LinkDeny’s powerful access control features will allow you to transparently stop bandwidth pirates and potential hackers in their tracks by limiting their access via a Web request’s.
The flexible, rules-based system allows you to dream up just about any method to allow or deny access to content resources, making LinkDeny a powerful security tool for Microsoft IIS Web site administrators and management.
Whether you implement your own rules or use any of the dozens of predefined access templates, LinkDeny addresses all sorts of common site problems from simple security to traffic management.
For example, LinkDeny technology has been successfully used to protect against country level and targeted site attacks, control references from troubling posts or Blog mentions (or any site), limit traffic overloads from social networking and other leeching site posts, minimize affiliate system fraud, and stop pesky users abusing comment and message board systems.
You’ll be able to control your site traffic with confidence with LinkDeny. Detailed logging and a built-in testing interface insures that you don’t block good traffic.
An XML-formatted rules engine makes for easy integration of LinkDeny into existing site backends and content management systems. Implemented as a solid and fast ISAPI filter, LinkDeny will give you more control with very little performance impact. Get in control of your content and bandwidth access with LinkDeny today!


Download ☆☆☆

Download ☆☆☆






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– Block website requests based on variable headers
– Block for a particular user or group of users, or IP range
– Send requests to a page rather than a full site
– Deny by media type (image, video, etc.)
– Log, debug, and store links for later use
– Make rules dynamic based on custom attributes, URL and HTTP requests, IP addresses, or cookies
– Integrate with other content management systems, email applications, and document management systems

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LinkDeny Crack Free

LinkDeny Crack Free Download is a powerful bandwidth throttling, site access control and blocking solution

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LinkDeny Crack Activation Code With Keygen PC/Windows

LinkDeny is a powerful Internet access control system, designed specifically for Microsoft IIS web server systems. Unlike other access control systems it uses a rules engine to perform its analysis and allows you to easily define new rule sets without incurring performance overhead.
It is extremely flexible, and supports rules that combine multiple authentication modules, conditional access, packet filtering, and more. It can be completely scripted with no programming required.
More information…

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[.NET Framework 3.5]
• Development VB6/C++ (COM, DCOM, OLE, OLE-DB, OLE-LINK, ActiveX, CGI, or Windows Scripting Host) apps that use.NET Framework 3.5. You need to install the.NET Framework 3.5 redistributable (see the “prerequisites” above) for an earlier version of the

What’s New in the?

> Blocks access to linked resources with easy integration into existing site backends and Content Management Systems.
> Rely on XML-based rules engine to simplify site access enforcement.
> Web Server’s built-in ISAPI filter will not impact site performance.
> If LinkDeny is used as a site-wide access control provider, Site owners can specify additional login and limits.
> Prevent Bandwidth Leeching
> Prevent low quality traffic
> Protect Reputation
> Prevent Country Level Attacks
> Better Bandwidth and Access Restrictions
> Optional Scripting capabilities
> URL Rewriting Capabilities
> Intrusive User Filtering
> Intrusive User Filtering with log capturing
> Intrusive User Filtering with log capturing
> Allow site search
> Allow site search
> Block Anonymous Access to Image Hosting
> Allow Anonymous Access to images
> Allow social networking comments
> Block profanity and political articles
> Block Paywall Articles
> Reverse Proxy Capabilities
> Reverse Proxy Capabilities
>…and many more!
Install LinkDeny:
> LinkDeny has been installed in two locations in the Program Files
> folder. For example,
> LinkDeny is currently installed in the following folders:
> C:\Program Files\(32 bit)\LinkDeny\
> C:\Program Files\(64 bit)\LinkDeny\
> C:\Program Files\(32 bit)\LinkDeny\lib\regin.dll
> C:\Program Files\(64 bit)\LinkDeny\lib\regin.dll
> C:\Program Files\(32 bit)\LinkDeny\bin\regin.dll
> C:\Program Files\(64 bit)\LinkDeny\bin\regin.dll
> C:\Program Files\(32 bit)\LinkDeny\dlls\win32\regin.dll
> C:\Program Files\(64 bit)\LinkDeny\dlls\win32\regin.dll
> C:\Program Files\(32 bit)\LinkDeny\regin.dll
> C:\Program Files\(64 bit)\LinkDeny\regin.dll
> C:\Program Files\(32 bit)\LinkDeny\resources\regin.html
> C:\Program Files\(64 bit)\LinkDeny\resources\regin.html
> C:\

System Requirements For LinkDeny:

Supported OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP and later.
CPU: CPU type should be i486, i586 or later.
Memory: 512MB of memory recommended.
Hard Disk: 200MB is recommended.
Video: 128MB of video memory recommended.
Sound Card: DirectX 7.0 compliant sound card is recommended.
DirectX: DirectX 7.0 compliant graphics card is recommended.
Network Card: 100Mbit/s network interface or later.
DirectX Shader Model

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