Additional player animations, such as sprinting and quick tackling moves, are added to the game to reflect the speed of an authentic football match.

How does “HyperMotion Technology” work in FIFA 22?

Let’s go over all the different aspects that will be touched upon today.

“HyperMotion Technology” in FIFA 22 is a long-term project, which we’re working on with an incredible team.

“HyperMotion Technology” is a complete reworking of the engine, which covers every piece of gameplay.

FIFA 22 uses a new prediction system, which allows the engine to predict ball collision at a speed higher than human hands.

The real-time AI that controls players in FIFA 22 is much more intelligent than in previous versions.

The ball physics have been completely overhauled, especially the way it responds to contact.

As you read on, it becomes clear how the whole system works.

The Engine

FIFA 22 is powered by the long-term development engine, which serves as the backbone for all soccer games coming from the series since FIFA 2001.

Our engine is the first to use a revolutionary new AI engine, which allows us to directly transfer player skill to gameplay.

The engine will already be used in the upcoming FIFA 23 (untitled) release. This game is slated for release on June 20th 2019.

Previous versions of the engine were used in FIFA 12 and FIFA 14. These games mostly represented a massive step forward in the progress of soccer games.

FIFA 16 introduced an entirely new motion capture system and a lighting and shading model to capture a complete football game. The end product of these changes included realistic motion-captured animations and lighting.

However, it’s fair to say that we, as a developer team, pushed the limits of the engine too far.

FIFA 22 redefines the engine to create a completely new experience that applies key insights from the recent years.

A New AI Engine

FIFA 20, for example, introduced a new weather engine that worked directly on top of the existing engine.

It was a tremendous success, because it allowed us to introduce a weather system into a completely new gameplay experience.

FIFA 22 follows a similar path. For us, it was also crucial to implement these new engine features into our core gameplay experience.

This is why we’ve introduced a new AI



Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Live out your dreams as a manager or a player in FIFA 22
  • Live out your dreams of managing or playing your way up to the top in Franchise mode
  • Create the greatest club in Ultimate Team
  • Realized all-new artificial intelligence for in-match and training situations. It’s uncertain how the AI will respond, but you don’t want to get too cocky
  • Real-Time Manager
  • Dynamic Tactics


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Now in its 22nd year, EA SPORTS FIFA is one of the best-selling soccer games on the market. Over 26 million copies of the series have been sold. Filled with authentic gameplay, cutting-edge presentation and the most realistic football experience, FIFA is the definitive football game.

What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

Starting at just £2.49/€2.99/A$3.99 a week, FIFA Ultimate Team guarantees to build the dream squad of players from clubs throughout the world. With Champions League players, World Cup stars and more, there’s a chance to complete a FUT squad packed with the very best players from over 200 teams. Explore the game, challenge your friends and compete for a chance to be crowned FIFA Ultimate Team Champion.

Players can create and tailor players with all new abilities and traits. For instance, Chris Smalling, the Manchester United full back, can control the flow of the game with bone-crunching tackles that leave his rivals in ruins. Every team is supported by FUT legends, including Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar, so learn to strike like the legends – and add the ball to your head to be the most explosive.

FUT Champions

The title that brings together FIFA Ultimate Team™, FIFA 19 The Journey™, and FIFA 20 World Winner will be revealed at the EA Play keynote in June.

How to get FIFA Ultimate Team™

You can find all the information you need to get started with FUT and the FIFA Ultimate Team shop in the FUT section of the FIFA store.

What’s new in FIFA Ultimate Team™

FUT Champions is a celebration of the world’s greatest players, teams and moments in football, all brought to life in the FIFA universe. Enjoy a brand new story of amazing teams, brilliant managers and blockbuster moments in FIFA Ultimate Team™.


The new Career Mode brings fans closer to their favourite clubs and players with a number of new features. Choose a career in the spotlight of the most prestigious leagues across the globe including England, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Italy and France.

Career Mode features

Player influence is now a global statistic, allowing you to see how a player affects his team at a club. How well or badly does a manager perform depends on the player’s influence at that club.

In addition, you can now change tactics and use different formations during a game.

New features


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Fight to dominate the new FIFA Ultimate Team mode, where everything is up for grabs as you battle your way up the ranks and keep up with the best players in the world.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team – Experience the new take on the popular FIFA Ultimate Team mode. Create, train, and play out your dreams by competing in Head to Head matches using the latest game features and FIFA 22 Ultimate Team content.

FIFA Co-op –
A fun new way to play with your friends in FIFA. Earn new Stars and use them to unlock new abilities and attributes in FIFA Co-op online matches. Or, take the battle to the pitch by playing local multiplayer on your console.

Pitch Battles –
Choose one of twelve modes and go head to head with other FIFA players across various variations of the field, like Underdogs VS Champions, where you pick one team and they pick the other team, Co-op mode, or Custom Match.

FIFA Game Changers
Pre-Match – Experience a new and improved FIFA head-to-head pre-match experience that shows you all of the key tactical elements of each match. The new Head-to-Head engine, which delivers completely new ways to play and interact with rivalries. Augmented Reality – See the next move and intercept plays from your console, then let you know if it worked or not. The new Player Intelligence Technology will tell you if it’s the right play or not, whether you’ve got the stamina to make it, and whether you can safely intercept it. The new FIFA video center displays the player ratings and statistics.

FIFA 22 was met with critical acclaim and became the fastest-selling video game of all time.

The game won the 2014 Game Critics Awards for Best Sports Game, Best Graphics, Best PlayStation 4 Game, Best Sports Game, and Best Sports Game Design. FIFA 22 was also nominated for Best Game, Best Sports Game, Best Sports Game Design, and Most Innovative Sports Game, in addition to being a runner-up in the Mobile Game of the Year category.


FIFA 22 received critical acclaim on all platforms, selling over 50 million copies.

Game Informer gave the game a 9.8, with IGN giving it 9.0. GameSpot gave it 9.0, PSM3 9.0, and 9/10. Both GameSpot and IGN had the game on their list of Best of E3


What’s new:

  • FIFA World Cup Update – re-live the showpiece occasion on the new FIFA World Cup Career Mode, in the announcement season, realistic weather and lights conditions, plus Fan’s View. There’s also a newly named Career Award to unlock.
  • FIFA Mobile Matchday now lets you choose from one of 30 FUT clubs when you play in real-life, and gets upgraded stadiums, Sponsorships and creating a personalised FUT Team.
  • FIFA Wrecking Ball is back with a reinvented and revamped, competitive gameplay.


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FIFA is the official videogame of the FIFA World Cup™ and EA SPORTS FIFA is the official videogame of the FIFA Confederations Cup. The spirit of the game is rooted deep in the history of the sport that has been played for over 80 years.

What are the benefits?

Fans can participate in an experience they’ve only dreamed of before with a wide array of new features:

All-New Player Confidence/Courage Meter: Fans can boost individual players’ skills to bring out the best in them with more precise skillshots, strikes and headers.

New Set-Pieces: Send players on set-pieces with more variety.

Substitutions: Fans can now make a momentous substitution, even at the last second of a match.

Ball Control: Players will now automatically control the ball like the pros.

New Defending AI: AI will now make more of a difference in how they play the game.

New Goalkeeper: The quality of goaltending has been improved to mirror that of the real game.

New Physical Animation: Players will react more realistically to physical challenges.

Kick & Rush: Players will perform more realistic runs and move more like they do in real life.

New Trajectory System: Players will now adjust their runs on the pitch in more realistic ways.

New Player Flair: Graphics have been enhanced to showcase players’ new personality.

New Commentary: A more lively commentary is available from both commentators.

New Player Commentary: Player interviews feature voices from the team of players.

New Player Character Animation: Close-up shots of players’ real faces will be used for animations on the pitch.

New Training Mode: Players can create their own training sessions to help hone their skills.

New Training Movement System: With new movement details on the pitch, players are now more responsive to their opponents’ movements.

New Passing & Swinging: Pass quality has been improved to better mimic the game play on the pitch.

New Superstar Mode: Bring your best star and challenge everyone.

New Team Attitude: Attitude, a new in-game parameter, impacts a team’s matchmaking pool.

New Team Official Languages: New team languages can be communicated with a new UI.

New Transfer Incentives: Mix It Up: Fans now have the option to make more realistic transfer decisions.

New Creativity


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Mac OS
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