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All nurses are aware that students sometimes have disruptive behaviour in the classroom, and a considerable number of studies have been conducted to explore effective ways of dealing with this. To provide information for nurse education leaders on strategies for dealing with disruptive students and to review the literature on disruptive behaviour in educational settings. Articles were included if they discussed strategies for dealing with disruptive behaviour; discussed the use of management, teaching and learning strategies for dealing with disruptive behaviour; included a theoretical basis for the chosen strategies; and were in English. Twenty articles were identified for inclusion. Disruptive behaviour can be classified into three types: anger, challenging behaviour and destructive behaviour. Teachers and nursing students can be affected by disruptive behaviour. Reported strategies for dealing with disruptive behaviour in the classroom include self-regulation, psychological management, teaching and learning strategies, and assertiveness training. Preventing disruptive behaviour should be an integral part of the teaching and learning process, but attention to the nature of disruptive behaviour and the development of response strategies are also important. Although various research studies on the assessment and management of disruptive behaviour have been conducted, further research is warranted to establish the most effective strategies.I haven’t read this, but it looks interesting.Maybe the author could find a way to add to his points by adding more consciousnesses… like a higher order/different living entity that just holds itself in… If the author is a “Creator”, then those that we (the Creator) produce (higher orders) can be as independent as they want to be.Just think it from the point of view of the creator-product 🙂

Hello there.This happens to be a debate between a creationist and the proponent for a higher intelligence (so called Higher power or God).If you wanna know more about this subject you have the chance to read the whole debate here.Here are few passages from the debate that relate to your question about the Intelligence of the possible beings(like the authors).

“Do we believe that we


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