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The core philosophy of the game is to enable players to be players and not spectators, creating gameplay that is based on player skills and abilities – whether that is winning a late on-ball tackle or creating a dangerous situation in a 1 v 1 situation.

The aim for FIFA 22 is to have a true “next-generation” simulation experience across all modes and in all game modes. This means higher-quality player models, realistic ball physics, authentic ball flight and faster decision making in all phases of the game.

The game has 22 players, with ratings from level 1 through to level 4. The ratings have been developed based on the game’s physical ability ratings as determined by FIFA Points. The ratings scale comes from FIFA 18, which has a range from level 1 to level 4.

The development team has worked across the full gamut of players, creating a wide range of players, from elite players to promising newcomers, as well as social, familial, national and developmental players.

To allow players to quickly learn and improve, the game also has a number of training modes that allow players to familiarise themselves with each of the game’s authentic features.

Higher and Fiercer

FIFA 22 will introduce “FIFA Points,” an innovative new dynamic system that rewards a player’s activity on the pitch throughout the game. Players will be able to earn FIFA Points by performing actions throughout gameplay. Some of these actions include training, playing online and in the pick-up mode, as well as performing Champions and Club Challenges.

These FIFA Points will be accumulated and converted into FIFA Coins, which can be exchanged for exclusive rewards at the FIFA Shop. The more a player performs, the more FIFA Points will be earned and FIFA Coins will be converted. Each FIFA Point will provide a player with one extra customisation item, such as a boot or goal celebration.

The FIFA 22 Season Pass represents a value of over £36 in FIFA Coins. Players that do not purchase the Season Pass will be able to earn FIFA Points by participating in online games, in-game challenges, playing online training and the ePES mode.

FIFA 22 will also provide a new and dedicated “FIFA Pro” gaming mode, which takes the gameplay experience into another dimension. The game will reward the player’s actions by rewarding FIFA Points and Coins. Players will have the ability to play as a group


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • New Player Paths. Play out your own player journey, starting as an amateur with lower-level clubs. Take your skills and control them all the way to the top as you face off against your best FIFA teams and legends from the EA SPORTS FIFA library.
  • New Team Paths. Your path on the path to becoming the best is made more engaging by interacting with players and the team environment. In addition to working on the pitch, customize your team’s stadium, and make your team your own.
  • New Friendlies – play with friends and compete against them live online or offline. If you played on FIFA 16, you know that playing with friends is a great way to earn new rewards and unlock FIFA Ultimate Team Star Cards and leveling up skills.
  • .

  • HyperMotionTM. Play the most authentic and dynamic World Cup™ like never before. Feel the world around you through all 22 official teams and 30 venues. Pivot and turn faster and more fluidly thanks to new virtual reality technology on Xbox One.


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FIFA is the most popular football video game series. Since its inception in 1994 the gameplay has become faster, smarter and more tactical with innovations in physics, AI, player intelligence and control. Each annual release offers a new set of improvements and innovations designed to make FIFA more playable, intelligent and enjoyable than before.

This year, we introduced a new Live Look engine, comprising a number of cutting edge technologies that help FIFA realise its ambition of playing like real football. It has been designed to be used in conjunction with FIFA Ultimate Team, giving players the ability to replicate the real-life tactical movement of the best footballers in the world.

Live Look comes to Ultimate Team

Live Look has been the talk of the Pro Clubs round up in recent weeks with the technology being in use across the competition. Today EA SPORTS informed us that the Live Look engine will come to Ultimate Team, allowing fans to bring the technology to their own game. How?

Firstly, using the Game Browser you can select up to 16 players to look at, revealing their kit, including shirts and shorts. This will allow you to select the kind of kit that suits your players and also perhaps, as we’ve recently confirmed, to upload your own custom kits!

Once you’ve selected the appropriate kit, you can make in-game changes, including colour, kit logo, sponsor and even font. The player’s brand will also be automatically updated too, with the decision to change uniform colour, logo or sponsorships affecting which player you have selected as well as keeping you up to date with any new sponsors.

When it comes to the live look engine in Ultimate Team, players will also be able to modify their Live Look settings. For example, players can dictate whether the camera pans, tilts or zooms in or out. They can also change the height and speed of the camera movement. Players can even toggle their own live look to allow them to view the opponents in Live Look mode, meaning they can see them before they run into them.

I think this is something really exciting, and I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun! (I’m just being humble now!)

New tactical play and tactics modes

In addition to the Live Look engine, we’ve seen innovations across all the modes in Fifa 22 Cracked 2022 Latest Version. Let’s take a look at the key new features:

New Tactical mode –


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Build the ultimate team from more than 300 players available in Ultimate Team. A new card drafting system that lets you create unique and tactical-minded player combinations has given birth to more than a hundred different Mastercard Moments. Master the new Impact Engine to create higher powered shots and better tactics to match your play style.

MyClub – FIFA 22’s new MyClub delivers a new daily story, an improved Create-a-Team system, MyCAREER League, a host of seasonal competitions and new social challenges. A player may be a player that is truly someone else.

Play with your friends around the world in online multiplayer modes that include competitive modes such as 9v9 and PlayDay. Or take on friends in free-for-all modes such as Battle Arenas.

Game Trailer
Check out the latest trailer to learn more about FIFA 22 FIFA’s first and only official videogame trailer reveals the all new improved dribbling control, deeper gameplay mechanics and a host of new Mastercard Moments.

EA SPORTS Season Ticket
Get the latest in-game features, download access to exclusive Ultimate Team Moments, get special rewards and promotions and be among the first to receive the FIFA 20 soundtrack.


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It’s less about the player being forced into a “damaging” style, and more about an interaction design decision that gives his character a huge amount of control over the ball, which I think is a good thing.

If you’d like to try it out, you can download Ultimate Team FUT ICONs, which is the pretty blue “special” icon for a player. Just download the game from the EA Origin store (the link is in the OP), and find the FUT ICONs in the Weekend Triangle icon pack.

EDIT: For those who don’t know, FUT ICONs can be found in the game for free, and they don’t really do anything at the moment besides let you customize the FIFA Ultimate Team for your gameplay preference.

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It’s less about the player being forced into a “damaging” style, and more about an interaction design decision that gives his character a huge amount of control over the ball, which I think is a good thing.

I’m not sure I agree. Let’s look at the


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Live your dreams as a manager, play in the world’s greatest leagues, and challenge for glory across the globe in Career mode.
  • Become a legend as an in-game pro player, and dominate in arcade-style, short matches in Career mode on 360.
  • Develop your full potential in a plethora of new kits.
  • Discover Online and create new Ultimate Teams with friends in Ultimate Team competitions.
  • Score Goals in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with the introduction of a new scoring system (UCL, MLS, Bundesliga) that rewards you for long-range shots, smart headers, and more.


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FIFA (pronounced FEE-Fah) is the best-selling sports franchise of all time. For the past 20 years, millions of soccer fans across the globe have been rewarded with an authentic and immersive sports experience that delivers the true spirit of the sport. EA SPORTS FIFA is the #1 selling soccer franchise and developer for Microsoft, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, and PC.

FIFA works in an entirely new way, bringing together the most authentic and complete football experiences to create the most advanced, immersive soccer gaming experience in history. FIFA is re-inventing soccer gaming with a revolutionary lineup of gameplay innovations and features. FIFA is also the first sports gaming series to deliver next-generation play on all major current-generation console platforms.

FIFA is now available on all gaming platforms, please visit for specific details.


FIFA 21 launches worldwide on September 26, 2018. Using the all-new Frostbite engine and powered by the worldwide football excitement of the Premier League, FIFA 21 redefines the way the world plays soccer in single-player, online, and social experiences.

The most-anticipated features and innovations of FIFA 21 include:

• Feel the authentic emotion, passion, and intensity of the Premier League™ with new Player Conditioning and Player Formations that will affect player stats and performances (e.g., stamina, speed, passing) in-game

• Visualize the world’s first and only FIFA U21 Championships in FIFA Ultimate Team™ and new FIFA U17 Championships, plus the introduction of the full, official UEFA Champions LeagueTM in Career Mode

• Introduce a new Defensive AI system that will disrupt opposition attacks

• Speed up game speed when your opponents are offside and re-introduce penalties into gameplay

• Introduce new in-game camera changes to make gameplay more dynamic and increase camera angles when facing your opponent

• Feature an “In-Game Host” option, which will take over the play from the game while you’re offscreen

• Add hair styles, shoes, and kits into your transfers and kits to quickly and easily personalize your players

• Introduce new “Smart” Player Matchmaking that pairs you with players of similar skill levels to help you develop your team and improve your gameplay. Additionally, matchmaker will recommend fewer subpar players for you


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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

OS: Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8/8.1/10
Processor: Intel 1.6 GHz or higher
AMD 1.6 GHz or higher
Memory: 2GB RAM or higher
Video: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with 2048×2048 resolution
Dedicated VR space required for game (see instructions in installation for more details): minimum 1024x1024x96
Hard Disk space: 30MB
Language: English
Sound: DirectX

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