The introduction of “HyperMotion Technology” into this FIFA title ranks as one of the most extensive data capture efforts ever undertaken in an EA SPORTS FIFA title. Multiple cameras, motion-capture sensors and data processing software were used to capture real football players performing “data-driven” actions in real-time on all six feet.

Using motion capture suits and processing software, the team captured more than 350 hours of motion capture data in a high-performance, motion capture studio in Montreal, Canada. These original capture data segments, extracted from the game, were then applied to a unique match engine that now allows players to perform all-new, data-driven attacking maneuvers and reactions for the first time in a FIFA title.

This new engine allows the game to accurately replicate players’ movements, physicality and behaviours during live, real-time football matches.

The top-notch data capture and motion capture system was developed with the FIFA video game team, leading data scientists, and the world’s leading performance capture specialists. The effort generated a unique opportunity to learn from FIFA video game’s creative director.

For the first time in an EA SPORTS FIFA video game, players will now be able to perform all-new attacking moves and breakaway, goal-scoring opportunities. The degree of player detail and skill transfer that can be seen in “HyperMotion Technology” is the highest ever seen in a FIFA game.

We spoke with Joe Dangermark, creative director at EA Canada about FIFA 22, how the team captures match-day data, and what it takes to make the world’s most widely played sports video game.

“FIFA 22 is the first in the series to bring our HyperMotion Technology to players. Our team put a lot of time and effort into this unique technology because it allowed us to capture the kind of data we needed to create the most authentic and data-driven gameplay ever seen in a video game. We can now simulate football matches with the most realistic movements, collisions, and behaviors seen in real matches. We’re looking forward to seeing what players think of this new data-driven gameplay and the game as a whole.”

Joe Dangermark, Creative Director – FIFA 22


FIFA 22, which will be available on PlayStation4, XboxOne, PC, Switch, and more, returns to the iconic stadium and ball colours of the original FIFA


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 introduces new ways to interact with the ball.
  • HyperMotion Technology, which captures and shapes the game in your hands with exhilarating, physics-based controls.
  • New Skills Abilities System
  • Fix-ball system
  • New Master Tactician System
  • Improved Dribbling & Passing
  • New AI System
  • Supple Practice your individual skills with the brand new Ignite Master Career Mode, a first for FIFA, where you’ll test out all your dribbling, passing, and shooting to become the best.
  • Intense and realistic Player & Team Dynamics – 18 footballers for each team in a full high-intensity match. Now you can play to win.
  • The New Community Create, manage and participate in new Community Leagues. Compete against other players, clubs and clubs’ players to see who has the best clubs in the world.
  • New Social Side: Watch videos and talk with your friends in the new Livefeed. Also new in FIFA 22 is the ability to share photos and videos.
  • Räsänen, Teixeira & Fernandes!


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We all know what FIFA is right? Football sim? Well, it is.

What did we need to overhaul? Well, the way a player’s heading reads. We needed to simulate the way the ball is actually heading, not the way a player facing it decides to head the ball.

How do we do this?

The way we can simulate the ball flying through the air as it does in real life is to use a real physics engine (but we also have updated the visuals and animations for a better overall look).

Our out-of-this-world physics engine is called Euphoria. It is as powerful as any physics engine out there, meaning the gameplay and physics work perfectly together. Just as with real life football, Euphoria will read how the player and ball are moving relative to each other, then actually calculate how the ball will behave based on those movements.

We’ve even added a bunch of new animations to this year’s game. New collision polygons and better animations such as low bend and pivot movements to make you look and feel like a real football star.

The basics have not changed. We have reintroduced the Fan and MannerView, giving fans and players a complete overview of the pitch in real time. They can also be used as a scouting tool, turning on Dynamic Events to find out where the big opportunities are.

Speaking of which, scoring goals is now more realistic. Goalkeepers are much more influential on a match. Teams have more of an ability to close down space between the opposition and the goal in the last third.

What do we think has been improved?

It’s hard to define our improvements but we will try. For a start, we are less dependent on the weather. There are never any cracks in the pitch when it’s cold and in the snow it takes ages to sink in.

We’ve reduced the amount of times when you see the effect of the “weight of the crowd” when playing at a stadium.

The atmosphere has been improved, with fans reacting differently to goals as they travel through the stands. Emotions are also felt across the pitch as the mood in the stadium is set by individual players and that will change the crowd.

We’ve also added in all the new stadiums released since the game last hit shelves. With the addition of new stadiums you can now make your team a home


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FUT is the most authentic way to build a club of players to fit your style of play. Customise over 350 players with unique appearances, abilities and more to fit your play style. Collect packs of cards to build the ultimate team. As you play the game, you’ll earn packs to expand your collection and deliver your favourite stars.

Showcase –
Inspired by the ‘showcase’ franchise mode from the last generation of FIFA, the Showcase Mode in FIFA 22 delivers a new way to capture and share your club’s greatest moments in all the ways you’re already used to.

Gameplay –
FIFA Ultimate Team now features online Leagues for standard gameplay and for FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA Mobile FUT Champions –
The dream team is your platform. Choose your favourite team and take on your rivals in a fight for League and Champions League glory.

Hands on Controls –
Improve your touch and shooting skills with deeper and more intuitive controls. Get to grips with dynamic controls for better control in the final third of the pitch and an all-new presentation system that makes everything come alive.

Create and customize your player –
WithCreate a Player you can customise your player by giving them different body types, clothing and hair to suit your needs. You can further tweak the skills of your players in the Pro Player Training Centre.

Build your own stadium –
Stadiums have been improved, now featuring more variety in their design and being part of the Pro Player’s career. In addition to the all-new Stadium presentation screen, players can now also earn in-game rewards from spectators at stadiums, including tifo players.

Live Events –
Live Events has been updated for FIFA 22 and will offer a new 3 vs 3 live mode as well as the return of the popular Pro Clubs live tournaments.

UEFA Champions League –
With a new Club Competition mode, FIFA 22 features the UEFA Champions League, including the Playoffs and the final in Kyiv. In addition, there are also new additions to rivalries in other leagues.

Competitions –
The FIFA Calendar now presents more competitions throughout the seasons.

Nitro –
With EA SPORTS™ Nitro, users can play and control the action with unmatched intensity. This new feature allows users to manipulate the game to play quickly and precisely by taking advantage of the technology that has been utilized in EA SPORTS FIFA and FIFA Street.


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • The addition of vehicles will also allow players to overtake opponents and drive on the left side of the road; AI players will also know when to pass the ball to a teammate, while the new trailer speeds have been toned down.

The new “Assisted Maneuvering” turning mechanics will give players new options to perform a shot or a pass when you’re on the run and defenders crowd around you, while variety of new long throws will give you more opportunities to win the ball and receive a quick free kick. Turn-based gameplay will also be crucial to help you create your own tactics and plan.

Making a free kick also quicker and easier than ever before. A quick flick of the left stick during a run will put your curling shot in any direction, while crosses can be feinted at any angle to surprise a goalkeeper.

New concepts throughout the game will encourage much more intelligent and interesting gameplay. Conditions such as rain will now match the phase of the ball based on how much contact each player has had, whether dribbling or running. Players will also display different animations when facing changes in pitch surface from icy climes to scorching deserts.

With new power animations that can be tweaked by the goalkeeper, players can now demonstrate emotion through every action. Highlight footage includes Wilson showing disdain for a bad tackle, Santos celebrating a goal with a Mexican wave, and Koke and Neymar looking distressed after a free kick that went astray.

FIFA Ultimate Team.

Gameplay improvements

  • Enhanced Elite Matchmaker, which gathers and combines data from all skills, positions, leagues and goals to help you find the best players online. Achievements have been redesigned, so include the community aspect to match your reputation in the game.

  • New footballing concepts, such as dribbling, aerial duels and turning. Players can now run more dribbles per 90 minutes, which means you can perform moves when you’re surrounded by your opponents. Aerially-challenged players can dodge through the air with an Intertact 2x Move animation.


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Where to get the Game

System Requirements FIFA 22 has been designed to run on a wide range of PC configurations.

Minimum requirements

Windows 10 64bit

Intel® Core™ i3-3210


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780

DirectX 12 video card

Recommended Requirements

Windows 10 64bit

Intel® Core™ i5-3570


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

DirectX 12 video card

NOTES for Xbox One

FIFA 22 is available as a digital download on Xbox One for Xbox Live Gold members.

Get Xbox Live Gold for free when you purchase FIFA 22.

FIFA © 2015 Electronic Arts Inc. EA and the EA SPORTS™ logo are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.

Design your player, manage your team, score and share your best FIFA Moments with FIFA Ultimate Team™.Football has invaded the subway. The most unique subway landscapes of New York City are the new stadiums!Game Mechanics

Sprinting and VFX

We are the pioneers in Real Touch Physics (RTP), we reinvented the way players sprint and control the ball with an intuitive user experience.


How To Install and Crack Fifa 22:

  • While installing you need to choose administrator option and select install when prompted.
  • Once installation is complete, you need to do a restart of your PC system and again select to install.
  • After installation, while starting the game you don’t need to create cheat codes, this game will not prompt you to do so, it will do it automatically.
  • After installation you should see some issues with your game, like unsaved game not appearing in your history and then it will be solved automatically,
  • this game will need you to change your single player mode resolution to 720P for the best gameplay.


System Requirements:

Core2Duo E6550 1.86GHz / 3.00GHz
Core2Quad Q6600 2.26GHz / 3.20GHz
Core2Extreme E8400 2.6GHz / 3.48GHz
Core2Extreme X6800 2.93GHz / 4.00GHz
AMD Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition 2.2GHz / 2.8GHz
AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition 2.7GHz / 3.


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