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Try this (note that this only works on PHP 5.4 or newer):
$length = strlen($separator);
for($i=0, $count = strlen($string); $i

The reason your current solution does not work is because URI’s are already encoded when you’re building the URL. So

would become

DeKalb High School (Georgia)

DeKalb High School is a public high school in DeKalb County, Georgia, United States. It is located in DeKalb, a suburb of Atlanta. Founded in 1942, it was the first of six public high schools to be built in the county under the DeKalb County School System.

The school’s main sports rival is Atlanta High School, as both are named after Abraham DeKalb, a county commissioner who advocated for the construction of a school in DeKalb.

DeKalb High School has won three state championships in football.

State Championships


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DeKalb County Schools

Category:High schools in DeKalb County, Georgia
Category:Public high schools in Georgia (U.S. state)
Category:1942 establishments in Georgia (U.S. state)Honeywell

Honeywell is a global technology leader focused on the aerospace, communications and security markets. Honeywell is a Fortune 500 company with more than 175,000 associates worldwide and annual sales of $

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There is no error as of yet. Perhaps you have just updated to a new version of Ubuntu 16.04? Try:
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

I suspect your torrent was downloaded (and then unzipped) a while ago, and the website is no longer serving this file, so the torrent was not worked, and its contents were not saved anywhere. I would suggest that you try:
cd Prototype

then type:
tar xvfz Prototype-*.gz

and you will be able to unzip and run the game.

& 68.6 & 68.2 & 72.5 & 68.4 & 73.0\
$P_{rel}$ + TI & **83.2** & 82.4 & **83.8** & 81.2 & **83.8**\
$P_{rel}$ + NPP & 83.1 & 80.3 & 82.0 & 84.7 & 81.2\
$P_{rel}$ + NSM & 83.1 & **85.1** & 83.8 & **85.7** & 80.3\

We further investigate the function of the extra supervisory module which enhances the NPP and NSM performance in order to provide additional supervision. The detailed results are shown in Table \[table:TPZscenario3\]. The results of the baseline systems $P_{rel}$ and $P_{rel}$ + TI indicate that the question type and intent detection module improve the results of the trivial baseline system. Also, the results of the $P_{rel}$ + NPP and $P_{rel}$ + NSM show that leveraging the knowledge base is a great advantage. However, the advantage of the NSM over the NPP is less than in the previous two scenarios.

The results in Table \[table:TPZscenario4\] report results for question type and intent classification tasks for these approaches. These results are similar to those from the previous two scenarios, showing an improvement over the trivial baseline system. Interestingly, the results in the fourth scenario were worse than the baseline system $P_{rel}$. We attribute this to the fact that the trivial baseline system already has the question type and intent classifiers as a part of its architecture. $P_{rel}$ has a big

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