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* Segment the audio track using the plug-in’s algorithms
* Resulting sound can be reassembled and re-mixed using a MIDI controller.
* 4 panning positions
* 4 pitch offset positions
* 4 different blend settings
* Dynamic parameters
* Multitrack
* Advanced user interface
* Mac and PC compatible


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Xiphos is a reverb plugin with a great adjustable dry/wet effect and optional stereo expansion. In addition, it can be used for delay and provides a substantial graphical interface for easy configuration.
The GUI includes a spectral display and a spectrum analyzer, and the plug-in is equipped with a preset section to ensure a speedy and simple start-up.
Xiphos Description:
* Adjustable wet/dry balance
* Stereo expansion
* Reverb (up to 100 reverb shells)
* Delay (from 250 ms to 2.5 seconds)
* Tremolo
* Chorus
* Vocoder
* Mid-side
* Wide stereo image
* Additive reverb support
* Effects and crossfade
* Reverb/delay/chorus/tremolo control panels
* Multitrack
* Advanced user interface
* Mac and PC compatible


(*: Please note that the Pro version of Xiphos is not ready for sale yet.)

Calliope is a plugin for adding chorus effect and a feature to reach the acoustic peak in the middle of the stereo spectrum. This is an ideal plugin if you want to add chorus to instruments or vocals, and if you want to change the tone of a stereo sound.
Calliope Description:
* Create the chorus effect using the following parameters
* Add chorus effect in the middle of the stereo spectrum
* Set the dominant frequencies at +/- 20Hz and +/- 1kHz
* Mix silence, add harmonics, and suppress high frequencies in order to add chorus effect
* Mix low frequencies, harmonics and suppress high frequencies to reach the acoustic peak at the middle of the stereo spectrum
* Receive stereo signals through the PCM-LINK interface
* User interface that allows you to select up to four input signals and four output signals


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>> The plugin uses recorded audio segments, and uses third party audio analysis tools, such as Flux, and Slate for pitch shifting/reassembling the segments.
>> The segments are prepared in a virtual studio, allowing you to adjust their volume, pan, cut/crop, add effects, etc.
>> You can mix your recordings from different sources into one audio file and use it as your reference.
>> You can use a single segment or multiples to process.
>> The plugin can be used to modify the format of the music, like adding vocals. It doesn’t change the instrument itself.
>> You can change the value of the parameters like duration, volume, pan, pitch and delay.
>> The plugin’s configuration file is very easy to understand and edit.
>> The plugin is compatible with FL Studio.
>> Use the provided configuration file to customize and apply the plugin to your project.
>> The default parameters are out-of-the-box settings.
>> It allows you to modify the settings through the configuration file, and to edit their values.
>> It’s compatible with FL Studio 12, 14, and 16.
>> It is compatible with Windows and Linux.
>> It is compatible with all plugins.
>> No need to buy any additional plugins to make your project look interesting.
>> New versions will be released on a regular basis.
If you like this plugin and would like to support its development, please consider donating.
If you like the plugin, please support its development by leaving a review and rating.

It’s just a music listener. It is made to support those music lovers who needs to add some interesting feature to their favorite project.
Main Features:
* It looks simple to use. There are just 2 commands: Play and Stop
* It supports all types of files including MIDI, Sequencer and Audio files
* There are several parameters of playback. You can turn Auto-Play, Pause, Play After End, Set Loop Length, Set Total Time, Change Preset Song, Change Preset Volume, Change Preset Pitch and Change Start Slide Time
* It allows to add many delay or reverb effect to make your music sound best
* You can change the preset settings, or shuffle the presets
* Add effects like Lofi, Distortion, Noise, Echo, S&H, Ping Pong, Vibrato, Chorus, Flanger, Vocal, Overdrive

SaltyGrain Crack Free Download (2022)

SaltyGrain is an audio plugin that segments the audio track and reassembles it back, creating a new sound using panning and pitch shifting.
Due to this plugin, music enthusiasts can come up with a wide range of sound types, thus making it ideal for generating unusual effects for movies, voice effects, strange background noise, rhythmic distortions or live sound modifications.
SaltyGrain Features:
-Sound control: set panning and pitch using slider controls (initial positioning: centre)
-Includes controls to assign the audio source to another track in the project
-Plugins include a bass shaper, a noise gate, an MP3 encoder and different EQs
-Fixed and variable effects
-Master effects section
-Bass compressor
-High-pass filter
-MP3 encoder
-Pitch corrector
-Distortion effect
-Transient shaper
-ARP effector
-Advance Waves main features
-1) Custom parameters and settings page:
-2) Control:
-3) Effects selection and adjustment:
-4) Mixer:
-5) EQ options:
-6) MIDI control:
-7) Clock:
-8) Record and playback:
-9) Note editor:
-10) Footer:
-11) Histogram:
-12) Presets:
-13) Sequencer:
-14) Sequencer options:
-15) Speed controller:
-16) VST and AU plugin formats:
-17) Network MIDI:
-18) File format:
-19) Advanced:
How to Buy:


Boilerplate – a collection of high quality boilerplates for a variety of software needs.
Link to the bundle ->
-Gui code for some of the plugins are available on the site.
-All the plugins were tested on Win 7 32-bit. They should also work on Win 8, 8.1 and 10

Tambura JSX is easy to use

What’s New In?

Imagine an audio track that sounds like a car driving down a dirt road, with all of it’s original stereo sound bouncing around. Well now you can simply adjust the panning and pitch shifting on a single track and get multiple exact copies.

Main Features:

The plugin can be applied to both stereo and mono tracks.

It can be used in combination with other audio effects to create new sonic mixtures.

Panning and Pitch Adjustments can be applied or reversed with volume or emphasis adjustments.

It can be applied to a single input or set of inputs in case of a multi-input host.

It can be applied as input effect in most digital audio workstations or you can use the internal tools to adjust it.



Run as Administrator

Latest System Update

What’s in the plugin:

Source and Capture inputs

Capture channels (stereo or mono)

Live captures to a file

Capture file to replace input

Capture frequency/endpoints for the re-synthesis

1 or 2 or More Capture Channels

Captured input volume and panning

Destination input and Capture Channel

1 or 2 or More Destinations with or without Volume Adjustment

Live output or to a file

External Mixer frequency or endpoint settings

Additional Live Mixing Ranges with or without volume or emphasis

3 Destination Panning with or without volume or emphasis

Destination Control

Waveform display

Output Signal routing settings

Converters (input only)

All your API specific settings available

Supported Plugins:

The plugin contains its own embedded dynamic effects which can be disabled for a quieter operation.

Additionally, many plugins can be added using the output signals, including various dynamic effects such as Jitter, Emulation, Dynamics, Delay, Overdrives, Compression, Reverb, Chorus and so on.

Total number of plugins supported by the plugin is subject to change.

Please check with your host whether the required API version is available.

Compatibility Issues:

The plugin is compatible with all major DAWs (including DAWs that support plugins).

The plugin is also fully compatible with the internal effects.

The plugin currently has no backward compatibility with the legacy API and other plugins are not anticipated to be added.

System Requirements:

*NOTE: You will be able to play the game on a variety of platforms and devices, however some features may not be available on all platforms.
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