A fantasy action RPG for PS4™, Nintendo Switch™ and STEAM™.

The world where the Tarnished live holds the promise of a new existence and
unobtainable happiness. A land of glory awaits you!


We couldn’t be happier to have you among us, and we hope you will take
full advantage of the opportunity to create a legend of your own!

A new Isles are added to the game and there are also new events, quests and conditions.

‘The islands of the Land Between are paradise for Tarnished.
Here, you can change your avatars and meet people from around the world.’

‘Today is a very special day. Tarnished, the leader of the Isle of Zaix,
will arrive on our doorstep. Please welcome her!’

The vast and mysterious lands of the Land Between have a variety of secrets
and there is a place where you can find your way back to your homeland.
Visit places where this journey will unfold.

Plenty of events await you.
Find secrets and puzzles to discover.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • For better interaction with the game.
  • Against a strong presence of NPCs whose movements are repeated and who attempt to kidnap the player.
  • Against gorgeous CG models, danger that will amaze the player, and multiple locales to explore.
  • Tarnished features:

    • Cross-platform multiplayer over a LAN or the internet.
    • The ability to rely entirely on the player. You can roam alone at your own pace, but your life won’t be in danger.
    • Possibility to attack the players who are not linked by LAN.
    • Various interiors such as a forest, a cave, a town, and a dungeon.
    • Boss battles.
    • Seamless navigation over a variety of environments.
    • A dynamic and beautiful battlefield that changes according to the players’ actions.
    • The ability to execute moves freely in order to eliminate multiple enemies in battle.

    Try an early access version free of charge on the official website:



    We’re very happy to announce that we’re getting a quick look at an early version of the game! This is something that hasn’t been properly launched publicly yet – so this is an early look, and isn’t necessarily representative of what will be in the full game. But it’s still a great way for us to get feedback, give people a chance to try out some of the mechanics, and figure out how we can make things even better in the full version of the game.

    This particular promo copy contains a limited number of key items in a special edition casket, bound together with darkmatter fused by the power of Lorgar the Elder. When you take the casket, you can carry it with you and drop the items whenever you want. This will be your permanent inventory. When you


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    Just like in real life, you’ll have to sit in traffic if you want to visit Dizzy’s. Let’s get to the traffic report!

    Have you been driving around in Dizzy’s town? Feel free to stop by for a bite to eat, a drink, or a game of billiards. It won’t take long to travel from Point A to Point B in Dizzy’s town, so start the journey early!
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    Fun & Sluggish

    I am having fun playing the game: Fun & Sluggish for Nintendo DS. I am having trouble beating a boss battle, and need your help to determine what to do to do beat it, (or at least make it not so hard).
    I have been playing the game for about a week now, and I am about to run out of time to finish the game.
    It’s an RPG that you play with a touch screen.

    Loved the game so much that I bought it for the DS, & I have to play the game for a while before I can rank it, which takes me weeks on avg.

    I enjoy games in general, and therefore enjoy playing this game.


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    Lords’ Hunt

    An epic action-RPG spanning two full games, each with their own characters and story.

    ✔ An Epic Saga

    Decades have passed since the mortal world was freed from the ancient and powerful Black Crystal Empire, which lay dormant for 100 years.
    The lands are still fighting over the power, but an even greater force is emerging.
    Characters and their stories will unfold in a large-scale online battle and a worldwide grand quest in the stories of past and present.

    ✔ Story of Two Games

    The first game, co-op story-driven sandbox play. In the vicinity of a military academy, it is a forest where dragons dwell, inhabited by apprentices and trainers who hunt them with their masters.
    The story of the first game plays out, where the martial arts of the masters and magic of the students will lead to a strange event.
    The second game, in which your partner has already found his way to that forest and has joined your party.
    Together, you’ll face a new adventure and a new destiny!


    Play as a

    ✔ Knight

    A sword-wielding member of the military academy.

    ✔ Wizard

    A force-feeding sorcerer with a three-pronged staff.

    ✔ Saint

    The guardian of the forest.

    ✔ Huntress

    A force of muscle and fury, with a bow and throwing spear.

    ✔ Emperor

    A noble lord of the Black Crystal Empire.

    Combat Style

    ✔ Equipping items

    Equip items obtained from monsters and bosses.

    ✔ Player and enemy affinity

    Battle monsters of varying affinities (weak, average, strong).

    ✔ Skill augmentation

    Choose an item that provides various stats to your character.

    ✔ Evolving as you play

    As you acquire items, stats, and abilities, your character will grow and evolve.

    Character Customization

    ✔ Appearance

    A wide variety of items that change your appearance.

    ✔ Weapons

    Equip swords, spears, or bow and arrow to destroy your enemies.

    ✔ Armor

    Choose from five types of equipment: leather, steel, tin, horn, and enchantments.

    ✔ Magic

    With the proper wand or crystal, you can use magick.


    What’s new:




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    Post subject:Posted: 27.05.18 @ 19:41

    Joined: 09.08.17Posts: 243

    Status: Offline

    I have a big problem… I downloaded the game and installed it, but I had problems to

    install full version so I uninstalled it.. I have both installation files on my hdd (Dawning and Dimming) but when I run Dimming it’s not possible to start and I get these errors


    is not a supported Windows version/operating system.

    then I tried L0ss Crack and it finished the installation but… I have a dark blue background image with that weird-looking

    image… I can’t do anything and when I try to press X and try to exit it I got a black screen with a few lines in the top left corner of the screen

    is there anything I can do?

    how can I run Dawning?

    I tried to follow some instructions I found on the internet.. it told me to make a startup disk with following link

    I already download Rufus.. but when I open it nothing happens.. when I start the download I get this message

    Windows is unable to identify the edition of Windows you are running. You are advised to download and install the latest

    NLI/Retail/PRO drivers for your version of Windows.


    Post subject:Posted: 04.06.18 @ 23:46

    Joined: 05.04.18Posts: 33

    Status: Offline

    Can someone here help me with this problem please?

    I downloaded the game and it wasn’t working so I uninstalled it from my computer. I don’t remember how


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  • About Elden Ring:

    • Software Name: Elden Ring
    • Software Size: 2.2gb
    • Game Version: Version 1.5.2
    • OS: Windows-32
    • System Type: Windows-32
    • Category: Simulation / RPG
    • Engine: Unity3D

    Setup Links:




    Elden Ring_v1.5.2.exe

    Hope you will have this files any time you need.

    Good Luck!

    if any mistook.

    Elden Ring is a new fantasy action RPG.
    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and



    System Requirements:

    Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    MacOS 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10
    (Right Stick + A Button)
    (A Button)
    (L Button + A Button)
    (R Button)
    (B Button)
    Classic Mode
    Arts Mode
    Slash Mode
    Raves Mode


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