The war between the two nations was beginning to heat up, and suddenly, both nations were plunged into war.

The clash of swords and the fire of magic were the order of the day.

Amid this pandemonium, suddenly, an Elden young man made a courageous decision to win glory for the entire nation, and stand by his single-minded and fragile nation.

Having fought in various fields, he has grown tired, and worn out.

Using the power of the Elden Ring and the support of the blue flames of the gods, he creates a courageous nation, which will fight for the sake of the nation.

He also wishes to bring glory to the nation by bringing back the lost magus of a Lost Age of Ancient Creation.

・Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG that takes place in a vast world where you can freely travel.
・This is the adventure of an Elden Lord, created by the player.
・Create your own character and customize your appearance.
・Develop your character based on your play style and the available weapons, armor and magic.
・In collaboration with the character you create, you will experience the story born from the myths of an ancient era.

■Key Features

・An Epic Drama Born from a Myth that Loosely Connects You to Others
What will you do to restore the nation?
A simple yet not-so-simple struggle—will you restore the nation and grow?
Possibilities are endless as the story is connected to others.
However, the fate of the entire nation lies in your decision.
The story is born from myths and the Land Between.
・Take on different roles and make difficult choices.
Your participation in this world is vital to the outcome of the story.
・As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you.
The sense of achievement is there when you overcome a hard obstacle.
・Experience action—There’s no end to the action.
As long as you continue to explore the land, strange creatures await you.
・The story advances according to your choices.
The action is made continuous, and the story is made complex.
・You can freely travel without setting off traps.
No matter where you are, you can freely travel.
・With the incredible graphics engine Unreal Engine 4, it is a visual feast.
Thousands of years past and a world that has changed.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Explore a vast world, get to know open fields and dungeons, and enter the world of action.
  • Develop your own unique character with free customization and endless combinations.
  • The Frustrating Battles of the Lands Between – Unique battles and game systems where one’s burden in battle depends on how you manage your abilities during the fight, raise your stats, and keep your strength. A thrilling online adaptation of combat that you can fully enjoy.
  • Action enriched around you – Action gameplay that draws you into the game without letting you get in your way. You’ll find yourself both enjoying your progress and battling with the game as you move through the story. Be prepared for your escapades to become intense.
  • Warriors, Shamans, and Witches: Each of the three main protagonists can achieve victory by carrying out each of the three basic elements – weapons, armor, and magic – and customizing the weapons and armor to match their primary ability. In addition, they’ll have plenty of accessories and special abilities used in gameplay to maximize their attributes and tackle their goals and maneuvers.
  • Innovative Action System – No matter what type of character you are, action MMO gameplay that places a heavy emphasis on action matched with excellent controls to put you in the heart of the action.
  • A true Fantasy world-building experience – Enjoy World Design that’s not all the same level of world building and difficult adventure. There are epic landscapes where you can experience massive battle scenes, vast open worlds, rolling mountains, and huge dungeons where puzzles and battles mingle together.
  • Moddable AIMS – Mod Descriptions are oriented to a broad range of players: content that centers on specific play styles and reactions, such as improving your character skills, battle strategies, and attacks and defense attacks according to your play style.
  • Quality of Life Improvements – Not only UI design, but battle design and other aspects were improved. You can enjoy your time with the game by communicating with others as much as you like.
  • In other news…

    • It’s the day before launch.
      • A wide variety of news have been published through the parts of the information from the


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        “The combat system in this game is absolutely superb,” said of the original Elden Ring. “Travails is fun from start to finish, filled with a surprising amount of depth. Now, a touch of the double-edged Sword of Vana’diel is added to the mix, and it’s a perfect fit. The game tells a story rich with content and substance. It’s filled with surprising moments, both joyful and emotional, and it’s an adventure I’m eager to continue on.”


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        “Shivering Souls: Travails is a compelling narrative fantasy RPG with a game-changing combat system that lets you pick your own path in both combat and dialogue.”


        “Shivering Souls: Travails is a fascinating game that expands upon the original Elden Ring. The combat system is deeper and more focused on the combat elements, making for an experience that’s both long- and short-term.”


        “The word ‘epic’ can definitely be used to describe this game. Some may view this as a trilogy of games, but Travails feels like a true sequel to the first Elden Ring… As great as it was for a new spin on the series, it was also great to see the growth of the worlds’ and characters’ potential in the second game. The storyline of Travails is just as epic as the first, with many ramifications that are unfolding behind the scenes; it’s only a matter of time before all is revealed.”

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        “Travails features a story that reflects a multilayered tale of two distinct cultures, including several sub-stories where the drama unfolds; the story is also told with a wide range of emotions, which is even more impressive when you realize how much of it revolves around the main protagonist’s own thoughts and heart. I’m not certain whether or not I loved Travails more than its predecessor, but I’ll definitely follow this game and its ongoing story as long as it lasts.”



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        Create your own guardian of humankind.
        (each character, max. 100)

        • You can freely equip and customize a variety of weapons and armor.


        Each piece has a function, and its effectiveness is affected by the character’s alignment.


        Upgrade your armor to increase your defense.


        Gain a chance at a high combat ability in exchange for a high cost.


        Use items to strengthen your character’s abilities.

        • Choose your character’s appearance according to your own preference.


        Build your own character with different structures.


        You can develop your own play style according to your character’s abilities.


        Different classes are also available in the customization menu.


        Every class has its own character class, skill, and magic.

        • You can play the game solo or online.


        You can encounter enemies and party members in a large open world.


        Aside from the single player, you can play with up to three online companions.

        Online Connection Online Connection

        Play the game anytime, anywhere, even when offline.

        All participants can communicate.

        Share and trade items, as well as send gifts to other participants.

        The participating communities are built up by the players.

        Phantom of the Soul


        Defeat the Phantom of the Soul and then rescue the Child of Light.
        (each character, max. 150)

        • Demonstrate your tactics to fight the Phantom and defeat him.


        You can use a variety of different techniques to win the battle.


        You can use items to develop your character.


        You can use a variety of different items.


        You can fight either the Phantom’s Unit allies or Pilots on his side.


        Gain the pleasure of the battle.


        Use the skills and abilities of your character to solve various puzzles.


        You can


        What’s new in Elden Ring:

        Chronicle Chapter 6

        An extensive event arrives in DUKE CHRONICLE Chapter 6!

        event 1


        The first event will be held every Wednesday on the DUKE CHRONICLE game!


        Prepare for the party! PARTY-BONUS BATTLE!

        Apply to join the exhibition of the best users of DUKE CHRONICLE so far.

        1 battle every week will be held for two weeks! Do not miss this chance to earn the exclusive items for DUKE CHRONICLE.

        Details of the exhibition will be announced on each party-bonus battle.

        Who can be the special guest of the party? The person who participated in the party-bonus battle correctly.

        After the party-bonus battle, a lobby-ranking will be held based on the battle result. The top 500 users will receive a DUKE CHRONICLE code. This code can be used to register a new party (2 players).


        Special tournament! Appearance chance at a DUKE CHRONICLE event!

        Follow the criteria, and earn a DUKE CHRONICLE event appearance token!

        Collect the event appearance tokens of all


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        Note: Item is only effective in the online version.

        How to equip items:

        In the game, you can have a vast number of weapons.5.Select weapon you want to equip.6. Equip it on your character.

        Take note that the weapons cannot be used for combat.

        Note: Equipment effects are limited to online battles.

        How to equip armor:

        In the game, you can have a vast number of armor.7.Choose the armor you want to equip.8.Equip it on your character.

        Note: The armor cannot be used for combat.

        Note: Equipment effects are limited to online battles.

        Note: Your character retains the same stats (except the battle stats) when you equip any equipment.

        How to equip spells:

        In the game, you can have a vast number of spells.9.Choose the spells you want to equip.10.Equip it on your


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      • First of all, Download the latest version of the apk.
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      Compatible Mobile Model & System:

      • iOS, version 9.0 or later
      • Android, version 3.0 or later
      • Windows, version XP or later.
      • Uninstall other apps that disturb the operation of the game



      Elden Ring software offering users various experience to play it on android and others. Elden Ring software brings a fantasy open world together as a large variety of compact adventure game action RPG. 'The Elden Ring' is


      System Requirements:

      Windows 7 or later

      OS: Windows 7 or later
      CPU: Intel Core2 Duo 2.8 GHz or faster
      Memory: 2 GB
      Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 2600 series or later
      DirectX: Version 9.0 or later
      Hard Drive: 40 GB available space
      If you are currently enjoying the free version of the game, you can upgrade to an instant payment that entitles you to all the content that is currently available in the game. This means that you can experience the Ultimate Edition features at no cost.
      About the Developer


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