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Please use the following code to create a map of characters and their stats.
Class Character
CharacterStats As String
End Class

Class CharacterStats
Strength As Integer
Intelligence As Integer
Agility As Integer
Perception As Integer
Luck As Integer
End Class

Sub Main
Dim Character1 As Character = New Character(“Pat”) With {.CharacterStats = “50;0;0;0;0;0”}
Dim Character2 As Character = New Character(“Nurse”) With {.CharacterStats = “0;100;100;100;100;100”}
Dim Characters() As Character = {Character1, Character2}
For Each Character As Character In Characters
End Sub

However, you should consider using a dictionary to hold this information.

PSX 2010


Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hill Series Gets More of Kojima

After teasing a handful of Silent Hill teases at E3, Konami finally confirmed a new Silent Hill game is in development. Silent Hill Downpour was co-developed by Japanese studio Grasshopper Manufacture and French design studio Grasshopper. Appropriately, it’s the second game in the modern Silent Hill series after the 2006 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

Konami held a press conference for the game in Tokyo today. The official details for the game are scant. No mention of a release date was revealed, no demos were played and the only official gameplay demonstration was on a Wii, which is not exactly friendly to Silent Hill. Still, Konami is hoping that the game will do well enough to keep the franchise alive. It may have already failed, though. Shattered Memories sold fewer than 10,000 units in North America, a critical failure for the game. Fans may be unsure as to whether this new game will live up to the high expectations they’ve set for it.

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