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July 26, 2007

Book Review: The March of Conquest

by Rick Delman

In the new book, the eponymous character’s father, the emperor of the European Union, orders that his capital, Warsaw, be destroyed. Why? To protect the “Europe Project” from imperialist attack. Just a few years later, Warsaw has been bombed by terrorist fascists who have taken over the former Warsaw Pact countries–and who have also taken over both the European Union and the American empire. Only by ally itself with American president Roosevelt, and dominate many other European nations, can Europe survive–while the US takes care of the rest of the world.

A good story for kids, this book is something of a sad update on the history of Poland. Although the author is on the side of the good guys–anti-fascist and anti-Putin, Warsaw is bombed to the ground. And this is even before the US annexes the ‘protectorates’ under the Treaty of Locarno and the London Charter.

In fact, the author is arguing that ‘final victory’ for fascism would be for it to take over the world.

While many of the original assumptions and approaches–such as the short use of statistics–were tolerable, in the end I wasn’t very interested in the book. My main problem was the assumptions about the comparative strengths of the major world powers at the time.

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