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Story Transcript

AARON MATE: W e live right now in the United States. That sounds fancy, but it’s actually quite complicated because it’s not like one color—the color is red and you can’t use any other color in it. The best we can do is to use the word the, like we’re talking about the United States. But I’m coming back to that very simple idea, which is that our current form of government has a very limited ability to deliver food to most of the American people or, in fact, most of the rest of the world.

ANDREW NELSON: Everyone knows that the primary food that the poor eat is whatever they grow, but sometimes it isn’t enough to supply them. This is a real problem for the poor people in the poor countries of the world.

AARON MATE: So, Andrew Nelson of the Yale School of Public Health is talking about the problem of malnutrition in the poorest countries in the world.

ANDREW NELSON: There’s a huge demand for food, and there’s a huge supply of food, but not enough of it is reaching the people who are the most in need of it. That’s particularly true of children. If children in poor countries miss meals, they miss out on much of the nutrition that they need, and that can have a very bad impact on their physical development and their cognitive development.

AARON MATE: Is that really true? Can you really just say they miss the nutrition?

ANDREW NELSON: Well, if you’re hungry, it doesn’t matter if you’re getting the nutrition. I mean, we’re talking about a situation in which this child, when they went to school, was hungry and didn’t get the nutrition that they need. Now, that child is going to be a full day behind his or her peers in terms of development.


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