Taking a break after a long day’s work can simply mean listening to a song or two on your computer. If done offline, this requires a dedicated application to read the file type in question. It doesn’t need to be a complex tool if you want clean playback, and in this regard, Fastplayer might just suit your needs.
Can be used on the go
Even though you’re taken through a setup process, the application can be deployed on a thumb drive just as well, because it doesn’t have an impact on registry entries, so you can easily carry it with you wherever you go. This saves a great deal of time and effort, always letting you enjoy your tunes with your own player.
The visual design can make you feel like you’re having second thoughts about it. Wrapped around a classic window frame, you find a bunch of rather confusing buttons, with no tooltip brought up on mouseover, or any text tags whatsoever, and even the title bar is empty. You easily figure out, however, which starts and stop playback, and which is used to open a file.
Leaves much to be desired
Opening a song doesn’t work if you drop it over the window, so you need to use the built-in browse dialog. Supported formats only include WAV, MP3, and MIDI. You might want to pay attention to sound, because there’s not really any visual feedback, so you can’t really tell if the play function works, but it does.
Without a playlist manager, it means you need to take the time to load a new song when the current one ends, and this can easily get quite frustrating. Playback controls are only handled through the window, and the seemingly progress slider doesn’t have any effect.
A few last words
To sum it up, Fastplayer leaves much to be desired overall, from the rough interface, to the poor set of playback features. Only one file can be processed at a time, with no support for playlists. There’s a long way ahead if it’s to ever make it among the decent programs of its kind.


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Fastplayer Activator Free [Mac/Win] [Latest-2022]

Fastplayer is an application which allows you to import, export and play back MP3, WAV, WMA and MIDI (music) files, and to record MIDI files. It is able to search for audio and MIDI files on the hard drive or network, as well as Internet, or on SD/MMC/XD cards. It also includes a built-in sound library, for easy access to musical sounds. All of the above applies when using the MP3 file format. In case you want to play back a Windows Media Audio or MPEG movie, you’ll need an optional external player.
With Fastplayer you’ll be able to play MP3, WAV and WMA files, while you record MIDI files or organize them into playlists.
What’s New in Version
Fixed a bug in network file search (searching using some special characters in the filename).
Fixed a bug in file comparison. It now uses file attributes to compare files, which means it will also recognize hidden files.
Added support for WAVE files with a 16-bit PCM encoding.
Fixed a bug in the Save dialog so that file size is shown correctly.
Fixed a bug that prevented saving the playing file as a new, default file name.
Added support for Windows 9x and ME.
Fixed a bug with the Playback settings window.
Improved the size of the window to fit the new 3d look.
Added a help file.
New features:
Added a Network search option to locate MP3, WMA and WAV files over the network. The network music can be streamed from the Internet or on local networks.
Added a new file history window. It contains the entire history of the selected files.
Added a File Compare window, allowing you to compare two files (even if they are on different folders).
Added support for recording MIDI files as a new player format, allowing you to play back and record MIDI files with one program.
Added support for WAVE files with a 16-bit PCM encoding.

Fastplayer Description:
Fastplayer is an application which allows you to import, export and play back MP3, WAV and WMA files, and to record MIDI files. It is able to search for audio and MIDI files on the hard drive or network, as well as Internet, or on SD/MMC/XD cards.

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Fastplayer With Key Free

Fastplayer is not just a program that allows you to listen to your favorite music. It is also a program that helps you make progress and look through your files and folders, so you can quickly get access to the file you want to use.
You can access your files and folders quickly, browse your pictures, playlists and listen to your MP3 file. With the help of Fastplayer, you can easily get the music you want, when you want. Enjoy your music while viewing your files.

Fastplayer Reviews

iHopeSoft Audio Recorder

Audio Recorder Reviews

By Robert Franklin

Rating: 4.5 of 5

May 1, 2016

Easy to use and supports recording and playback on most major player programs. Ability to create a sound report to be sent to other users is very useful. Overall a very good recording solution if you want to record a song from a major audio streaming website.

very nice player

Well written description.

By Andre V. M.

Rating: 4.5 of 5

Mar 5, 2017

Using PC and smart phone. Can play and record music. I can tell that it is very good.

Easy to Use

By Gabriel Fernando

Rating: 4.5 of 5

Mar 11, 2017

Very easy to use. I like the option to drag and drop the file to start with.
The only thing I do not like is it does not have a play list feature on its own.

Excellent Program

By Michael

Rating: 4.5 of 5

Mar 4, 2017

Excellent program! I use Windows 10 and after downloading the program, it was setup in less than 10 minutes. I am getting used to all the new features. The only thing I would suggest is add the ability to use any sound card such as a USB card or the built in sound card.


By aa

Rating: 4.5 of 5

Apr 9, 2017

I have used this player for years. After opening it the first time I just started listening to some music and enjoying the simple interface. Now I can’t use my PC again!!!
It was working fine until today. I was listening to some music on my computer and suddenly, the screen went blank!

Great Product

By MD.FA.83

Rating: 4.5 of 5


What’s New in the?

Fastplayer is a player for WAV, MP3, and MIDI files. With up to 32 songs, your music collection can be organized by playlists. FTL has a media browser for loading and organizing your music, and two modes of music playback -it just gets you to the point of listening to your tunes!
Fastplayer can be a great asset in editing your files. You can make edits directly to individual files and Fastplayer will update to the new changes within seconds. With the FTL Media Browser, you can even have files on your hard drive when you are in the field. Just like regular Fastplayer, the media browser is extensible, so adding files is easy. To add files to the media browser, just drag them from the file manager window onto the FTL media browser.
Can be used on the go
Fastplayer can be setup on a thumb drive to be carried around with you anywhere you go. You don’t have to worry about having your media library on your computer while you are on the go because you can put it on a thumb drive. The media library can be downloaded and organized by the FTL Media Browser, and file edits made directly to the music files.
Visual Design:
Fastplayer comes in a blue color scheme and has a classic look. A Windows icon is used for the Fastplayer start button and taskbar icon. The Media Browser window and playlist controls are easy to find and use. You will see track headers instead of track numbers on the playlist.
Some known issues
Only WAV, MP3, and MIDI files are supported.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How do I get to playlists?
A: Click on the fastplayer icon on the taskbar and it will open up a media browser. Drag and drop files into the fastplayer media browser or click on the windows icon in the system tray to see a media browser window.
Q: Does FastPlayer use the media-player-daemon for playback?
A: Yes FastPlayer uses the media-player-daemon for playback.
Q: Will FastPlayer interfere with Windows XP Media Center?
A: No FastPlayer will not interfere with media-player-daemon.
Q: Do I need to install FastPlayer as a program?
A: NO FastPlayer is a Windows application that does not require installing. Just copy Fastplayer to a thumb drive and it is ready to go.
Q: Will this work on a MAC?


System Requirements:

Minimum system requirements are as follows:
1 GHz processor
Windows 7, 8, 10, or macOS Sierra
Recommended Requirements:
1.5 GHz processor
System Requirements:
1.0 GHz processor


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