Name Elden Ring
Publisher birtlav
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Elden Ring For Windows 10 Crack is an epic fantasy action RPG with a diverse setting in which players will experience a different adventure from those of previous VR games. In this game, where the player becomes a character that has passed through the lands and now embarks on a journey, the main theme is the rhythm of life and death. The elements of realism and magic exist in equal measure, and even though the world is tilted, players will find a sense of freedom in the action RPG.


The game will not only be an action RPG but also a VR RPG where players can change direction and deepen their experience by interacting with and touching objects, people, and landscapes. You will be able to touch things with your fingers, but different actions will produce different effects. Players will feel as if they are actually interacting with real objects.

※ This app is available only in Japan.

Key Features

• A Large 3D World
– A vast world that boasts detailed 3D graphics on both the map and dungeon screens.

– With 3D CG graphics, combat scenes are seamless, and you can see all of the action while playing.

– The 3D dungeons can be explored in multiple ways, depending on the environment.

• Full of Action and Adventure
– A different action RPG where players will experience a different adventure from those of previous VR games.

– The elements of realism and magic exist in equal measure, and the player-character battles will become wild while the player’s skill is verified.

– The setting is different from that of regular action games, and the action progresses while the player explores the different settings.

• Character Customization
– In addition to traditional weapon and armor customization, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip.

– You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.

Key Features

• Showcasing Fantastic Graphics
– High-quality 3D graphics with beautiful views that guarantee a wonderful VR experience.

– Characters and objects are realistically rendered in a bright, vivid style.

– Character-based action and camera perspectives ensure a smooth play experience.

• Full-Featured World
– A rich world with a wide variety of locations and a large number of quests.

– There are large dungeons, dense forests, and sprawling towns.


Features Key:

  • Introducing the archetype system:Using special characteristics you can change your character’s actions to create a comprehensive play experience.
    • XP Variation
      • Set the difficulty level of your action or allow the enemy not to challenge you. Your attack power varies.
      • Special Ability
        • Your special ability results in opponents adjusting their actions.
        • Damage Reduction
          • Set the amount of damage the protective effect reduces each attack.
    • Recovery item menu
      • Feast on your enemy
        • Cooldown
          • When you use this item, increase your character’s MP. The time the feature can be used is determined by the cooldown.
            • Set the consumption of this item.
              • Find the item in the menu of items.
                • Send it to your guild for battle goods.
        • Use the orb to procure items at nearby towns.
          • Craft a powerful item.
            • Convert the item into an item that can be used by receiving gold.
        • Invest items to develop your characters.
    • Guild Wars
      • This online experience is extended to the Kingdoms of Kaladim and Rivers of Jewels.
        • Create your own guild by recruiting from other guilds or contacting a guild master from a guild court.
            • Gain or protect guild territories.
                • Players can earn a wide variety of skills by being dedicated or having a diverse skill combination.

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                    as soon as the Expansion Pack is released. A total of 3 extra Tales will be unlocked upon purchase of the Expansion Pass.
                    After unlocking the Tales, Tales that have already been unlocked can be purchased from the Fortune Hunter menu.
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                    New Revelation Gaming time for humans.
                    Faith in the shape of a human, as an actress, as a character.

                    Use her to advance the development of the story, and inspire the player.
                    Begin the game will not return this character.

                    The wealth of the world is the play.
                    Before the attack of the Hun, are you the perfect body.

                    Shall you introduce yourself to the world?

                    The character you create will act to support the development of the story.

                    Character design
                    You only need to create a body, and a face.

                    How do you like the feeling when you play a role of a soldier?

                    When I was a kid, as a military uniform in the bathroom, I decided to be a short soldier.

                    It may seem weird, but I was a veteran back then.

                    I want to be a fun soldier, a task from the past.

                    The appearance of this people, and the clothes have progressed.

                    I play a character that easily overpowers, and a warrior who is very offensive.

                    I will be a back row character who can change my balance.

                    The face is an important key to move the story.

                    Ties are cute and can change.

                    Begin the game
                    Use your acting skills to determine your fate.

                    The condition of this character is not perfect.

                    Story of this character.

                    Wealth of the world

                    before the Hun, the world is facing danger.

                    Begin this game before the attack of the Hun.

                    Begins on June 2nd.

                    The game just for now being free.

                    Character advance role

                    The character’s story will end in the game.


                    Our heroes is already gone.

                    The heroes of the story appear in this game.

                    The characters will appear at the end of the story.

                    It will be convenient to advance the story.

                    Monster Hunting

                    This time in the world of Huns is also in danger.

                    There are also monsters who are using weapons of Huns.

                    The monster hunting and looting the people.

                    Also gather information on the enemy.

                    If you are a hunter who hunts monsters, your interest in this game will be high.


                    What’s new in Elden Ring:

                    ■Console Exclusives: Elder Scrolls Online: Legend of Tamriel and AVEENUS
                    The heroic fantasy MMORPG, Elder Scrolls Online: Legends of Tamriel, explores a world of massive online battles and memorable raids. AVEENUS, the action MMORPG for PC, creates a world in which four races, divided by a mysterious event, look toward the future.


                    ■About Gammatech

                    Gammatech is a global gaming development studio that draws from its unique heritage of over 10 years of specialization in product design and development to unleash the huge potential of the MMO market. Gammatech is currently conducting development of its previously announced games, Elder Scrolls Online: Legends of Tamriel and AVEENUS. For more information, please visit:




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                    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

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                  System Requirements For Elden Ring:

                  > NOTE: The default options are the recommended settings for the best experience in terms of frame rate, settings quality and image quality.
                  Settings Quality:
                  – MSAA 4x / FXAA 4x / SMAA 4x: Very High, All
                  – MSAA 8x / FXAA 8x / SMAA 8x: Very High, All
                  Game Settings:


                  Name Elden Ring
                  Publisher birtlav
                  Format File
                  Rating 4.60 / 5 ( 1778 votes )
                  Update (5 days ago)


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