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Name Elden Ring
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Rating 4.34 / 5 ( 2459 votes )
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Everyone knows who the Elden is, but the true question is, who are the Elden?
Once upon a time, the land was deserted, leaving nobody to care. The world was deserted from the dawn of the Creation, and all of humanity was erased in the darkness. The Elden heroes came to the land of the dead, and defeated the evil. They told us that the land was created from pure strength, and has never been at peace since that day.
A small group of heroes was granted the special power of the “Elden Ring” and left the land of the dead to save the world, laying the foundation for the creation of humans.
After the resolution of the great prophecy, the Land of Lost brought the world into the Era of the Elden.
Elden Ring Online is an action RPG that allows you to create your own legend as an Elden Lord and live in the game as a hero of the Elden.
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What’s New

•Introduced the new system for monitoring in-game events.
•Improved the Battle Network/Dragon Express.
•Added achievements.
•Made improvements to the swipe and touch handling.


Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.34 / 5 ( 2459 votes )
Update (6 days ago)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • CLASSES: Chaotic, Radiant, and Lawful
    These are the three classes of the Elden Ring. Each class has its own elemental attributes and attribute combinations. You can form a different fusion class from the combination of these attributes.
  • GRAPHICS: Noble designs, various equipment, and graphic effects ensure a refined, sophisticated, and unique fantasy atmosphere.
  • CREATE YOUR OWN CLASS: Choose from one of the three distinctive classes, and develop your own fusion class.
  • UNLEASH CERTAINTY: A clear handling interface that avoids unexpected encounters.
  • TO HIRE A TEMPLER: A character that possesses the ability to attune weapons to certain elemental attributes. This kind of character can choose a weapon and cast an elemental attribute spell with a single button press.
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    Elden Ring Activation Code With Keygen 2022 [New]

    Lands Between (대공과), the new fantasy action RPG from developer 7Sky was released in Korea on November 13. It has been experiencing a soft launch in Asia since its launch and even in North America and Europe (see the reasons later).

    There are so many great things about this game. It’s a game that you can play online with friends, you can own a vast world, and you can personalize every part of your character (see that later). The game’s story is told in pieces, in an interesting and intriguing way and the average Korean seem to love the game.

    But being a Korean developer, if they didn’t deliver a good product (as described by the Western Market), they’d never work overseas (and certainly wouldn’t be a publisher). So I decided to have a look at the game and see what I could find in it that the Western Market might enjoy.

    What the Western Market will like the most

    • Open World
    Surely most of you have played an RPG by now. You get to create your character, customize your look, equip weapons and armor, and jump into the game world. As your character grows in level and experience, he/she will reach a new area


    Elden Ring Torrent

    ● Questing was removed from the version before final certification, but it will be released as a free update!

    ● Story and Flash Scenes were added, and other various improvements were made.
    ● In multiplayer, “Private Match” has been added, allowing you to play with select allies only.
    ● Game Objects, Magic, Abilities, Skills, and Regalia can now be expanded by using resources.

    ● PvE:

    ● 5 dungeons where you can earn various kinds of items when completing quests.

    ● 5 kinds of bosses (not only bosses, but also potent characters and powerful beasties) that you can battle and get their hidden items.

    ● PvP:

    ● When all players battle it out over a common battlefield, players can have the items and status of their own character and equipment reflected in the battle results, and players can gain medals.

    ● Multiplayer:

    ● An asynchronous online element in which you can talk directly to other players and travel together through a world that holds the world’s content.

    ● Up to 30 players can simultaneously play in offline mode, with a wide range of devices supported, and in multiplayer mode, with players and companions traveling together.

    ● “Private Match” was added, allowing you to play with select allies only, who will be your companions for future battles.

    ● Link Battles were added, allowing you to meet others in the world.

    ● Capture was added, with which you can capture enemy characters in PvP matches.

    ● Combat Mission was added, which you can use in battle.

    ● Pets were added to expand the array of equipment and magic; additionally, pets and their skills can be selected freely.

    ● The Pet Gear Set was added, allowing you to equip pets and their skills.

    ● A wide range of items have been added to customize both your character and equipment.

    ● Skill Customization was added, so that you can freely combine skills and abilities to suit your play style.

    ● Regular and Hard difficulties were added.

    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    Handling skills:

    A wide variety of skills were added, with which you can change your combat tactics from turn-by-turn sequential attacks to spread your attacks by press


    What’s new:

    Based on the giant universe conceived by Kazuma Kaneko, acclaimed horror game director of Yakuza, the depth of the game can be expressed by adding the Oni Battalion system, which allows you to progress the story of your character and other heroes by way of interconnecting your oni battalions.
    In addition to transporting other oni groups, you can freely select which oni to accompany you and which oni to execute specific oni group actions. The condition of your oni and even its thoughts are viewable on the mini-map. The battle system also allows you to enjoy the sounds and brightness of other oni. Furthermore, the variety of companions who appear with you in battles and the endless surprises that await you during your travels, as well as the number of levels and the difficulty of enemies and encounters make you feel the presence of other players through the emotions and thoughts of your companions, positioning Battles as an excellent cooperative offline game.

    At the same time, even when you are not communicating, if you equip the Archer Mount on your oni, you can send communication that can be read by other players. With this feature, you can feel the presence of other players even if they are not in your party during cooperative play.

    By transforming the Lands Between into a VRMMORPG, the power of darkness and light in the world of the Elden Ring has come to life.
    It’s time to rise… Tarnished!

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    Available on PC and Mac



    Eaten all the food. Tried out that new automotive system you installed? Had it when you needed it and then it disappeared to be replaced by something better. 

    How could it


    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows Vista/ 7
    CPU: 3.2 GHz
    RAM: 2 GB
    Hard Disk: 3 GB
    Additional Notes:
    You should install Java 7 Runtime on the 64-bit version of the game. The 32-bit version will be equipped with Java 6 Runtime. It is recommended to have more than 2 GB of RAM.
    The game may encounter a glitch on the new Java 7 with older browsers. In this case, add the folder “//” in the main


    Additional Information

    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher Admin
    Format File
    Rating 4.34 / 5 ( 2459 votes )
    Update (6 days ago)


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