Legacy of the Elder Star is a Space Opera game developed by The BIG, who are renowned for such blockbusters as Alpha, Fortress, and Titan. They’re known to be awesome at Space Opera games like this, so this game is sure to be a quality game!
If you’re looking to score high in space, then I recommend you pick up this game right now!
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About The Big
The BIG is a Korean eSports League & Game Developer that is dedicated to providing great gaming experiences. They have over 200,000 members, and they recently revealed their eSports team “Albis”. If you want to check out more on them, you can find them online at their official website or their Facebook account.
You can also find them on Twitter if you prefer.
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Official Website –
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Legacy of the Elder Star follows the events that take place after the mega-space-battle that takes place in the “Eternal War”, where the holy beings known as the “Gods” have conquered the worlds of the Celestial Dominion.
Armed with a toolkit of new technology, including “Machines” and the nefarious Skull Empire, the Gods are now determined to rule the world in power with their ensuing reign of chaos known as “Shiran” (Heaven’s Twilight).
Those in denial of the Gods’ existence of their omnipotence struggle to free the people of the world from the tyrannical rule of the Gods.
However, the Gods are not entirely human and may not be as “naturally” benevolent as many in the Celestial Dominion would have hoped.
Key Features:
-Battle Pass
-Online Co-op
-Discover “The New Myth”
-Day & Nightcycle: Play during day, night, and in-between!
“There have been countless Empires before we have, and there will be countless after we have been. But in all that time, the Gods have always sat atop their capital of “Macha,” wielding the might of their colonies to pave the way for yet another dynasty


Features Key:

  • All DLC included, all the DLC Unlockables (planned).
  • Optionally can be used for Steam Cloud Synchronization. (of course everything you have unlocked in previous Atelier games won't unlock)

Atelier Lulua: Meruru Game Key Benefits

  • Includes all the Atelier Lulua's DLC: the "Spirit-Awakening"
  • Optionally can be used for Steam Cloud Synchronization. (of course everything you have unlocked in previous Atelier games won't unlock)


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Fine the music I use in my videos!
Song 1 (Tune Idennaar):
Oklagan – Nightsky [NCSRelease]
Song 2 (Tune Google):
Oklagan – Skin (InstrumentalReplace vocals) [NCS]
Song 3 (Tune Idennaar):
Oklagan – Dreams [NCS]
Song 4:
Ehsan – Adada [NCS]
Disclaimer: We do not own the music, nor the name and content of this song.

The STRIPES RIDER ARTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD, presented at the 14thGala of the Georges Vanier GamesSociety, was announced at the event, which was held Friday evening, January 27th, 2017. AlanSilvestre (Montreal) won this year’s inaugural GVGS artwork-promotion award, with his computer-graphics’design entitled “Between” (the artist’s fouth appearance on the Stripes RIDERSPOTLIGHT AWARDS).
AlanSilvestre was one of the high-profile guests at the annual post-show gala, which also included an address by


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This was not designed to encourage people to commit crime, though I’m sure you all know criminals already. It is just a quick game I made like which you can play with your family. This game is directly inspired by a similar game that I had when I was younger because in my opinion a lot of mobile games are getting very boring one with the same stuff. As for the song is not famous or anything, it’s just a catchy song. I just wanted to test if I could create a full game.
CopyrightDisclaimer: The video used in the game are not owned by me and were all found through searching Google.
CopyrightDisclaimer: All videos found on this channel are not owned by me. They are copyrighted to their respective owners. No copyright infringement is intended. If you are the owner of the content used in the game and you want it removed, email me and I will remove it as soon as I can (at [email protected]).

Bill Murray: Happy Birthday – Bill Murray

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The Cast of “Cheers” as Bill MurrayOn What the Movie Teaches us About Happiness

Larry-Rajon Rondo-Will he really come back?


What’s new:


Gamkoris – DRG – Impotentia

Sockless – Serafin – Coven

Herr Rando – Skatan – Velvet Tears

Lip Lock – Remedios + Mono – Ladywin

H.O.T. – Sho Sakura – Tod zwischen den Himmeln

Ricky – Bestia – Tabula Rosa – Sal Modesta

Bicycle " Anna Smith" – Monsoon + New Elements

S.A.N.A – Good Lord – Nouveau

Gabber Genie – Body Service – Hot Club – Fred Junkie & Sergio Michel Wollman

Dolby Buddha – Cyclone & Jolan Michalski

No Cooperation – A.G – Machu Pichu

Winny – Beat – Tango Boogie – Isis

Grigiojo A. – Thunder Thighs – White Mask – Karo

DAFT ONE – Injection – Enzo Æbol

McGowan – Elapsed – Seagull Wisdom

Luke – Pinkie Pinkie Pinkie Pie – Beatbox – Scenarostros

Ryokaku Shimomura

Patch 6.62

– Added the GTA:Hong Kong theme from Scenarostros

– Added the Casino Club ‘Candles’ Theme from H.O.T.

– Added the whole IMSA bank

– Added the whole Indiana Jones bank

– Added the whole Peter Pan bank

– Added the whole Stranger Things bank

– Added several banks from Kettelan’s GoodVibes

– Added several banks from Nils’ BD2H bank (nsn id)

– Added the CDG banks from Charlie and Maria

– Added the CDG banks from Leopoldo

– Added the CDG banks from Lip Lock

– Rebuild World News 821

– Long-shifts of the previous build have been fixed

– Added several WBGT CODI banks from Charlie and Maria

– Added several HD Westbank banks

– Added some banks from NewVibes (comm. audio.banks)

– Added by Tesman (much overtime) several CDsO atmospheres from different locations

– Added by Tesman (much overtime) several Tangerine


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DEFINITELY WORTH EVERY PENNY. There’s an endless list of great indie games, and few of them are as perfectly crafted as Never Alone. From the fantastic soundtrack to the video-game like aesthetic, everything about Never Alone is just right.

Never Alone is a little game that does a very big thing. It is the first game to give voice to the Native Americans, and in doing so, transform them into full blown characters. Never Alone isn’t just a game, but an experience that has brought so much joy to people.

Never Alone is the closest thing to an experience that I’ve ever had in a game. A game needs a plot, gameplay, and mechanics. Never Alone has all three, but also has an experience that is so powerful and evocative that it brings tears to your eyes. It’s a game that people should play.

Never Alone is a beautiful game. The story is told through dialogue and visual poetry, and it’s a story that is incredibly memorable. It’s a game that is so simple that it’s amazing, and that speaks to the simplicity of being human. But then, when you get into the game, it takes you deep into the heart of what it is to be human. It is equal parts beautiful and heartbreaking.

Never Alone is a game that really needed to be made. No one has ever taken a game that was made in a completely different language and made it so that people from the country of origin could play it, and this is a shame. Never Alone rectifies that. It’s a game that goes in


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  • By: Ahmad Shayegh
    Horizon Zero Dawn is developed by Guerilla Games, it is acclaimed for great game graphics especially graphically (60 FPS), awesome action, and sound, story, and gameplay! The game has been published on 24 January 2017 by the Sony Interactive Entertainment and published using the PlayStation 4 (Disc) graphical engine.(Developing this game uses the XBOX and Windows computer operating systems.)
    Horizon zero Dawn is an upcoming action role-playing video game in development by the Italian game developer Guerilla and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). It is the first game in the Horizon franchise. The game is set in a future setting that combines science fiction and fantasy elements where players will take on the role of Aloy, a hunter who possesses an artifact known as the Morningstar, that is necessary to prevent a global catastrophe that befalls on a year in the near future. The game is to be supported on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
    Geoffery Hartigan, who will be directing the game, said, “The world can change in an instant—an asteroid the size of Manhattan can wipe out civilization. A rogue AI (artificial intelligence) and a terrifying new power threaten humanity’s survival in Horizon Zero Dawn. In a future where machines rule the Earth, Aloy, a hunter, leads a tribe of warriors to battle deadly robotic creatures—titans that are built from industrial ruins after an ecological apocalypse has destroyed the world’s ecosystem. Just as her tribe begins to uncover their hidden past, a ruthless huntress named Horizon appears and will make or break her people. To survive, Aloy must embrace her role as the hero of the Horizon Zero Dawn.
    Graphics for Horizon Zero Dawn is made by graphical engine, Unreal Engine 4.



    System Requirements For Epic Fun – R0b0t Coaster:

    Supported: Windows 7 and Windows 10
    Windows 7 and Windows 10 PS4® (also on PS4® Pro), Windows 8 and 8.1
    Mac® and Linux (Not on PS4®)
    Minimum: OS: Windows 7 and Windows 10
    OS: Windows 7 and Windows 10 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz or equivalent
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz or equivalent Memory: 2 GB RAM
    2 GB RAM Graphics: GeForce GTX 460 1GB or Radeon HD 5470 (Crossfire™



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