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Account information



1. Click on ‘Account Information’ in the menu below and copy your username and password, then use it to log in.
2. Update your username and password if necessary
3. Click on ‘My Items’ in the menu below and select a character.
4. Click on ‘Config.’, then select ‘Save.’


The server you selected on the menu will be the one you play on


Select the map type and area you wish to play in.
1. Type ‘ALL’ to choose all available maps
2. Type ‘NAME’ to choose a particular map
3. Type ‘GATE’ to choose a gate map
4. Click on ‘Enter!’


1. Guild Name
2. Password
3. Click on ‘Enter!’


Quests you are currently on.
1. Click on ‘Enter!’


You’ll start with this tutorial from now on


Summon commands for your character
1. Click on ‘Enter!’
2. Check the summary at the bottom of the page.


Choose the items you wish to equip.
1. Click on ‘Enter!’


Choose the type of weapon skill you wish to learn.
1. I.e., ‘Fire’ to learn the fire type.
2. I.e., ‘Storm’ to learn the storm type.


To learn the ability to use weapons.
1. Click on ‘Enter!’


Choose a weapon.
1. Click on ‘Enter!’
2. You can choose from Weapon A-H
3. Choose a weapon type: Fire, Wind, Water, or Earth.
4. Choose the upgrade type


Features Key:

  • Seamless Field and Dungeon Design: A seamless transition from the wide open field to the deep and vast dungeons, both the gameplay flow and interior design seamlessly connect. You can explore as you like.
  • Unique Beautiful Interface: The smooth and attractive UI is free of extraneous lines, and easy to operate.
  • Dynamic Game Operation: Every situation and character has its own play style and tactics, which allows you to mix and match the gameplay elements you like. You can enjoy the game with a variety of play styles.

    By MissÅ’

    Step 1. Understanding the system

    Just a quick trip into the realm of online games that are being generated and maintained by a large number of players interacting with each other through a company. Sounds kind of like Call of Duty, but it is a whole different matter altogether.

    Step 2. Getting started!

    Press Play: Here’s an excellent video to give you a quick feel of the setup and layout for the game. It may seem like a lot of text when you first look at it, but it does a pretty good job of summarizing how to set up the game and getting familiar with the UI.
    Be sure to have your phone in portrait mode so you can watch it in full screen – the bottom panel will be covering up the OS for you anyway, so there won’t be any screentraps if you


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    ◆Screen Split (Switch): To play screen split (Switch) with a split screen, press and hold L/R shoulder buttons. You can use the following buttons to switch between split screen and main screen when playing on a larger screen (iPad Pro for example).
    Main screen
    R/L shoulder buttons (↑/↓)
    Display a more detailed image on the smaller screen with the use of either your touch or the built-in camera.
    • Play games with your friend with a split screen by using the L/R shoulder buttons
    • Switch between the split screen and main


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    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.


    What’s new:

    At this stage in development, the release date and title were not determined.We will announce the details of the game in the near future.

    A rather small number of people know that the developer is from the United States.

    Scenarios have been mapped out by Samantha Netta, a skilled script writer, designer, and producer in the US, who has also made a name for herself for her game writing. Ms. Netta said in an interview that the localisation and QoL were approached by a US company, but she and the US company did not want to consider a joint work as an independent developer.

    Speaking to Polygon, Samantha Netta said that Atlus USA could not be considered a stranger to the game. In order to make the project work out, the two parties have forged a good relationship, and collaboration was achieved using a strategy of innovation. But she also pointed out that Atlus USA did not enter the project until 1.0. These days, it would be common for a AAA publisher to introduce a game. The two parties worked on the game most of the time during the joint development of the scenario.

    According to Samantha Netta, the Atlus US team really like the work the creator, and are very excited for its release. Samantha Netta will be joining the in-house QA team for the game. The project took about two years.

    It is an exciting and interesting project.

    But maybe you don’t want to wait for that release date, because Atlus US is currently hard at work on another title. It was previously announced that they are working on titles like Fortuna and Catherine: Full Body.

    And it is not over, they have confirmed that the two will be co-produced. So we will also be getting two titles in one year. And also, Atlus USA is developing a mobile game, and they are working on a large scale game with a Disney IP. So in the future, we will also have a trailer like this.

    So we will keep you updated on their future development.

    A rather small number of people know that the developer is from the United States.

    Scenarios have been


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    System Requirements:

    Currently tested to work on the PC.
    Testing on the Mac is also planned.
    It’s the third year of the Kickstarter campaign, and in a hilarious turn of events, my campaign actually reached stretch goals!
    This past year, I achieved the first stretch goal, which was to bring in the business people. This didn’t mean giving my campaign their money, they actually helped design the game itself. So this year, I’ve set a goal to reach the second stretch goal.
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