MyFacePrivacy is an innovative application that can customize privacy settings for various social networks outside of the browser, in a very comfortable manner.
The program is able to deal with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts and on top of this, it also lends a hand to parents who want to control the type of content their children access.
With MyFacePrivacy, you will be able to fully keep tabs on how Facebook (or other social networks) handle the type of content you upload, as well as how tagging is done and the way your personal information is displayed.
During the first launch, you will be asked to choose the social network to work with, then to specify the username and login in order to access the main window of the application. Here, you will be welcomed by a set of built-in privacy levels, from Unrestricted, which makes virtually anything on your profile available to everyone to Maximum Privacy, where sharing is restricted to your close friends only.
However, these built-in scenarios can be entirely customized through the Advanced Settings section, where you can personalize settings related to posts, who can see your content and who can contact you.
There’s also the possibility to put restrictions on the tagging feature and to decide who can see your application activity and personal information. You can also customize the way ad networks are to behave and to have the application scan your Facebook profile regularly and send notifications once changes are detected.
Keep in mind that the setting layout changes once you pick another social network. There may be fewer options on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, due to the internal structure of each of them.
All in all, MyFacePrivacy comes across as a highly flexible privacy manager. The greatest advantage of working with it is that the changes will be preserved no matter how and from where you access your social network accounts.


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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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An excellent application to customize the privacy settings of your Facebook profile.
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Head2Meet is a beautiful social media application that will help you in keeping you in constant touch with your friends, and your friends will thank you for it.
The program will give you the opportunity to create lists of people that you want to stay in touch with, as well as to send them invitations to “meeting”, or to plan meetings in real time. It will be a very beautiful application, with a clean design and an easy-to-use interface.
Head2Meet can be accessed through the Facebook social network, as well as through its own website. It will help you establish a beautiful connection with all the people you want to keep in touch with, and you can carry on conversations both in real time, and at a later date. You will be able to send an invitation to any of your friends, and you’ll be able to jump on a meeting in the same way.
You can choose between one-time or recurring meetings, and you can also set meeting locations, time and date. Moreover, the application will allow you to change your status as well as to post photos and videos, and a good number of beautiful fonts are available, allowing you to personalize your texts.
In case you are not a big fan of text, you can also take the opportunity to use a slideshow to highlight your pictures and messages.
The application will certainly appeal to your friend list, since it will allow you to finally establish a really good social network. You will be able to meet up with a number of friends, at your own convenience, and your friends will surely appreciate the fact that they have more space in their friend lists.
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Lostpedia is an interesting application that will help you retrieve your lost data, including contacts, messages, documents, calls, website passwords, contacts, accounts, photos and anything that you might have lost over the Internet.
The application is very easy to use, since you will only need to input the name of the data you are missing and it will be found. The application comes with a free version and a premium version (which costs $4.99), and the premium edition allows the user to access help files and has increased stability.
Lostpedia is available for mobile devices (both Android and iPhone), and it will work both with Windows and Mac OSX. The application supports any social network, and

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AbiWord is a simple, but powerful word processor. It is not just for writers but also for the office user. It is a versatile program which allows you to create an impeccable document that looks professional. Moreover, with its advanced text and spell checker capabilities, AbiWord proves to be one of the best choices among word processors. It is undoubtedly a handy software that every office user must have on their computer.
AbiWord has many other interesting features. For instance, you can insert images and video clips, as well as attach files like DOC, XLS, PPT or HTML files and zip files, etc. It also allows you to modify and transform text. Furthermore, AbiWord is a document annotation software which allows you to draw, circle and highlight different sections and even shape the text.
AbiWord has a helpful and attractive user interface. You can easily handle the interface by using its well organized menu. For instance, the menu has an options section which has help and settings options. Furthermore, there is a development section wherein you can also modify the options of the software. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the options quickly.
AbiWord has a comprehensive set of tools for editing and formatting your documents. You can use these tools to make your document customized. You can even manipulate text to change its color, font size, size, margins, alignment, indentation and much more. It is a fully featured text editor.
While downloading this software, you can expect a software package of about 40 MB. And the installation process will only require you to spend some few minutes to complete.
Most importantly, AbiWord can be used with any operating system without any difficulty. Moreover, the software is compatible with many types of computer platforms including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 8.1, and Mac OS X.
AbiWord has a free trial version which allows you to create a document of the size of 6 pages. However, the trial version will not allow you to save it. To save your work, you need to purchase the software. AbiWord will allow you to save the document to MS Word format with all the formatting and features intact.
AbiWord is highly customizable and will allow you to make it your own. If you feel comfortable using AbiWord, you will certainly fall in love with it!
AbiWord Download:

This is the third version of a game that

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A graphics designer wants to protect his Facebook account from the general public to only share the content that he’s willing to show. However, he doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on it, and he doesn’t want to be bothered with it at work. How can he do that? With MyFacePrivacy.
Facebook is one of the most popular social networks for millions of people. There are many people that post content on Facebook, which is very popular for their friends to see. But, can you imagine how much of your life can be exposed and shown on Facebook?
MyFacePrivacy is a browser add-on that can change Facebook privacy settings. The interface looks like this:
• It is integrated with Facebook, so you can create your account with Facebook.
• It can be used with Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and IE.
• If you want to use it, you can download the program from this website.
• With it, you will be able to customize privacy settings for Facebook.
• You can customize the way Facebook deals with your content.
• You can change the content that you can hide.
• You can hide sensitive information about your account.
• You can customize privacy settings for your profile.
• You can post content to Facebook only for yourself.
• You can determine who can see your content.
• You can choose the applications and websites that you can use to show your content.
• You can specify the type of profile information, which can be seen by strangers.
• You can use your browser extension.
• You can always have all the privacy settings.
MyFacePrivacy – Settings and Features
You can have 4 privacy settings.
• Maximum privacy: This will hide everything from everybody.
• Unrestricted: This is how you can use Facebook normally.
• Moderate privacy: This is for people that have more content than you do.
• Restricted: This is for people with very little content to post.
All in all, it is a good program and it will change Facebook privacy settings for you.

Slack is a modern workplace communication tool, simple to use and very powerful. Currently Slack is one of the most useful platforms available. It is also a great way to keep in touch with your friends and your clients. It is similar to Twitter in that you can read all the messages posted, and the content varies a lot, so it is interesting to try it out

What’s New in the?

The only task management tool that does more than just manage tasks

Endless to-do lists are a source of stress because you never get to them. Managing all tasks with nothing but a to-do list is extremely difficult, because you need to keep adding new tasks, while you keep forgetting old ones and losing track of everything.
Managing tasks with a personal calendar is not enough. What if you forget to do something, even if you are in front of your computer, or while on your phone? Have you ever been lost at work because you couldn’t remember that you need to do something? With we help you to remember everything by integrating your calendar, to-do list and task tracker. We help you to stay organized by using colors to see quickly what you have to do next and what tasks you have already done.
– Manage your tasks from anywhere: Your task tracker can be accessed anytime and anywhere – be it on your phone, PC, online or offline.
– Your tasks are easy to see: Quickly identify things you need to work on by using colors. Try and see what your friends and colleagues do. It’s good for personal organisation.
– Streamlined interface for all devices: TickTick works on mobile, tablet and computer.
– Invite your team: Invite your team using if you’re working with a team. TickTick lets you organize your tasks privately or publicly.
– Use your own colors: TickTick lets you use your own colors for tasks – it’s fast, easy and intuitive.
– Add tags or comments on tasks: You can add a tag or comment when describing your tasks.
– When you are done with a task, mark it as finished: When your task is completed, TickTick will remove it from your calendar and task tracker automatically.
– Find a task faster with Drag & Drop: Just drag a task from your to-do list to your calendar.
– Other task management features: Keep track of time and duration, view calendar in a month, repeat tasks, change colors and use colors to find certain tasks.

Managing tasks with a personal calendar is not enough. What if you forget to do something, even if you are in front of your computer, or while on your phone? Have you ever been lost at work because you couldn’t remember that you need to do something? With we help

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