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Veewee on virtualbox: How to install oracle virtualbox kernel modules?

> It would be reasonable to assume that -aix- is some GNU synonym of
> > -aix7-gnu-[uname -r]
> I do not understand what this means.

It means that there is an alternate GNU bash syntax that can be
used to specify the GNU name of a given version (or one of them).
For instance, the GNU name of version 4 of bash, for Linux versions
2.2, 2.4 and 2.6 is


As this thread is new and as there are lots of people asking about
virtualization and kernel modules on Linux, I’m sure you are not the
only one to wonder.

If you are interested in reading about this, look here.

> Are you referring to this one? > -bash-4.3.30

No. That’s another page, and it’s not the correct one.


At 10:49 AM 3/16/2015, neskr wrote:
> Newbie here…
> I’ve been reading and researching how to install the oracle virtualbox kernel module (for Debian) for a few days and yet I’ve not found a clear and simple answer. I’ve even tried different guides and different solutions found on the internet but I’m still without a clear and working answer.
> I followed this guide –  o-764955 – to the letter and I’m still not sure if this is the right way to proceed.
> I’ve got a fresh installation of Debian (stable version) and a virtualbox on my windows 7 desktop.
> If I use apt-get, the following file is downloaded and installed –

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How to get rid of double name in json object

I’m new to phonegap.
My code for setting value for label to the value passed in url is as follows
type: “POST”,
async: true,
url: “/sample/GetCategory.php”,
data: {
categoryName: name
success: function(data) {

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