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Download Setup + Crack » DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


When a player tackles an opponent, the system will make the opponent react accordingly if they did not move away in time; when a player is given the ball in a dangerous area, the game will react to allow them to realistically dodge a potential foul; when a player is on the ball, the game will reflect the speed and movements of the player.

Take a look at the video below:

Gameplay Features

New dynamic Player Models

New Player Interactions

New Player Mechanics

New Player Responses

New Player Customization

New Player Create-A-Player

New Skill Tree

Reinvented Goals

New Player Class Traits

New Health System

New Goalkeeping Abilities

New Player Sliding

New Player Finishing

New Player Passing

New Player Touch Control

New Commentary and Game Recaps

Attention to detail and realism is unparalleled. A new more experienced commentary team (Jimmy Vieira and Mark Yeomans) will bring new character voices and energy. A new Game Recaps feature for every event will put the player in the shoes of the players by providing scores and comments from the commentators. Players will also be able to watch live footage of every goal scored during a match.

On the server and in the game, updates will be possible through the Host Transfer feature. Players will be able to select a new host (and ultimately host the game in offline mode).

New Player Model

New Player Models

Notice the new player models. All new players will have upgraded player models as well as new animations and boots.

New Player Model

Face on Player Model

New Static Player Faces

New Dynamic Player Faces

New Player and Player Model VFX

These are just a few of the many visual updates to the game. The new player model and player faces are just the beginning.

Player Interactions

New Player Interactions

Elbow Check



Head Collision


Head Bounce




Head Bounce


Head Bounce

Head Bounce

Head Bounce


I on the Ball



Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 introduces four distinct packs with new stars, kits and goal celebrations. These new Superstar, Iconic, Ultimate Team and Playmaker gameplay modes provide new and enhanced ways to play with all manner of different teams and opponents.
  • FIFA community features—including Player of the Year, Online Season, Bootcamp mode and Pitch Progression, which shows the club’s progress over time.
  • Live for free updates and additional content launched on a regular schedule. Become a fan of your favorite clubs and players and unlock exclusive rewards and experiences with EA SPORTS Season Ticket.
  • Two game modes that let you play all-star exhibitions, play with friends and connect with other people.
  • Play in any way that suits you using the Story and Training modes.
  • Variety of local and online multiplayer modes.
  • Supports up to 30 players online on supported platforms.
  • Play against clubs from around the world, including North, Central and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Oceania.
  • New crowd chants and football referee calls.
  • New crowd animations that react to events on the pitch and produce realistic moments from the crowd.
  • New AI that constantly drives the opposition and creates varied and unpredictable moments.
  • The trusted FIFA motion engine
  • Live for free future updates, including the addition of 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 match modes for communities.
  • 'Adaptive AI', which will help the players understand your team and tactics and adjust to make it harder for you to score.
  • Crews—managers who can see your team’s strategy and tactics at any time of the match.
  • International live tournaments, including the Club World Cup.
  • New kits, player agents, and team crests.
  • New kits, uniforms and club crests.
  • Player-designed kits feature a full range of sponsor and team crests that can be placed on players as a bonus.
  • FIFA is the most popular and authentic sports title in the world, and


    Fifa 22 Crack X64

    FIFA is the world’s most popular soccer video game franchise and has sold over 500 million copies worldwide since its inception in 1992. As the official videogame of the sport, FIFA gives players the opportunity to live out their soccer fantasies by taking on the role of real-world soccer stars, combining world-class gameplay, official ball physics, realistic player and ball control, realistic physics-based movement and authentic formations.

    Experience Real Football in Your Living Room

    Join the passionate global community of football and rugby fans, and immerse yourself in the most authentic and captivating sports gaming experience available on home consoles.

    Powered by Football

    Ever since the announcement of EA SPORTS FIFA 19, there has been an overwhelming amount of feedback from our millions of fans around the world, and we have worked hard to deliver on their expectations. This is the season where we truly deliver “Powered by Football.”

    Authentic Player Sense

    FIFA’s groundbreaking improvements to the art, emotion, and intelligence of the footballing experience have been enhanced by an all-new-player engine. In FIFA 19, players will experience nuance and gravity like never before. New, powerful AI has been applied to move and think like real-world footballing stars, while all-new animations give players the best natural motion paths possible.

    As well as being more powerful, FIFA 19’s AI has a better understanding of football tactics and how to play the game. It also senses which situations are risk-free and which are risky, and reacts accordingly. It will even recover if it gets a knock or gets pushed down. With its understanding of tactics and situation risk, AI no longer throws itself forward just because it is ‘in the mood.’

    Underpinning the new AI is a rigorous new player-learning engine and AI personality parameters which allow the engine to respond in a more intelligent and nuanced manner to both player control and positions. Players will have to adapt to AI behaviour and make smarter decisions based on this information in order to progress in matches.

    In FIFA 22, you will be rewarded for thinking strategically. To develop your football intelligence, you must adapt to the situation on the pitch. No single player or team can think ahead and anticipate the play as well as everyone working together.

    The new player-learning engine continually improves your game and allows you to learn more and more about how to


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    Double your collection with an all-new way to assemble your dream team of the greatest players in FIFA. Wage battles against players you’ve met in the game or unlock hidden gems and reserve players by winning the latest FUT packs. Strengthen your squad with a mix of real-world superstars and fantasy picks to help you dominate in FIFA Ultimate Team.

    EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Global Series – Buy your own competitive FIFA mode with FIFA 19 Global Series, a new way to experience FIFA’s greatest rivalry from every angle, with every player and every stadium available to customize. Now you can follow Premier League stars in truly unrivalled style with the complete simulation of FIFA 19 Global Series or even experience the battle of the MLS cup all-new for FIFA 19 with the format and excitement of the US Open Cup!

    You can buy FIFA Ultimate Team Packs for the World Cup all the way through to the FIFA 19 Final. The packs also give you early access to new players and content, and you can also purchase unique boots and shirts with some of the packs. You can choose from the World Cup packs or the Community Draft Tournament packs, and FIFA 19 fans can buy the Community Draft for their friends.

    Pick any item you like out of the FIFA 19 Fan Shop, and customize the look of your favorite player, their name, and even their shirt number. Or you can even create your own kit or franchise style, so you are in total control over your player’s appearance and how they look on the pitch.

    PS4 and Xbox One:
    The World Cup is among the most-watched sporting events in the world, with more viewers than the Olympic Games and Super Bowl. From the exhilarating opening ceremony to the eternal second balls and penalty shootouts, the FIFA 19 World Cup experience is deeper and more authentic than ever.

    Players can now choose from a wider variety of uniforms, boots, and goalkeeping equipment. There are more than 500 player appearances in the game, including the first two official signings of 2018. Over 1,000 new animations have been added, bringing the total to 8,000 animations in the game. The location-based weather system has been improved.

    Key Features:

    CRUNCHY FOOTBALL ACTION – Intuitive controls, more realistic dribbling and an overhauled engine give FIFA 19 the edge when it comes to handling of the football.

    EXPERT GAMEPLAY MANAGEMENT – Dynamically-cued player models, in


    What’s new:

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