We had a chance to speak with FIFA 20 Technical Director Alexandre Kellermann about the implementation of HyperMotion Technology in FIFA 20. Here’s what Kellermann had to say about the new gameplay features, as well as his responses to fans’ questions:

The biggest new feature that we’ve added in FIFA 20 is HyperMotion Technology. It’s our first implementation of motion capture in a video game, and it allows you to create the most authentic football experience in the world.

As you move around the pitch, we’ll be able to collect data on your movement, tackle attempts, head shots and ball recovery. This data is then fed back into the engine so we can use it to recreate real-life performances. We’re able to control camera angles, apply different weather conditions, parry your shots and much, much more.

It’s all thanks to our amazing player simulation team, who worked tirelessly to get us to this point. Before we went down this path, we checked to make sure that it could work – and it most certainly can.

With HyperMotion we aim to recreate a complete football match in motion.

FIFA 20 Is The World’s Most Authentic Game In The Most Challenging Of Settings

In the latest blog post on gameplay and physics improvements, EA Sports Director of Pro-Football Operations David Rutter teased that players are going to be challenged in new ways during gameplay.

“What we are doing for FIFA in the game is that we’re trying to make sure we’re giving players an authentic experience where they can have the tools to play, control and progress at the highest level,” said Rutter in the blog post. “We have five different settings where players can play FIFA and each one of them has its own different intensity, fidelity and scale.”

“The intensity can range from leisurely and how a super-star would play to how someone who’s in the Championship league, how someone is playing at the training pitch, even to the training pitch. The fidelity is the game that you’re playing and how accurate it is. And then the scale is how far do you want the ball to travel when you’re kicking the ball?

“For FIFA 20, we want to offer players the opportunity to play in five settings, we want to give players the tools that they need to


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  • New Player Careers – Live out your dreams as a manager or a player, be a coach and engineer innovations to your team – from the striker’s free-kick technique to a new way to celebrate a goal.
  • New Management Tasks – All new management tasks to master your team and compete with the Best.
  • New Game Engine – Power up every aspect of the game, from ball physics to player animations and more.
  • HyperMotion – The first-ever entry in the FIFA series to change the way players move based on a live input from real-life players.
  • FIFA ZONE LIVE: Developed by euSports, FIFA Zone LIVE is the best venue on the biggest stage for all your EA SPORTS FIFA experiences. Check FIFA.com and your PlayStation store for in-game promos.


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FIFA, the world’s leading sports entertainment franchise, is back in an all-new, next-gen version, with even more depth and skill moves. FIFA 22 puts a new spin on the game’s core play, including expanded passing options, tactical thinking, and opportunities to play out of the back.

New Controls

Each new season of innovation builds on FIFA’s design philosophy: the control scheme that is intuitive and provides stable ball flight and responsiveness. These new controls enhance and complement the performance of the player. Highlights include:

Tap, Pull & Turn – Control the ball with precision by tapping, pulling and turning the ball as you see fit.

ShotStriker – Deliver aerial crosses with great accuracy, instead of the previous default option.

Smart Player Trajectory – Modify the direction of the ball with the touch of the thumb and forefinger as you move your player.

New Skill Moves and New Tactics

FIFA 22 makes it easier than ever to perform new skill moves. With these new animations, you will be more confident that the move is going to work every time. By your own choice, the ball can reverse directions, adjusting to the needs of the play.

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Xbox One, PlayStation®4

Wii U

At the core of FIFA, are the Game’s core gameplay features, collectively referred to as “The Engine”. “The Engine” is the heartbeat of the game and provides the stability, fluidity and responsiveness that fans have come to expect from FIFA.

New Roles

As players take a step towards becoming the best in the world, they will work within a more sophisticated, team-based context. The game’s new Roles offer new tactical layers of strategy.


Star Players

Your star players will get the ball, work a little harder for it, and see their shots go in. By encouraging more shot power, a star player will see higher scores.

Key Attributes




Tech and Defense

The star player role is a balanced one that encourages players to play with the individual needs of each team. With real life conditions in mind, the game


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Live out your dreams as a manager in FIFA Ultimate Team! Build your dream squad of the world’s greatest athletes, then play as if your career depended on it. Customise unique player skins, accessories, and more to help you stand out from the competition in your very own way. Take control of your team with multiple formations, playmaker roles, and be sure to win the most epic FIFA titles ever in FIFA Ultimate Team.




Training allows you to use some of the game’s tools to improve on skills that your players have demonstrated. Your players’ actions, such as tackling, pressing, dribbling, and shooting, will be displayed on your screen. Then it’s up to you to use these actions correctly to push your players towards higher levels of quality. These tools will be at your disposal right away, and if your players demonstrate the skills they need to improve on they will grow in quality.

Basic training is the entry-level mode, which gives you the basics of managing your players, all from the manager’s perspective. Your players will each need to be individually targeted for training. Simply click on a player on the pitch and hit the button for the skill you wish to improve on. He will then be given specialised training to develop that skill. To increase the training rate, you can press the Training button to speed things up.

Basic Training will be available as soon as you begin FIFA 22, and you can start using it right away.


Training is the mode to get to grips with FIFA 22’s deeper training tools. Advanced Training allows you to train your whole squad simultaneously, giving you the tools to develop more sophisticated working habits for your players. For instance, you can set up dedicated training sessions for players to improve their individual skills and working habits, as well as set up a training programme for the entire team to work through together. It’s the perfect way to train players in more realistic conditions, and as a result your players will be more likely to improve as a result.

Advanced Training will be available as soon as you begin FIFA 22, and you can start using it right away.

Training tools

Player Training: You can use this tool to make your players learn more sophisticated skills and working habits. You can set a number of pre-defined training sessions for your players to work through in a pre-set order, as well as combine these with


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FIFA is the world’s leading club game franchise, with the FIFA franchise having sold over 100 million copies in the franchise’s history. It is also the most popular sport video game franchise in the UK – rated the best sports game of the year by Amstrad at the Spike TV Video Game Awards.

How do I play FIFA?

FIFA is played using an intuitive, detailed gameplay engine. Pass and move the ball, shoot at goal, dribble past opponents, boost the attack – all the skill and action of the real game are captured. FIFA is played using either your TV remote or an Xbox 360 controller, and you’ll play in any of six different multiplayer game types, including one new to FIFA 22, 24-player online matches or head-to-head tournament series. You can also play against friends online or fight in 2 vs 2 FIFA Ultimate Team™ mode battles.

Can I play FIFA on my TV or console?

You can play FIFA on Windows PC or MAC systems. The Windows Edition can be downloaded direct from EA, or from GameStick and other download services that support Xbox Live™ and the PlayStation®Network. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions of FIFA are also available through Xbox and PlayStation retail stores respectively.

Can I play FIFA on my smartphone or tablet?

FIFA for mobile devices is the same great gameplay, only you’re playing FIFA on your mobile device. You can play single player career mode, tournaments, local multiplayer matches, and you can also connect to the Nintendo® DS and PlayStation® Network (PSN) on your mobile device and play against your friends who have already installed the game.

How can I upgrade to Ultimate Team on FIFA 22?

Ultimate Team is one of the largest, most popular and deepest modes in FIFA, and now you can bring in hundreds of players to create your dream team. The new Player ID system allows you to share player data files and get more out of your favourite players. In addition, you can now play as the best managers in the world with the Champions League, La Liga and Premier League.

What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

FIFA Ultimate Team™ is an all-new game mode for FIFA on Xbox 360 and PlayStation®3 (PS3) systems that allows you to create a squad of your favourite real life players by exploring more than 2,500 real life players. The squad


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Features Key:

  • Goal Systems

  • Goal Systems are designed to be more responsive, effective and are tailored to each mode of play. In men’s football matches, players will score a goal through a wide variety of different play types. In addition, players will be able to score long-range goals from distance by beating their marker, while goalkeepers will have the added ability to pull off acrobatic saves to foil onrushing opponents.

Most Popular Features

  • Goal Systems
  • Goal Systems are designed to be more responsive, effective and are tailored to each mode of play. In men’s football matches, players will score a goal through a wide variety of different play types. In addition, players will be able to score long-range goals from distance by beating their marker, while goalkeepers will have the added ability to pull off acrobatic saves to foil onrushing opponents.

  • Club Finances and Player Development
    FIFA 22 delves deep into the pressing and demanding world of football finance, putting clubs under even greater financial strain than ever before. From expanding youth academies to allocating funds to transfer targets to ensuring the club is fully prepared for the season, FUT matches will have a greater impact than ever before.


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Player Vision – Add vision to the new player collision logic. This means that every player can now see every opponent when playing on the field and react when one player takes possession of the ball by moving towards the ball’s location.
  • Dynamic Stamina – New system that more accurately reflects the amount of effort used when doing all manner of things.
  • Ball Physics – New launch angles for lobs and balls that roll to and through the goalkeeper. Rejecting close range shots is also more accurate. The new, optimized interactions between the ball and player body improve the responsiveness and intensity of the ball.
  • Ball Discovery -> Exclusive new feature that brings ball movement to life with the aid of two cameras: one above the pitch and the other below. This helps to give balls its unique movement in addition to define its path as it drifts across the pitch.
  • Touch Control – Improve touch and grace in a way never before seen in EA Sports FIFA games thanks to a new refined system.
  • Recovery System – Improve the realism of heading the ball in “FIFA Ultimate Team.” Each player will pick up the ball in possession with differing degrees of motion depending on their direction of movement and whether they passed the ball or received it from a teammate. The system is dynamic and reacts based on the player’s speed and direction.
  • New Pass Movements – Improved pass options in a way closer to real-world techniques. You can now decide how to pass the ball, challenging defenders with different options such as the off-the-ball pass. Also, defenders may be closer or further away from the play depending on how long you have possession.


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor or equivalent
Memory: 2 GB RAM (memory is required to load and use XhotPlane)
Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or equivalent
Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
Additional Notes: If you experience performance problems, download and install XhotPlane in Windows XP Mode. Also, it is a good idea to install the.NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 (as well as the.NET Framework 3.5



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