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From November 29, 2014, 9:00 p.m. (PDT)
The new fantasy action RPG developed by Iversoft LLC will go on sale at the PlayStation®Store for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system in North America, Europe and other regions. This game is an action RPG that weaves a new fantasy story born from a mythology, where you can freely create and combine weapons, armor and magic to develop your character.


Established in 2013, Iversoft LLC is an independent video game developer that aims to create innovative and entertaining games. They currently create and develop games based on the Elden Ring RPG franchise.


The ELEMENTERY is a publisher and distributor of independently developed products based on the Elden Ring series. They aim to provide innovative and high quality games while protecting the intellectual property of the franchise through the development, publication, and promotion of independent video games.

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Features Key:

  • The Land of the Lost: A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.
  • New Classes: Freedom to play as you like! Due to the variety of classes in the game, you are free to select a variety of applicable classes and defeat the enemies using the attributes that suit you best. Each class comes with its own unique combat style and play style.
  • Build Skillful Party: Summon up to three allies, and freely develop your own strategy together with the powerful party members that you employ.
  • Enchantments: Among the tools that you obtain from items, there are some items that can be used to permanently upgrade your equipment to add new effects or increase the skills or power of the tools.
  • Three Characters Per Mein: You can customise your characters to suit your play style.
  • A Customizable Game: Upgrade your tools to increase your power on the battlefield, and if you are not pleased with your characters, change their appearance through a few available solutions.
  • Keywords: RPG, Tarnished, Sorcerer, Online


    Modern Enchantress

    If you’re a first time Modern player, or are a seasoned hard-core post expansion Classic player, then you probably want to review the tips given in this presentation.

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    ►Elden Ring(エルデン・ロージュ) Official Site



    V12-#07 Welcome to the Elden Ring Official Site


    Watch out for the Anunnaki and the other monsters who randomly appear in the world.

    Your personal diorama displayed on the background screen.

    In addition, the character of each character you equip has been given face expressions.

    You can use the camera to capture screenshots.

    You can form three team alliances when chatting with other players.

    You can defend a parcel of land for 24 hours a day, turn it into an Elden Rune and enjoy it safely and securely with others.

    ►Elden Rune(エルデン・ロージュ) Official Site


    PRIVATE BETA TEST of TERRA: Not for Seeding or Seed Upload!
    Banned from the SEED BANK!
    Pre-Alpha TEST 1(Features:Adventure, Exploration, PVE, NFO, and PVP)

    Exploration Mode:Climb the Tower of Miridia to explore the surrounding area;Fate-Sharing Changes:Party members can change places when the party is formed;Customization of All Parts:Can be customized with a variety of accessories;Random Dungeon Maps:A number of randomly selected maps from the dungeon;Rarities:The rarest items have been highlighted with red;Steam Achievements:Achievements can be earned using the achievements tab.

    Banned from the Seed-Bank:
    Extremely Powerful Characters:Changes


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    ALL the tales you have heard about the Dungeons and Elden, The game created according to the story of how with the rise of the great Elden empire, breaking taboo is no longer limited by the rules of society and the individual, that there is a person called “GOD” that created the castle and the mythical world.


    We have firmly rooted roots in Japanese folklore, based on robust development of “the Legend of Tarnished,” a story about revenge in the afterlife. “The Legend of Tarnished” is a story that evolves as you progress in the game. The story is broken into small fragments that are interwoven, and you gradually find the large story through the fragments of myth in your hands.


    The developers will be adding new information, items, weapons, magic, and so on. The rules that you will face in the game will open up as you defeat monsters and monsters became stronger. As you develop, they will open up a variety of exciting new content.


    Clara is a goddess, and an international legend. Even in the mythical world, her name is widely known. Moreover, Clara's devotees secretly gather in the mythical world and savoring her lovable features and charming actions.

    Gather the companions you want in this myth that drifts away from you, the lands between, and the world that you have always imagined. In the world you have never seen, you are free to play.


    The myth, the legend, a folktale world of people in the Land Between…
    In a world that is a word in which the attention is drawn to the interface or story, they are always looking for a new game.

    The game too has become very tired, legends that do not hold the attention of the players readily perish.

    And what if we could introduce a world that is full of adventurers, with a fresh sensation every time it is opened up?


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    System Requirements:

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