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The land of Lostlaland is in a state of decline, plagued by strange creatures and awful monsters. The kings, queens, and heroes of Lostlaland are humanity’s only hope to drive away the attacks of the demons and the invasion of the monsters. You are one of the kings, queens, and heroes of Lostlaland. Join your allies and journey to the Lands Between to save Lostlaland!
• Six Heroes with Unique Skills
The game offers a wide variety of characters and skills with different effects. Customize your character with the ability to combine weapons and armor and consume magic.
• Beautiful, Alive World Map!
Detailed, three-dimensional designs and environments that follow the concept of an anime.
• Exciting Player vs. Player battles
Plane-jumping, monster hunting, and wonderful music. Enlist your allies and make war against your enemy with fierce attacks!

* Note:
1. For Android devices, to enjoy high quality graphics, please use an up-to-date device or upgrade to Android 6.0 or higher.
2. Google Play service is required for cloud saving and online matchmaking.
3. This game requires additional fees to continue after the free trial period.

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Features Key:

  • Character Creation
    • Select from 6 beautifully designed characters made of stainless steel or red gold
    • Class Servant from the Fields
      • Do not forget the name: Soul Eater
      • Customize their appearance
      • Equip a lot of gear
      • Play a game with all the weapons that are waiting for you in the arena of life
      • Play with a friend in 2P Online
      • Equip a class servant who plays an important role in the story
    • Play with a friend in 1P Local Multiplayer
    • Add friends and enjoy a multiplayer game
  • The Player’s Paladin
    • The Paladin is a hero who uses a stone bow
    • Equip a lot of Archer’s accessories
    • A lot of booklets (marriage, travel, etc.) are included
    • An immersive adventure awaits
    • Fighting is fierce
    • Upgrade to become stronger, learn new skills
  • The Player’s Librarian
    • Start a new adventure
    • Various books are included
    • Pretend a mysterious figure: The Troubled Librarian
    • An exciting journey awaits!
  • The Player’s Fire Mage
    • Tranquil forests, scary journey, a fiery cat
    • Equip a lot of shields and more
    • Play in line with the class
    • An exciting adventure awaits you
    • Everything is on fire!
  • The Player’s Dark Knight
    • In the everlasting night, a young man and his cat are roaming
    • The cat is hungry
    • There are scraps hidden throughout the field
    • Become a dark knight who knocks down on the dark night
  • Action


    Elden Ring

    Kazurell F.


    Littleshadow F.


    Elena – Tarnished

    Kiowa – For Land & Blood

    Judith Harmon – Tarnished

    Zurij & Jineki – Tarnished

    Allans Mackay – Tarnished

    Darkseed – Tarnished

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    Turn-based on-line battles of 1-5 players.

    Yumi is a young clerk who had always dreamed of journeying to the Lands Between in hopes of finding a husband. Now, after witnessing the Battle of the Plains, she is on the way with the elders of the Elden Ring to restore peace. The seed of tragedy has been planted.
    The Lands Between – accessible to players outside the normal realm between good and evil.
    While the Lands Between is a place of peace and beauty, often dark forces grow in spite of that peace. The Elden Ring only oversees what is good and just, and on that basis, it is entrusted with restoring the Lands Between.
    It is this duty that drives Yumi on her quest to make a name for herself while searching for “a man who can satisfy my heart.”
    Arcade Encounter Battle – Release giant beasts and dragons to tear down players’ cities!

    Arcane Battle – You and your opponents become spirits and play a game of speed and power, while keeping your opponents from winning with powerful attacks.

    Grave Monster Battle – Fight your way through hordes of enemies with the help of vicious beasts to complete a seemingly simple task.

    Dragon Fire – Go behind enemy lines for a game of speed and strategy.

    Skill Summon – If you have confidence, summon your friends with their own characters to participate in the battles.

    Archive Time – A time when not even the battles are over. Join in for free at any time.

    Elden Ring Meetings – Chat with the leaders of the Elden Ring to get more information on your quest.

    Reinforcements – Send the other characters to assist in battle to give you the advantage in battles.

    Online play:

    PvP combat against other characters while you’re playing online.

    Open worldwide communication with other members.

    (PvP Battles) It is not the battle field itself which is the battlefield but their souls.

    Impeccable storyline.

    Intrigue, tragedy, and adventure.

    Untold history of the world between good and evil.

    A bold and never-before-seen world.


    The game follows the standard turn-based strategy RPG genre. Your town, cities, and surrounding plains will grow and develop with the population you have gathered. Your name and prowess will be reflected upon in your virtual city, and your virtual town will


    What’s new:


    Windows OS –
    Windows vista, 7,8,10

    DirectX 11-compatible graphics card

    1.6GHz or 2.4GHz Intel Core i3 or 2GHz or ATI HD4850

    2GB of RAM

    20GB free hard disk space

    19GB for installation

    Administrator account with a password

    >2GHz or 3GHz Pentium 4 or 3 Ghz Dual Core

    DVD optical drive

    DirectX 8

    CPU max usage 800Mhz when online, when offline it minimizes to 60Mhz ————————— (HTML)


    FREE for download! FREE for PC specif devices!
    FREE for basic licenses, of $1.99 for IP premium licenses!


    PROPOSAL: 4.99 

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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download and install Steam
  • Download Elden Ring: Tarnished Mortals and extract its content
  • Run the game using Steam, log into your Steam account and click on ‘Games Library’ and then ‘Activate a product on Steam…’ to verify the distribution key
  • Select ‘Tarnished Mortals’ from the list, then click on ‘Activate a product on Steam’
  • Select the related key from the window that appears when the activation is complete
  • Enjoy playing the game
  • Do I Need To Be a Registered User to Download Elden Ring: Tarnished Mortals?

    No, you do not need to be a registered user on Steam to be able to download and play Elden Ring: Tarnished Mortals.

    Note: please be aware that the Trial version is an offline game that can only be accessed using the Steam client software; the following features are disabled and do not function. Furthermore, the Trial version is limited to one use and has a 30-day trial period.

    Do I Need a Steam account to Download Elden Ring: Tarnished Mortals?

    No, you do not need to have a Steam account to download Elden Ring: Tarnished Mortals and start enjoying the epic fantasy adventure. You can use the trial version as long as the trial period has been activated and as long as your downloads of Steam content are activated, which you can choose to do.

    How To Install and/or Crack Elden Ring: Tarnished Mortals?

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