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How to get rid of “Go to script editor” notifications on Eclipse

I’m using Eclipse 4.4.2, and I’m getting notification when someone opens the script editor and presses Ctrl+Shift+U to open an open document with it (it’s the same thing as “Show Source”). I searched a bit and found this bug with the Eclipse bugzilla. It seems that there isn’t a solution yet.

Also, these messages are annoying for my students. They get annoyed by the Ctrl+Shift+U.

My question is, how can I get rid of these kinds of notifications? I thought it was a bug, but I got another question and it looks like I can’t.

It seems that if I don’t select the document in the “script” tab, then Eclipse won’t get any kind of notifications about it. Why is this?
I selected the icon from the “Script” tab, and when I right-click on it, it gives me this menu:

I have found this idea from, and the problem is that I have too many “script” tabs, and I don’t want to open each tab on my navigation bar.

My question is: how can I change the icon to the (p)assword unlock icon from my navigation bar instead of the script icon from the “Script” tab?


I have the same problem.
When you open a script, you should see a “delete” icon. You can also use the context menu : Menu -> Window -> Preferences -> General -> Accessibility -> Activate Skip for this notification.
By using the context menu and than pressing “Go” on the “Skip” icon and than “Ok” this will not show again for this script.
I’ve also found a bug report to Eclipse bugzilla with a possibility to disable it :
It seems to be fixed in Eclipse 4.4.2 but we can’t access the Eclipse 4.4.2 version. Maybe in Eclipse 4.5.0 we will have the option to disable this notification (by default) when an entry is already opened.


SQL import of dates with DateTime data type results in NA

We have a large amount of SQL data to import to R. The data we are importing contains dates in

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I like this quote from the BBC because you could apply it to both the burnout that happens in our jobs and in our relationships as well. We become addicted to work and then we need to work to avoid the burnout.

Every morning when we wake up, we go to work and come home. But this is enough for us because we have created a micro-world for ourselves. We can no longer dream because we live in a steel box. This is the problem.

Here is an example from a management book that shows what can happen if you are not careful. If you don’t listen to your heart and don’t respect what your heart tells you, then your heart will not speak to you. If you are not listening to your heart, then you will be in a rage. That’s the process.

We need to approach the world in a different way. We need to grow from being immersed in the world, and learn how to interact with the world. This is the problem. It is not that we know too little about the world, but rather that we know too much.

This is an amazing book by Richard Alpert. This is where he talks about the topic of non-attachment.

We have no higher goal than to be free. That is our goal. Not to be better, but to be free. This book is an inspiration and we recommend you read it. It is indeed a free book.

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