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Is there a difference between “right of the sea” and “right of entry”?

In the West Bank, the area of the Green Line has been demilitarized so that Palestinians can freely live and travel in the area.
However, they also have a right of entry into areas where they are normally barred by the Israeli army.
So does the term “right of entry” mean they can freely enter through the border to any point they choose? Or does it mean that they can enter certain areas in the West Bank, and not others?


I’ve had a very quick look at the Guardian’s “How Israel started a war over the wall” and the BBC’s “Palestinians stop Israel from building border wall”.
The front-page article at Guardian states:

The West Bank is demilitarised (ie not walled off from Israel, with
the Green Line as a ceasefire line) but Palestinians can still enter
Israel at 62 entry points and move freely in the occupied territory

Both articles appear to state the following:

For many years, the western side of the West Bank was demilitarised,
and over time, soldiers learned their new frontier was a diplomatic

At the time of writing, I cannot see any evidence that Palestinian access to Israel is restricted in any way, so the answer is yes – Palestinians have the right to enter any part of Israel.

From the BBC article:

Israel says it may build the wall to prevent Palestinians from entering
Israel illegally. It says that it will only be complete after the
Palestinian Authority recognises the Jewish State and agrees to a
final status deal.

Again, from the article:

The wall will be built in sections and will be open to the public.

This would suggest the wall will be a “bridge” not a “wall”.

Subsequent to posting this answer, I noticed this map from the UN showing where the wall as it currently stands (and whatever modifications Israel decide to make to it after some legal process).
This map displays areas which Israel has closed to Israeli access. Therefore, the answer is no.


Red Rock West


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