HyperMotion Technology (combination of traditional physics, animation and motion-capture data) was developed and tailored for FIFA 22 gameplay to ensure players are dynamically powered to deliver the most realistic on-screen gaming experience.

This is part of the 2017 FIFA Street Global Series.

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We are proud to announce a partnership with Adidas to release the official FIFA 22 action football.

FIFA 22 introduces a re-energised Motion Perception (MP) AI. This new AI brings the ball over into play with more ball control and close control. While masterfully controlled by the player, through close support from teammates, the AI is much more playable than it’s previous iteration.

The AI also has a new ball carrier making him much more enjoyable to play against, but crucially offers much better gameplay for the players to take on as he makes erratic runs and takes many more inaccurate touches.

The new MP AI is able to receive multiple touches from an opponent to retain possession or to create a scoring opportunity. This requires player focus and intelligence, and will improve the technical and tactical aspects of the game.

The MP AI is also able to decelerate the ball after receiving a one-on-one header or cross and collect or clear the ball.

Players will have more agency in the game-play and will be able to react to when the AI makes decisions, challenging players to make eye-catching, high quality goals and assists.

These improvements reflect a lot of work from the development team, including our very own MatzD, to make the game play more realistic and thrilling.

We’ll have more details on FIFA 22 when the game is released in Autumn 2017.

FIFA 22 debuts with a gameplay and street football show-match between the German and Dutch National Teams.

FIFA Street Global Series

FIFA Street Global Series is the official Match-Play action football series that combines the authenticity and accessibility of the FIFA street football experience. Wherever, and whenever you want, the FIFA Street Global Series caters for gamers’ need to play, love and connect to the ball.

In the last year, FIFA Street Global Series has become the most played Official Match-Play Action Game on the App Store and Google Play. In addition to this title, the FIFA Street Global Series game portfolio now includes FIFA Street Soccer, FIFA Street 3 and FIFA


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Refine any player’s skills with over a thousand appearances-worth of official badges, kits and more special items. Use your shopping cart to manage your collection in-game.

  • Masters League and local tournaments: Participate in your region’s tournament in FIFA Ultimate Team, to win prestige points to use in-game.

  • Create your own club: Play as a manager or a player in your player’s life as you fine-tune your player’s skills. Choose the kit and badges you want.

  • 11 new playmakers. No player will ever be as influential as the new playmakers in FIFA 22.

  • SEE WHAT’S NEXT: Ultimate Team Legends – Be a legend, earn legendary status in FIFA Ultimate Team as you assemble a player icon collection. FIFA Ultimate Team Legends is a new experience, showcasing the best players of the past. You’ll get to play matches featuring familiar, legendary and one-of-a-kind players from the years 1995 to 2004, with your spending points.

  • CAREER MANAGER: With Career Mode, you’ll have the freedom to play as a manager or a player in your career, leading your teams and competing with other players at all levels of the game. Build and manage your entire club, be it as a manager or a player. Customise your ultimate team in different competitions and complete more than 30 tasks. Earn experience in the Weekly Ladder to earn more badges, and with the Ultimate Team Ladder, earn the most prestigious badges in the game.

  • Create your own players: Embark on a Player Journey that will take you from humblest beginnings to your Dream Team – or a reality TV star.

  • Kick off your journey with a complete set of on-pitch experiences, including a move to a new city, a one-off move to a new continent, a transfer to a better team in your country, and more!

  • A brand new platform. Help your teammates. Drive the action. Are you up for the Challenge?


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Developed in conjunction with the leading European Leagues, FIFA is the best football game in the world. The core gameplay has been refined and enhanced to a new level, with new contextual animated cutscenes providing compelling storytelling for clubs, players and managers. This all drives an immersive and authentic football experience that lets fans finally play like the pros.

FIFA offers unrivalled authenticity and depth, and this year, your club will evolve and grow, managing its finances, building its pitch and training grounds, and recruiting players to develop them into world-class footballers. With all the relevant information on your team, competitors and the environment at your fingertips, you will make the right decisions to lead your club to victory. With the all-new Dynamic Tactics mechanic, managers will be able to react in real-time to changing game conditions, making every decision and every game a new challenge.


New NFL Draft Cam – Rookies make their mark in new uniforms and with an all-new rookie draft, featuring the newest, most exciting, and most popular recruits. NFL teams are made up of players who have come from within their organization and, for some, out of college. The Draft is the biggest moment in a player’s career, and with the creation of the Draft cam, this franchise mode event will be as entertaining as it will be meaningful.

Deeper Player Development – Every aspect of your team can be controlled from within the Player Development menu, providing more control and insight into player attributes, and allowing you to make the correct decisions for each individual player. Through player development, players who are already on your roster will gain experience points, improving their attributes, creating a “virtuous circle” of player development.

New Story Mode – Jump in as a manager of any existing Premier League, Championship, or League One club and guide them to glory. Explore the full range of challenges and progression system that all football clubs must endure, and be rewarded as your club reaches the ultimate goal of promotion to the Premier League.

New Create-A-Club Mode – Use the data from the Football kit survey, Create-A-Club mode comes alive as you create your very own football club and give it a unique identity, all from the comfort of your own sofa. You’ll need to utilize your club’s kit design, visual design, colour scheme, training facilities, location, coach contract, captain and more. You will have full control over


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Earn rewards and form your own Ultimate Team of 35 players in 24 teams and six club roles, all packed with authentic player visuals. Build your virtual playing squad, hone your skills, and work your way up the FUT Pro Leagues from National Leagues to Elite Clubs around the world. If you’re feeling competitive, you can challenge other players to Matches and play head-to-head online.

Tremendous Volley includes:

“Play”—an innovative 3D volleyball experience from EA SPORTS.

“Play Again”—turn your skills into action. Play again any of your best moments from your EA SPORTS VOLLEYBALL career.

Online Training—a full suite of training modes and tools to help you play your best.

EA SPORTS brings you the most authentic sports experience on the platform. EA SPORTS is a recognized leader in sports video games, consistently challenging the industry with innovative gameplay features that enhance the passion of the sports genre. EA SPORTS applies its unparalleled expertise to the worlds of sports, live events, and the online and mobile communities.

EA SPORTS delivers an all-star roster of sports, including the NCAA®, NFL, NHL®, UEFA Champions LeagueTM, FIFA, NASCAR® and international soccer leagues. EA SPORTS has developed titles based on these sports that have set new industry standards, including Madden NFL, Madden NFL 25, FIFA Soccer and the Ultimate Team Championship Series. EA SPORTS is part of the EA digital label, a unit of EA’s renowned digital, online and mobile sports franchises.

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