The fantasy action RPG The Tarnished Prince: The Lands Between is a game in which you, as the Tarnished Prince, rise as the ruler of the world in order to fight monsters and become an Elden Lord.
The Elden Lords of the Lands Between have been created out of the blood of the monsters. By ascending to the pinnacle of the world, you take the form of an Elden Lord and become eligible to become the game’s champion who has the responsibility to defeat the monsters who roam the lands.
Those who wish to compete against the Elden Lords take on the roles of monsters, and you, the Tarnished Prince, must do battle against them. By creating and playing out your own storyline, you will be able to confront the monsters and become an Elden Lord.
Players can choose between six classes which differ in attributes and skills, so please have fun trying them all out!

The Tarnished Prince

The Tarnished Prince, the protagonist, will appear as an adventurer in the Lands Between. He is the main character of the story.
The Tarnished Prince is an ordinary fellow who is stuck in a meaningless life, and wants to become a meaningful adventurer, but a girl called the “sculptor” who is an elf looks after him by chance.
The Tarnished Prince is aspiring to become the ruler of the Lands Between, and the “Prayer Stone” that all the Elden Lords stand on says that he is the representative of the fairy race in this world.
Through the numerous events that happen around him, the Tarnished Prince learns about the words and promises of the Elden Lords, and he continuously grows and matures.
The Tarnished Prince will fight and grow in order to become an Elden Lord, the climax of the story.

The monsters that appear in the Lands Between are humanoid creatures created by the Elden Lords to fight the monsters who invade them.
They are not simply whooshes that appear in your view, but are creatures that interact with their surroundings, making their behaviors and movements unique.
The Tarnished Prince will battle with monsters of different types, and they are all living beings with their own personalities. The way they behave and fight will change depending on their class.
In some cases, they have a goal and are on a mission to protect the Lands Between. In


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Story with Mythical Elements
  • Thriving Online Community
  • A Vast World
  • Go to Steam

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    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    Gameplay OBSTACLE MATCH game:

    Battle modes:

    Chapter mode with a host mode available for added fun
    Single battles with a host mode available for added fun

    What is the purpose of the host?

    Combining the combat styles that the elder and younger generations have, the host is capable of coordinating the movements of many characters.

    Such coordination allows them to freely use a variety of combo attacks and counters, and the thrill of the battle greatly increases.

    The feeling of being in front of the screen really becomes incredible.

    A variety of moves, attacks, and combos that are proper for your character.

    Countering the user’s attack style with an attack that is more fitting for you.

    Sudden, powerful attacks come at you out of the blue.

    The stamina is consumed by the most minimal of actions, and the synergy of the player’s endurance and rhythm becomes important.

    If you perform actions with the rhythm, you will earn a special effect.

    By doing moves with the rhythm, a critical damage bonus, combo bonus, or elemental bonus occurs.

    If you hold the timing, you can chain kills against a single enemy.

    It’s thrilling to push against the enemy in front of you.

    Among the many, many numbers that make up the battle, there will be one with which you’ll be happy.

    Well, right, everyone?

    In addition to what I explained, TFE will come with:

    A magic spell that increases the volume of attack as the caster grows in strength.

    A magic spell that doubles the maximum damage of attack as the caster grows in strength.

    A magic spell that amplifies the power of attack as the caster grows in strength.

    Combination with EX skills that increases the volume of attack as the caster grows in strength.

    Combination with EX skills that doubles the maximum damage of attack as the caster grows in strength.

    Combination with EX skills that amplifies the power of attack as the caster grows in strength.

    The crafting system is one of the strongest parts of TFE.

    You can freely combine the crafting equipment with other materials or tools to craft various potions and scrolls.

    By making


    What’s new:


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    All the basic quest objects are included in the game (quest rooms, objects, icons, enemies, monsters, items, etc.) and the user is free to add whatever new objects to create his own quests. Quest Creator allows you to design your own quests on the spot. You can add and move objects, enemies, monsters, items and customize your quest rooms. In addition to all that it has a database of quests already created by other users. Fully Customizable – Allows to customize the interface and the objects in the game world to create your own fantasy world.
    First of all you can change the interface and the object colors. You also have the ability to create your own objects and items for the game. Items, items, items – This add-on allows you to create your own items such as traps, potions, weapons, etc. It can also be used to create a completely new set of objects, which allow you to add new gameplay features.
    Custom Maps – Allows to create new map versions for custom quests.
    Objects, Traps and Items – Allows you to create new objects such as springs, levers, traps and items like potions, items, etc.
    Project Oberon – Allows you to enhance the graphics of the game by running external programs on your computer and improving the game’s visual effects. It’s a powerful tool to significantly improve the gameplay of the game with visual effects such as sun beams, sparks, thunder, lightning, running water, etc.

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  • Elden Ring

    Elden Ring [HD][KEY G20] – fantasy action RPG by the ones behind the really impressive game Jam demo. It comes with both single player and multiplayer features, such as online and asynchronous multiplayer. In addition, it has a tons of stuff that makes it really worth the $24.99 asking price, such as a large open world, a huge number of side quests, buildings and jobs to do, quests and dungeons to complete, traps to overcome, relic crafting, magic systems and much more.
    In contrast to most other RPG games, Elden Ring invites you to focus on strategic decision making. The enemies you face will react in very dynamic and realistic ways, so the player can not just act as an idiot and rely on just pure strength and might, but have to think in terms of combat sequences and making the right tactical decisions for the set situation.
    It’s a simple fact that the majority of the games out there are imitations of each other, however, Elden Ring is able to create a unique universe for itself, while still retaining some familiar RPG elements. Given the title it’s quite easy to get hooked on the game and will surely call for an easy purchase in the long run.


    1. A world to explore with huge map sizes!


      System Requirements For Elden Ring:

      Answers to the following questions:
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