP script

The cron job is failing
> php -f /my/script.php

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Cummings sent a letter to White House counsel Pat Cipollone on Sunday, urging the administration to turn over documentation of the president’s private conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin and other world leaders.

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Trump has repeatedly denied any collusion with Russia.

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“I am confident that your Office has already begun to comply with these requests, but I wanted to make you aware of our oversight concerns and to advise you of our continued investigations,” Cummings wrote.

The congressman’s letter comes amid a rare bipartisan public push from lawmakers on Capitol Hill to take the president to task for his interactions with Putin.

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facebook-social-networks-auto-poster-setup-installation-2. Fill “App Name”, leave “App Namespace” empty, select any category. The App Namespace is the Facebook .
configure your app name | app deployment | app. Facebook is able to tell which version is installed due to a unique namespace ID. to fix the error you need to add the namespace. specify the correct namespace and Facebook will no.

visit I created a Free Tier app with namespaces. the current user’s Facebook account should also see the App Namespace as “Free Tier”. The Name should be auto-filled for you. In the App Namespace field, you must select the namespace used for your App Name, such as “Free Tier”.
What am i doing wrong?


Yup, as per the docs, app IDs for web app and mobile app should always be different. In the App Namespace field, you must select the namespace used for your App Name, such as “Free Tier”.
So try to change all the ids in Facebook SDK to something like:

Also, what you mentioned, that you have set the app name to a different name on Facebook using the field app name: {app_name}
Doesn’t mean you can use same names for different apps. From your error, it seems you just used the app name that you have set for a different app. So, in this case you can fix it by changing it to something like:


# Copyright (c) 2020, Nvidia Corporation
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

# prepare client and server configuration
. /opt/seldon-client/test-seldon.sh

# select default backend
test_seldon_config “client” $OUT/client.yml \
–namespace test

test_seldon_config “backend” $OUT/backend.yml \
–namespace test

test_seldon_config “service” $OUT/service.y

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