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We have previously reported on Bandai Namco Games’ partnership with Korean developer Square Enix for the Tales RPG franchise.

So far, three titles in the Tales series have been released, and the third title, Tales of Berseria, is scheduled to be released in Asia on August 27, 2017.

In this series, the combat scenes utilize the “Tales of” series’ trademark 2D perspective, and the player’s actions are expressed through a stylized character.

In addition to the previous Tales of series for PlayStation systems, the Tales of series will also be coming to Nintendo’s Switch system.

In addition, Bandai Namco Games has started a project to create a new new fantasy action RPG to be released in the same period as the Tales of Berseria.

The new RPG’s characters are inspired by those in the Japanese historical and mythological tradition, and the hero characters’ growth and history is expressed through expressions of their temperament and actions, and detailed character designs are being carefully worked on.

Bandai Namco Games’ Tales of series has been developed by Dark Souls creator From Software, and the more mature nature of the world has resulted in high quality music and sound effects. The new RPG is also making use of this.

We also previously reported that the new Tales of RPG will be released in Japan on March 26, 2018, and will be released in Asia on September 26, 2018, and the global release date of the game has yet to be decided.

For more on the Tales series, check out our previous reports.

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Title: Tales of Graces f

Developer: Nintendo, Graces Team, Acquire, Arc System Works

Genre: RPG

Platforms: 3DS

Resolution: 2D

Languages: Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Clear Battle System
  • Advanced AI-controlled characters
  • Fight in intricate Three-Dimensionally-Layered Dungeons
  • First person mode of viewing the battlefield
  • Create Lineage to find new loot and battle rivals.
  • Multiple Weapons and Armor
  • Increase strength and improve skills
  • Variety of Battlefield Terrain
  • Elemental Attacks and spells.
  • Magic New spells
  • A rich history of Elden lore
  • Addictive and Multilayered Play
  • * You are not connected with ANYONE, rather you connect with the WORLD *