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HDData Crack+

Monitor installed drives

Check drive health

Identify drive model number and manufacturer

Monitor drive temperature and receive alerts

View drive information

Access advanced information about drives

Test a drive’s health with a self-diagnostic tool

Preview a drive’s SMART data

Display drive lifetime estimates

Configure drive alert settings

Set drive alert thresholds

Set drive alert notification settings

Send drive temperature to an e-mail address

Play a warning sound when a drive reaches an alert threshold

Activate drive hibernation

Define hibernation timeout

Hibernate the computer

Shut down the computer

The above-listed benchmark times represent the average result of multiple runs of the benchmark on each hardware configuration. The higher the score, the better the performance.

Test Notes

Game Cache Available




2 GB


EVE Online GPU Benchmark 2002



Perfect 10

12 (4)

The EVGe benchmark tests the performance of your video card by playing the new PC game, EVE Online. The utility version contains the AI-only image, allowing you to test the performance of your card when the AI isn’t involved.

The SMART Data Storage Performance tool test calculates the amount of storage available on your hard drive. It can detect early signs of deterioration and helps you identify areas of your hard drive that are noisy or risk failure.




2 GB


2-D Test

Test Notes

Perfect 10


The Matrix 2-D Test plays the game on the standard Windows desktop. It is a simple test, but it allows you to find hardware issues in a way other programs cannot.

The Xbox 360 Core Benchmark tests the response time of your video card, and it is important for playing both online and offline games. The software version provides a close approximation of the real Xbox 360 hardware, enabling you to compare your system with others.

The PCMark03 Ultimate Edition benchmark tests your PC’s performance by playing a series of representative, computer-intensive applications. The version 3.0 suite tests eight applications at once.

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HDData Crack+ Download

This is a simple but very useful Windows utility that can monitor your storage drives and notify you if the temperature of your drives exceeds safe levels and when a S.M.A.R.T. failure occurs.
A small, unattractive interface with a tabbed design that can be expanded to make the program more attractive.
HDData ensures that your hard drives are monitored and protected from overheating and many other failures.
HDData Provides:
Monitor your hard drives in real time
HDData alarms you when your hard drive exceeds the temperature that could cause permanent damage
HDData can trigger an e-mail alert if the temperature exceeds 80 C or 115 F for a S.M.A.R.T. failure
HDData can open any WAV file on your computer to trigger an alert to your e-mail address
HDData can put your computer into hibernation mode or shut it down if necessary
HDData Configuration:
HDData can be set to receive an e-mail alert when a drive temperature exceeds 80 C or 115 F for a S.M.A.R.T. failure. The program can also be configured to put your computer into hibernation mode or shut it down if necessary
The program can be set to display data in either Fahrenheit or Celsius
HDData can display the model number of the storage drives to which it is monitoring
HDData can be set to show or hide the version information and the S.M.A.R.T. status
HDData can be run as a service if you wish
HDData supports S.M.A.R.T. failures at the end of the drive’s life
HDData Requirements:
HDData is a simple but powerful Windows utility that can monitor your storage drives and provide you with alerts when the temperature of their drives exceeds safe levels. The program can warn you when a drive is about to fail and can also put your computer into hibernation mode or shut it down if necessary.
The simple but unattractive interface of HDData ensures that it is easy to use and configure.
HDData is free of charge and its only flaw is a lack of a modern and clean appearance.
Read further information about HDData below…

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HDData Crack

HDData is an application that monitors storage devices. The program can determine the temperature of your drives and S.M.A.R.T. attributes of your hard disks and will warn you if any of the values exceeds certain levels.
You can also instruct the program to notify you if the temperature of a drive reaches a certain level and you can define what action to take in such a scenario, such as sending an e-mail notification, putting the computer to sleep or even shutting it down.
The program also includes an alert sound feature that can be used to generate a notification when a certain temperature value is reached.
The application can also perform these functions for your solid state drive and send you a notification if a failure is detected.
Version History:
New Version – 1.0.0513.1101
Added option for analyzing SATA drives.
Added option to enable S.M.A.R.T. data for the currently selected drive.
Added option for allowing the HDData application to shut the computer down on a drive failure.
Added option to automatically open the missing hardware dialog on starting the HDData application.
Removed the installation dialog box from the HDData application.
Interface Improvement/Bug Fixes.
v 1.0.0513.1105
Added RAID information to the ‘Model’ tab.
Fixed issue with the handle.
v 1.0.0513.1106
Updated security patch information in setup file.
v 1.0.0513.1110
Updated help files to reflect changes in “removed” parameters.
v 1.0.0513.1112
Fixed issue with resuming in sleep mode after program crash.
v 1.0.0513.1113
Fixed issue with RAID information tab being underused in some cases.
Added option to take a sample of a hard drive.
v 1.0.0513.1114
Updated help system to include security patch information.
v 1.0.0513.1116
Fixed a bug that was preventing the correct time from being displayed on the main window.
v 1.0.0513.1117
Fixed issue with incorrect crash message on detecting a failed solid state drive.
Corrected a bug where hard drives were not being updated properly with their S.M.A.R.T. information.
v 1.0.0513.1118
Fixed a bug that was causing the program to prompt

What’s New In?

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Older members, me included, can remember that dnsmasq was once a very good tool for testing ISPs. It was easy and fast to manage, provided free encryption for its DHCP clients, which greatly simplifies the development of tailored web content. The inconvenience of this program was that, despite a long life, it was only usable in Linux.
If you’ve been using Windows for years, you may have already heard that Microsoft has removed dnsmasq from their operating system, but what does this mean? Is it a solution for those who wish to test their connectivity in a broader range of operating systems, or do we have to look for an alternative?
What is dnsmasq?
DNSMasq is an open-source program that acts like a domain name server to provide names to computers using the Internet protocol (IP). The DNS protocol has been implemented in many protocols and applications that connect directly or indirectly to the Internet.
Here is how DNSmasq works:
To provide a hostname in DNSmasq, users must create the /etc/hosts configuration file, which stores the IP addresses and the addresses of DNSmasq (much like /etc/hosts stores the IP addresses of DNS servers).
Other programs use the DNSmasq service so that they can use the Internet without having to know every DNS server in the world.
To use dnsmasq, you need to install it in your system.

Using the configuration file and DNSmasq, you can forward all the requested IP addresses to dnsmasq, which would also map the names to IP addresses.
For example, if you request the IP address of, dnsmasq will find out that has an IP address of 123.456.78.90, and will look for the website on this address.
You can use the configuration file to provide information about every domain, or only the IPv4 or IPv6 addresses of the site.
Also, it is possible to use the service for a network that has multiple subnets (like a home network), thanks to the trick of creating an alias that can reach the desired destination through one IP address and the usual DNSmasq.
If you have multiple subnets, you can control dnsmasq using the ipv4_forward, ipv6_forward or cidr_forward parameters–WMHdzGhKv

System Requirements For HDData:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: 1.4 GHz (Dual Core CPU)
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 compatible card with 256 MB
DirectX: 9.0
Hard Drive: 2 GB free space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Network: Broadband Internet connection required
Additional Notes:
HOOK-up to Main Account using Steam account:
At login, select : Select account type: Account: Enter your

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