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Maquina De Coser Zedna Tronic Cbt-0201

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The 2019–20 Austrian Football Second League will be the twenty-fifth season of the Austrian second-level football league.

Participating teams
Eighteen teams will contest the league, including five sides from the 2018–19 season, three sides promoted from the 2018–19 Regionalliga and eight sides promoted from the 2018–19 Amateur League.

Team changes

To Austrian Football Second League
Promoted from the 2018–19 Regionalliga
Rheindorf Altach

Promoted from the 2018–19 Amateur League

Relegated from the 2018–19 Austrian Football First League
Wiener Sport-Vereinigung

From Austrian Football Second League
Relegated to the 2019–20 Austrian Regional League East

Promoted to the 2019–20 Austrian Football First League

Team overview

League table


Matches 1–21

Matches 22–33

Season statistics

Top goalscorers


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Austrian Second LeagueSoftware Development Solutions

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