The new FIFA combines the knowledge of more than a thousand human analysts to give life to the game and provide smarter AI, better graphics, new player models and all-new gameplay animations.

It’s a whole new generation of playing and watching football.


The biggest changes in FIFA 22 include a completely new look and feel of the game, a more intelligent and intuitive gameplay system, new female player models, and new in-depth injury and match ratings, as well as long-term development for the existing game modes.

Graphical improvements

Vast improvements in the presentation and graphical fidelity of the game, in particular, the stadiums and stadiums have been updated to make the overall appearance of the game more authentic. There are new player animations and improved player likeness, re-done lighting models, new player models to take advantage of the new body scanning, and brand new graphics for the ball.

The new face scans used for the players have an impressive level of realism that allows you to look at a soccer player face-to-face and see the correct player count.

The stadiums have been revamped to look more like their real-world counterparts and the refurbished stadiums have increased capacity, more running track, decorative structures and improved placement of goals.

Intelligent gameplay

Player intelligence continues to get better with FIFA 22. Players now learn faster from their mistakes, analyse plays more efficiently, make smarter decisions, and make quicker, on-the-ball readjustments to the game when in possession of the ball.

The award system is much deeper and more detailed and includes individual reaction to the award ceremony, penalty competitions, more insightful analytics for decisions and player tendencies, and the ability to pause reactions for more finesse, strategic play.

FIFA Social

The biggest change with FIFA 22 is FIFA Social. This brand new mode enables players to compete, interact and compete in a whole new way.

FIFA Social is fully integrated into the game. In addition to the live experience of a match, you will be able to challenge your friends and anyone that you see online, take part in head-to-head challenges, compete in career and seasonal challenges and compete in tournaments.

The mode is fully connected and fully integrated into the core of the game so players can compete and interact with other online players, as well as compete in real-life tournaments and events all through one


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • HyperRealism. FIFA 22 is the only football game that models accurate and realistic movement using actual player data collected while they were playing a match. Real players in real football scenarios bring to life true, authentic player movement and AI.
  • Pitch and weather conditions. FIFA’s all-new weather system allows you to choose the perfect weather conditions for your game. Using the upcoming game’s flexible and dynamic weather systems, gamers can choose customized conditions for designated leagues around the globe. Icons will be displayed in the pitch along with the day’s forecast to let you decide whether or not you want to play in a rainy Wednesday.
  • New animations. Create and customize your best player to have the ball glued to their feet. Choose from an arsenal of player tricks and point of view animations, all with motion capture. Rely on your team’s creativity, reflexes and improvisation skills to beat your opponent in any style of play. Experiences will appear fluid when their attributes kick in based on their skills, reaction, intensity and shot confidence. Move and sprint the way they do in real life, with realistic and believable movements. New realistic facial animations capture player expressions, with details that make them appear as if they are truly players rather than still images. Facial animations include more than 20 movements with a more realistic representation of players’ full range of facial expressions.
  • Fluid Shots. Make your shots as true as your real life play. Imagine your most accurate shots landing as close to the net as possible to give you a real competitive edge on the pitch. This goes beyond the “whipping” technique we’ve seen in past FIFA games. Icons will appear as if the shot is airborne to help you determine whether or not to hit it.
  • Enhanced Dribbling. Precision and speed have never been so important. Dribble with more awareness to separate defenders and free up space as you combine speed and agility to open up the pitch. Now throw the ball in every direction and accelerate on and off the foot like a real player. Get off one touch passes with greater flexibility, and jump into the play, pass, and receive with accuracy and conviction. Smooth shots, accurate long balls and precise cutbacks make dribbling in FIFA more dynamic and exciting than ever before.
  • New Touch Control technology. Controls are now sensitive to the smallest movements. Never miss a shot again with fingertip control to


    Fifa 22 Download For Windows

    Play the World’s Game in the world’s game studio! FIFA delivers authentic football excitement and world-class gameplay. With more than 150 million players around the world, FIFA is the leading sports franchise of all time and the world’s best-selling sports franchise. This evolution of real-world tactics and realism allows you to be the ultimate manager. Build your dream team from more than 9,000 players across the globe and take them to the top of the league.

    FIFA – What is it?

    FIFA is a massively multiplayer online sports game for PC, PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and Xbox on which up to 300 players can play against each other simultaneously in an epic world of football, with teams from soccer’s biggest leagues in more than 30 countries, from the EPL® to the A-League™.

    FIFA’s gameplay is governed by real-world rules and behaviours. Players control all facets of a game, such as passing, shooting, dribbling and tackling. The game features hundreds of new player animations, thousands of in-game animations, and more than 100 play-style variations, which adds to the authenticity of the sport and make FIFA feel like a real life experience.

    FIFA gives players multiple ways to control the game and interact with each other. Players choose either Man-to-Man or Team-to-Team control and can also perform a number of individual and collective actions, such as interceptions and blocks, and then go into a Run or Pass animation.

    Creating a unique game is one of the key elements in the development of FIFA, and it is integral to every aspect of the gameplay. Each aspect of the game has been developed in collaboration with top European football clubs, leading scientists, medical professionals and leading experts in sports psychology, fitness and sports medicine.

    FIFA’s rich gameplay and compelling online features have captured the hearts of thousands of fans and players around the world, and the game has been recognized for its high scores on multiple platforms, the quality of its graphics and its incredible attention to detail in every aspect of its gameplay.

    Interactions between players can range from nose-to-nose to full-on tackles with some of the world’s top players. Players can trade or complete various set pieces, create through-balls and cross-field passes as well as both through-and-through and back-and-forth passes. Player-to-player and ball-to


    Fifa 22 Free Download For Windows

    An all-new “FIBA” engine will create an incredible experience where you can develop your very own team of Soccer Superstars, share it with your friends, and compete in a variety of game modes to become a world-class Manager.

    FIFA World Cup – Live out your passion for soccer and compete with other players from around the world in official tournaments, starting with the World Cup qualifiers in May/June followed by the World Cup in June.

    EA SPORTS™ FIFA The Matchday Experience –
    The most realistic and authentic experience to date. With the live companion app, players can also use their tablet or smartphone to interact with fans, stream their performances, and more. The app also syncs with FIFA and EA SPORTS™ FIFA Ultimate Team™ to bring the in-game experience to life through augmented reality.Enhanced expression of the angiogenic cytokine basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) by human lung microvascular endothelial cells in the presence of tuberculous bacillus.
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    What’s new:

    • OpenID Authentications – openID logins are available for online features in the create a new account or open account pane
    • Android App – use the new launcher to jump directly to playlists, kits and the new Pre-Selection Qualifier screens.
    • FIFA 22 Print at Home option – personalise the cover of the Manager Edition or Personal Edition. Use the FIFA 22 printing app to create your own cover designs.
    • Networking enhancements to multiple Network Modes – gain a better experience when connecting to multiplayer matches.


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    System Requirements For Fifa 22:

    OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit operating system only)
    Processor: Intel Core i3 (1.8 GHz or equivalent), AMD A8 (1.4 GHz or equivalent), or better. Also, 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics device with Shader Model 3.0 or better and 256 MB or more RAM
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