As its title implies, nFLVPlayer is a tool that allows you to play video files with the FLV extension.
The interface of the application is simple and intuitive. You can open an FLV video by using the file browser only since the "drag and drop" method is not supported.
So, you can use basic media player tools such as pause and stop, navigate back and forth within the clip, as well as adjust the volume and switch to full-screen mode.
But you can also enable looping mode, view file information, change the video size and aspect ratio, open a remote URL (or just use the address bar to play an online FLV file), as well as create and manage a favorites list.
In addition, you can make adjustments to the image when it comes to brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation, as well as fast forward and fast backward the clip.
The video player takes up a low-to-moderate amount of system resources, supports several keyboard shortcuts and ran smoothly during our tests. We haven't encountered any problems since nFLVPlayer did not freeze, crash or display errors.
On the other hand, the tool is missing some key elements. For example, you cannot create a playlist, load subtitles or modify program settings (e.g. enable nFLVPlayer to minimize to system tray, to always start in full-screen mode or to automatically run at system startup).
All in all, nFLVPlayer is a pretty good application for FLV playback and we recommend it to all users who prefer a straightforward tool to a complicated, high-demanding one.







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This is a powerful application to play FLV videos. It supports various ways of playing FLV files. You can play FLV files from local disk, from Internet, and from system tray. It supports such features as start/stop/pause/resume, control volume, full screen and full-volume. It has a real-time video display and supports zoom in/out.
You can load the video URL from the address bar, set a playlist of FLV files and load subtitles. You can create a favorites list, view file information, and adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and hue. You can also download different image for the thumbnail of each video.
Besides, nFLVPlayer supports the ability to resume playback at the last position in the case of system shut down. You can also fast forward and fast back the video.
What’s New in nFLVPlayer:
This update contains the following changes:
1. Fix for bug #5: when your computer is in sleep mode, nFLVPlayer will not quit.
2. Fix for bug #4: when loading urls, a new HTTP status message is added to the log.
3. Fix for bug #1: The video is no longer playing after exiting full-screen mode.
4. Fix for bug #2: You cannot play the file after loading, if you start from system tray.
5. Fix for bug #3: Wrong settings when loading the url.
6. Fix for bug #7: when extracting the file from the archive, the file cannot be played.
7. Fix for bug #8: when the program starts without internet connection, it will not start playing the video.
8. Fix for bug #10: if you change video size and aspect ratio while playing, a new video will be loaded.
9. Fix for bug #12: file’s different resolutions are not handled properly.
10. Fix for bug #14: When the audio cannot be played, the program will quit.
11. Fix for bug #16: The nFLVPlayer program freezes when it is opened.
12. Fix for bug #17: The nFLVPlayer program does not update the playlist info when the playlist is empty.
13. Fix for bug #18: When you press the left or right arrow key, the video goes backward and forward a frame instead of back and forth a frame.
14. Fix for bug #

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The application allows you to view FLV files and play them through its own control window. You can browse for FLV files using the file browser or search for them by entering a file path into the address bar.

The application supports most of the features mentioned here, such as playing FLV video files, adjusting the volume, setting a start time and looping the clip. The application has a clean and simple interface, using only a playlist window, a video player and a stop and pause control window.

nFLVPlayer Activation Code features:

Video player: You can view and play FLV files

Adjustable video size and aspect ratio: You can set the video resolution to 640×480, 760×480, 320×240, 480×320 and 480×640

Adjust the brightness, contrast, hue and saturation

Adjust the start and end times

Loop the video

Image viewer:

Adjust the image brightness, contrast, hue and saturation

File management: Create and manage favorites

URL viewer:

Open an online FLV file or a local file from your computer

Choose if you want the tool to automatically start when Windows boots

Set up how nFLVPlayer Crack Mac minimizes to the system tray

nFLVPlayer Start Menu:

Once you launch nFLVPlayer, you will notice that there are two buttons in the taskbar’s notification area: Play and Stop. Additionally, you have a shortcut to a playlist in the taskbar button list, and finally a button to load the default settings.

nFLVPlayer with shortcuts:

The buttons can be customized by opening the Settings dialog box by clicking the button to the right of the “Play” and “Stop” buttons. You can also perform actions that you associate with specific file types, such as deleting a FLV file by using the corresponding hotkey.Q:

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NFLVPlayer Crack PC/Windows

The Video to FLV Converter is an excellent program to convert videos and audio to FLV format. It is ideal for Flash online movie makers and video editors to create Flash videos directly.
With it, you can convert videos to flash format FLV easily and conveniently. The built-in editor in this program enables you to customize the video as you like, adjust the video color, size, frame rate and audio volume, and make them fit for the Website you will publish them on.
The conversion speed is fast, even on a 2.0 GHz core processor! Besides, when you convert videos to FLV from video files, you can copy FLV files to DVD or other DVD format. It will be as transparent as possible!
nFLV Player Description:
Key Features:
* Fast conversion speed
* Support all popular video formats such as AVI, MP4, MOV, RM, RMVB, ASF, MTS, MOD, MP3, M4A, WAV, AAC, and so on
* Support ‘Cut to RTMP/HTTP streaming server’ and ‘Publish webpage’
* Copy FLV to DVD for installing on DVD players
* Supports audio formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AAC, and so on
* Supports video formats such as AVI, MOD, RM, MOV, M4V, AVS, RMVB, MTS, MP4, FLV, TS, TSP, TLV, M2T, F4V, VIVW, IVT, MKV, MPEG, and so on
* Support webcam video, mpeg2 video, mpeg4 video, mpeg video, and so on
* Support video thumbnail
* Supports DVD burning, video recording, and DVD menus
* Quick-to-use and easy to use
* nFLV Player is so easy to use that even a kid can do it. For example, you can convert any video to FLV format easily, and quickly publish FLV videos on the Internet with the ‘Publish website’ function.
* The application has a clean and simple design that is easy to operate
* With nFLV Player, you can copy FLV files to DVD for installing on DVD players. It is as transparent as possible!
* Full support for the newly published Windows 7 operating system and Windows Vista Operating system.

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What’s New In?

nFLVPlayer is the easiest-to-use, but still functional video player for all types of FLV files. It allows you to enjoy your videos while spending as little time as possible. Video files need not be in a standard container for nFLVPlayer to play them. If a video is encoded as anything other than MP3, AVI, or FLV, nFLVPlayer will try to play it without requiring an FLV decoder. A video (or movie) can be more than one file, such as multiple AVI files. nFLVPlayer can handle any of those files and make them play without needing to be put in a single FLV container file. Why even use a container file at all when you can have nFLVPlayer handle it for you? It can be easily detected and decoded on its own even if it’s not encoded in an FLV container. nFLVPlayer does not require a separate FLV codec. It can play any FLV video as long as it is above 2MB. nFLVPlayer is also a very lightweight player. It does not take up much resources. nFLVPlayer does not require any installation. It can play virtually any FLV video including those stored on CDs or DVDs. It is supplied with a built-in FLV video player that includes support for thumbs, chapter markers, captions, and full screen or windowed mode. nFLVPlayer includes a timer to allow you to start playing videos at certain times, such as when your computer starts or when a modem dial-up connection is made. nFLVPlayer is quite good in having a simple interface. Yet, it includes many features such as data display, looping mode, volume, contrast, brightness, hue and saturation adjustments, and so on. The nFLVPlayer application comes in an archive that you can launch with the Extract button, which will reveal all contents. You will also find a Play button, which can be used to start playing the videos from the archive or the document.

File Format and Video Types Support
nFLVPlayer supports a wide variety of video formats and media codecs, even unsupported ones.
It can play virtually any FLV video including those stored on CDs or DVDs. It is supplied with a built-in FLV video player that includes support for thumbs, chapter markers, captions, and full screen or windowed mode. nFLVPlayer is not able to decode MPEGs created with other encod

System Requirements:

Minimum system requirements:
Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
2 GB free hard disk space
Compatible AMD/Intel video card with OpenGL 2.1 support (Linux only)
Web browser such as Safari or Firefox
Audio card with ALSA or OSS support
I have installed (based on svn r23686) on my MacBook Pro with the following system configuration:
OS X 10.6.2 (glimmer 10.6.2

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