By the power of the Ancient Elden Ring, the Seven Kingdoms will be restored. Yet the Three Golden Guardians have begun to collaborate, and only the three of them are truly independent!

The fate of all mankind rests in the hands of a select few. Become the chosen one.

About the Elden Ring (Elden)
About the Elden Ring (Elden)

The game will take place in the Lands Between, a vast world where the Seven Kingdoms once stood before they were destroyed. Amid the ruins of the kingdoms, a portal to the Lands Between has been discovered, and an unexpected number of people have begun to enter through it.

In this world, magic has slowly disappeared and people have started to forget its existence. The Lands Between—also known as the End of the World—is an ominous world in the middle of nowhere, where only a select few of the inhabitants have witnessed a monster who roams freely.

The universe is divided into the Lands Between, where monsters are roaming freely, and the Elden Ring, which has been left forgotten for a long time.

Before long, a select few discovered a prophecy in the form of the Elden Ring.

By the power of the Ancient Elden Ring, the Seven Kingdoms will be restored. Yet the Three Golden Guardians have begun to collaborate, and only the three of them are truly independent!

The fate of all mankind rests in the hands of a select few. Become the chosen one.


Platforms: PC

Developer: Ninja Theory

Genre: Action RPG

Era: 2017

Currency: United States Dollar

Languages: English

File Size: 1.3 GB

Photographs: Promotional

Last Update: August 2, 2017

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Features Key:

  • The open and free-roaming world.
    • An open world where you can freely travel and explore anywhere.
    • Heroes can accompany you, helping you with whatever quests you decide to accept. It is a companion familiar with the world who is always by your side.
    • The world is discovered as you discover it through story and events.
    • A world full of surprises and battles that are never the same, and only get stronger as you fight against them.
    • While traveling on foot, you must be wary of dangers and traps that can only be avoided by equipping items properly.
  • Unlock yourself and your World
    • The authentic world where all of the events occur.
    • It all starts with choice. The choices that you made while deciding who would succeed or fail, the choices that you made while traveling with your companions.
    • You can fully experience these choices when playing offline or online.
    • You always rise in the fight, becoming a man of renown and influence when you complete quests, battle bosses, and save NPCs (Non-Player Characters).
  • Monomyth: A story where every turn of the story impacts the decisions of the next one.
  • A Mythos about the history that is wonderfully engrained in the game.
  • A High-End Action RPG with Customization
  • Educational Contents

    ■ Original Creators

    Toshiya Kitamura, Composer (Super Paper Mario)

    >How do you do “The Good Doctor” to that small doctors office in Maine?

    Nepeta Crisan

    4 years ago

    I just heard the doctor is doing “The Good Doctor” that a young boy is shot and stabbed while trying to make a drug deal, I’m going to see how they close it. They took him out of the cast and gave him a urine test, guess it’s a pretty good guess that that drug dealer is kidney compromised. Let’s hope the nurse coming in the next hour does a lot of research he should get a kidney transplant and be fixed or close the office.
    …Read more »Q:


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    I’ve played a lot of games that didn’t really connect well with me, but I have never thought about playing a game where you have to
    keep your
    privacy the more you connect to the game world, which is quite interesting.
    The game is quite nostalgic with its romance, giving you a good time. The graphics and sound are great. The story is quite interesting and sometimes funny. Its setting is very interesting, and the concept of opening up the game world from your phone is quite amazing.

    The game is quite cheap, I think it’s about 20 Dollars which is a bargain. I think the developers are very talented, because all of their games are very good. If you were looking for a good fantasy game, then I strongly recommend you check out this game.


    Elden Ring Game Review

    This may seem confusing for many people who consider themselves knowledgeable about the genre. Simply put, in video games there are two types of RPGs. The one type is a turn-based game, in which in order to play the game you can think about what to do, calculating at what time the next action or event is going to happen. The other type is an action RPG, in which you must make a series of simple actions in order to advance the game, and the more your actions make the more actions the game will make.

    The main difference between the two types is that in an action RPG the game will have a particular arc or story which you will need to follow, and it will get more complicated as you proceed along the story and each part of the game will be harder, and in the end it will lead to a final battle. On the other hand, in a turn-based RPG you will have a bit more freedom, and the story will be more complicated and the difficulty level will rise and fall at a more controllable pace.

    RPGs have always been popular for a good reason. Players never get bored of them because the scenarios change and in most cases, the challenge is increasing as you progress through the story. Action RPGs combine turn-based RPGs with traditional action, and in this sense, they are very diverse. The main difference between a traditional action game and an action RPG is the fact that in a traditional action game you can decide when to perform actions and in an action RPG you are forced to do them at certain times.

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    The Land of Energy. “The Land of Energy” is a typical Japanese fantasy world filled with mysticism and wonder.
    A world where the strong raze the weak for the sake of the future and an order as dark as night reigns.
    The Hero, an unassuming boy who sees nothing special in his life, flees from a city in chaos because of an unjust death sentence, and begins an adventure.
    A great, ancient city named Akashi is submerged underwater, and a young girl, Mana, appears before the Hero. Mana claims that she is the only survivor of Akashi and urges him to search for a treasure.
    The Hero encounters enemies, and while protecting the girl, his past and identity are revealed.

    New Dragon (or Dragon’s Blaze Revenant from the Ice Age)
    [Inserted when activated]
    [After the battle]


    A Dragon has appeared.
    It is a new Dragon, the Dragon’s Blaze Revenant from the Ice Age.

    As the Dragon’s Blaze Revenant, he is an undead Dragon with a strong sense of preservation.
    He has a mysterious power and will protect the hero with his life, while letting his enemy get defeated one by one.

    As a reward for sacrificing your item, you will receive the Dragon’s Blaze Resondant.
    As the Dragon’s Blaze Revenant, he will be added to your roster.

    From now on, when you open the Dragon’s Blaze Revenant, you will be able to find “The” item.
    When obtaining the “The” item, items that are obtained in the event can be used, and the item will be sent to your mailbox.

    With the Dragon’s Blaze Revenant, you can perform the “Dragon’s Blaze” attack.
    The Dragon’s Blaze (Shift + Left Click) will be activated.

    As the Dragon’s Blaze Revenant, you can assist the party while you battle.

    Increased Attack
    [Inserted when activated]
    [After the battle]
    With the increased attack ability, you can attack on the side of the normal attack.
    The number of hits you can do in one attack will increase.
    However, you will automatically hit the target with priority.
    If you do not want to receive the priority hit, you can confirm the attack.

    New Spell Card
    [Inserted when activated]


    What’s new:

    Brinn, an Exiled Elden Lord

    Tactician of immense skill and wisdom, Brinn is always present in every situation, determining the direction of your battle and choosing the timing of your moves. Brinn’s extreme mental force contributes to his great power in battle.


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    I think i have made some mistake regarding the LAG. I found this in another post:

    “Elden Ring announced lag problem in its two OS the PC and the PSVita version.”


    “New ELDEN Ring PC patch and PSVita patch released. Save data is not affected.”

    There was no patch made for the OS and I don’t think its affecting the lag.

    There was a post made in the Elden Ring Series’ Official Site and i noticed some comments that you get lag when you go online.

    2.Sakko lag (lag when online)
    3.Not all characters are online

    I do hope that I have explained my question in a clear way. I think I am just a beginner and my English is not so well. My English is actually very good but I am trying to learn it better to talk in English.

    If you can understand my English, please ignore this because my English skills is poor.

    Sorry for using English instead of Japanese, it is because i really suck at it.

    I think its not a problem with lag, and i don’t know if its one of the problems mentioned by Sakko. I have the same problem with the lag, even with my PC. Actually I have problems with lag in other games like EverOdom, EO MUD and One Poins.

    The thing is the game is great but i couldn’t get that much progress, and the game is too difficult.

    I hate the game at the moment, so i am trying to find a hack to solve my lag problem.

    I do hope to get a solution


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    ]]> Shooter –


    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
    Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2GHz or better
    Memory: 2GB RAM
    Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 compatible with 256MB of video memory
    DirectX: 9.0c compatible
    Hard Drive: 10GB free space
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    Processor: Quad core 2.4GHz



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