Name Elden Ring
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Kernel woke up in an unknown world. His heart was racing, but Kernel was not afraid. Here, the Spirits of the Sky would shine.

He was a Sword.

The land is vast and full of dangers. Without the Sword, Kernel must fight his way. In this world, harmony can only be achieved through conflict.

Struggle constantly. Live and fight. Become stronger.

Join Kernel and fight for justice.

The New Fantasy Action RPG.



First, let’s introduce some key functions in the new game.

– Whether it be a land, a ship, or a castle, you can freely traverse through each different environment.

– Battle with attack, defense, and offense, or perform a job like a merchant or a blacksmith.

– You can freely perform many jobs.

In addition to that, there are various dungeons. You can explore, battle, and search for hidden items.

– Missions: When you approach a dungeon, you can add a mission to the dungeon.

– The manager of the dungeon can give you two kinds of missions.

– When you complete the mission, you can collect items.

– When you successfully collect a certain number of items, you can receive a reward.

– You can take a break when you’re waiting for your quest to finish.

– In addition to that, there are many events that you can participate in.


A vast world with beautiful scenery

A familiar world of open space and fields

The freedom of a fantasy world

Characters that seem real and animated

Confirmation of the fruits of hard work

Enchanting feelings by listening to the breeze in the field

Lots of influence on your job

[Advanced Creatures]

1) Characters

The characters that appear in the game are real-time 3D models. They each have unique parts. So, they each have their own individual motions.

2) Enemies

Enemies that appear in the game are also real-time 3D models. They have their own movements, attacks, and each have their own personality.

3) Effects

In addition to the above-mentioned, there are complex game effects. For example, there are the effects of wind and rain that change the season and influence your action.


Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.85 / 5 ( 2881 votes )
Update (2 days ago)


Features Key:

  • The Colors of the Magic System in video games.
  • Be the Hero of the Legend with the Elden Ring.
  • Raw Combat Mechanics with First-Person Views and Many Possibilities of Combos and Changes of Actions.
  • Combat that feels like real-time RPGs.
  • Update of Full-Length Action Game’s Combat One Year Later (Special Improvement).
  • Enormous World with Many Configurations and Many Maps (Continuation of the Story Line and Characters).
  • The Graphic and Art Style Similar to that of Guild Wars 2.
  • Double the Experience Gain as a PvP multiplayer game
  • Be the Hero of the Legend with the Elden Ring
  • Raw Combat Mechanics with First-Person Views and Many Possibilities of Combos and Changes of Actions.
  • Eliminate your Enemies with the Various Combos and Attacks of the Unique Elden Ring System.
  • Battle Massive Enemies Across The Game’s World
  • Select Your Action and Weapon Skill During Game Launch
  • We Need Your Input to Create the Next Game’s Combat Features
  • A World Where Your Battle Decisions Lead to Many Choices Which Affects the Story’s Outcome
  • The Characters Become Stronger as You Raise Rank
  • A Variety of Arena, Quest, and Battle System in Field Tests to Be Held in the Future
  • A Massive World and a High Event Contents.
  • Various Event Contents and Bonus Rewards including Equipment and Combat Items.
  • A Captivating Story with an Epic Drama
  • Be the Hero of the Legend with the Elden Ring.
  • The In-Game Publication of Videos, Artwork, and Written Materials of the Animation Discussion (Including Videos Made by The Players in the Test)
  • A Game and Arena World in which Where The Characters Who Lived in Fairytale Worlds as Children Continue to Grow Up.
  • A Promotion by the Development and Publication of the Game and Game Functionality, including Information on Weekly Sporadical Meetings,


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    EXPLORE THE MAJESTIC FORTRESS REBEL KINGDOM and experience the action RPG with a high degree of freedom.


    (The story of El Dorado.)





    Elden Ring Crack + Download [April-2022]

    • Various Classes
    With four classes to choose from, there are a variety of options to improve your character’s skills through gameplay to create a powerful character. The strength of the class determines what skills you can obtain.
    • Trench Warfare
    An exciting weapon attack system with a deep tactical appeal. With simple inputs and a variety of skills, it is fun to use Trench Warfare strategically.
    • Three Unique Arts
    There are three different kinds of art, which are all well-suited to their unique use, such as to attack, to protect allies, or to enhance the gravity of the Art. By continuously increasing the power of the Art, you can acquire further power of the Art as a Knight, a Ranger, or a Mystic.
    • Infinite Environments
    With an endless world to explore, there is a vast world to discover with a variety of different, exciting settings to battle in.

    Based on genuine theories of consciousness, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth allows you to survive through a brilliantly challenging, run-and-gun, post-apocalyptic, dark-humor-tinged roguelike experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats.
    Key Features
    Based on genuine theories of consciousness, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth allows you to survive through a brilliantly challenging, run-and-gun, post-apocalyptic, dark-humor-tinged roguelike experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats.
    – One of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of the series
    – Offers thrilling new challenges that require different types of strategies
    – Completely revised from Rebirth including new challenges and a new difficulty curve
    – Includes a new ending that introduces an unsettling new threat to Isaac that will continue to play out with the game’s story
    – Play as a classic Skeleton character or a powerful Mutant
    – New non-linear levels that allow for creative solutions to gameplay challenges
    – A new crafting system that provides players with unlimited use of resources
    – Re-designed combat for a tighter experience
    – All new difficulty settings
    – All new musical score that features new themes and motifs
    – Remastered 2D art and sprites
    – New elements that expand on the fun by adding an epic feel
    – New enemies that include bosses, ferocious mobsters, and crazy monsters
    – A new level design inspired by classic roguelike games
    – An adventure that will keep players engaged by offering a new experience with each game.

    You must support the development


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    This section shows details about your account


    Free Elden Ring Crack + Keygen Full Version

    1.Unpack the downloaded file with WinRAR / 7Zip
    2.Move it to your installation folder
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    2.HOW TO PLAY:
    ◆Arrow Keys Move Camera
    ◆R Trigger Switch Camera View
    ◆Space Resume Game
    ◆X Rotate Camera
    ◆L Zoom Camera
    ◆Shift + X Zoom Camera in 3D
    ◆Shift + R Zoom Camera in 3D
    ◆W Move Camera
    ◆A Move Camera

    ◆Z Up
    ◆W Left Move
    ◆Z Right Move
    ◆X Up Move
    ◆F/J/K/L Toggle Level
    ◆Back/Select Trigger Menu
    ◆Enter Toggle Win/Lose
    ◆ESC Quit
    ◆Toggle Force
    ◆Zoom Toggle

    ◆Display Settings
    ◆Horizontal Wheel Rotate
    ◆Vertical Wheel Rotate
    ◆Slider Viewpoint (X)
    ◆Slider Viewpoint (Z)
    ◆Slider Viewpoint (Y)
    ◆Slider Turn (X)
    ◆Slider Turn (Y)
    ◆Slider Turn (Z)

    ◆Gameplay Settings
    ◆Fight Method
    ◆Fight Level
    ◆Fight Level
    ◆Fight Level
    ◆Fight Level
    ◆Battle Spirit
    ◆Battle Spirit
    ◆Battle Spirit
    ◆Barrier Break
    ◆Barrier Break
    ◆Barrier Break
    ◆Barrier Break
    ◆Evade Counter
    ◆Evade Counter
    ◆Dodge Counter
    ◆Dodge Counter
    ◆Rape Counter
    ◆Rape Counter
    ◆Gun Counter
    ◆Gun Counter
    ◆Unintelligible String Counter
    ◆Team Counter
    ◆Team Counter
    ◆Total Damage Counter
    ◆Total Damage Counter

    1.If you want to change minimum FPS just select minimum FPS in game Setting.
    2.For 3D setting please press Options->3D Settings.

    ◆Happy Play

    BY: ATeam


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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Copy all files from the downloaded file to game directory.
  • Open the game & run the exe file as administrator.
  • Select the language & click on “Play” to start the game.

  • Origins Collection>Q:

    SQL: Filter for “dynamic” rows

    I have a table ‘products’ with these columns: id (primary key) and type (int) and names and values.
    I need to select only the rows where type is 3. But if I am using a normal join, that does not work (there are some filters on columns, but they cannot be moved to where clause, only negated.
    I’ve tried the following (it’s the best I can do with my knowledge). Is there a better solution?
    type = 3
    (iif(string_length([name]) = 0, 1, 0)) = 1
    (iif(string_length([value]) = 0, 1, 0)) = 1


    You can filter by the length of the name and value columns directly :
    SELECT *
    FROM products
    WHERE (string_length([name]) > 0 AND string_length([value]) > 0)
    AND type = 3;

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    1024×768 Display: 1280×1024
    OS: Windows


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