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Legend has it that when the High King, Avate, was facing the ultimate war, a huge golden ring was given to his daughter, the princess of Elden. After a long period of time, the legend tells us that the ring mysteriously disappeared.

Caught by the human’s thirst for fame, some dare-devil explorers have ventured into the Lands Between to find the legendary ring. And for the first time in a thousand years, a human has held the power to open the gateway to the light. The path ahead is full of traps, monsters, and countless dangers. Will you be able to fulfill the legend?

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[by the Eten team]

タイトル:RPG『Elden Ring』











Features Key:

  • Unique One-on-One Online Battles with a continuous, diverse story
    The story is played out through continuous online battles that allow you to fight 1 vs. 1 with another NPC character. You are given unique heroes belonging to different races (Elden and Kobold) who have different abilities, fighting styles, and skills. Although various techniques can be combined, a fight against other NPC characters is challenging and entertaining.
  • Unique ‘After Dungeon Battle’ Feature
    A card game designed after the battles against different enemies. The game gives you diverse content depending on the types of enemies you defeat.
  • Climbing combat
    The combat system supports the tactician style, where you strategy should be focused on the positioning and attacking of the surrounding walls as you move forward through the dungeon.
  • Deja-vu effect of ‘Play’ mode
    When you join a dungeon, you are automatically transported to the location where you fought ‘Play’ battles.
  • Revolutionary battle settings
    New content that offers a variety of battle settings with additional items and different characteristics of the rune card is added.
  • Step-by-step battle method
    You can step through multiple turn options to activate skills while your character is retreating or as a result of an unforeseen situation that forces you to change the sequence of the weapon attacks.

    Steel all with grace.

    Roam the winds of destiny…

    Rising from the sands.

    Into the Endless Night.


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    Battle System

    In addition to the game system, the game also supports online play features, including asynchronous player-player and player-host play modes.

    1) By Element – Strike to Defeat!

    Select your weapon to attack. During the battle, you can freely select the weapon you want to use by pressing the direction pad. The strike power you’ve selected changes depending on the type of weapon you select.

    ■ Increased Strike Power: Magic Weapons

    Magic weapons that significantly increase your striking power are supported. You can also change your magical weapon by selecting it, or use a special magic selected in the configuration screen.

    2) Powerful Deception

    Deception is a combination of skill and strategy, where you can change the attack power of your skills and weapons.

    ■ Underestimate your enemy and play a card with your STR and TEAM to win with STR and TEAM combinations.

    ■ Pay attention to your enemy’s STR and TEAM and play a card that attacks your enemy’s weaknesses or support their attack.

    ■ Select skills by assuming your enemy’s current status to decide which card to play.

    ■ The card you play changes every time you play a card.

    3) Advanced Skills

    Equip skills to increase your combat effectiveness. We’ll also add an even greater variety of skills in the following update.

    4) Customizable Characteristics

    By equipping the effects of the cards at the bottom of the screen and assigning them to skills, you can freely develop your own character. By changing some characteristics, you can change your original character and new character, such as a “multiscale” effect that increases the number of skills you can use in the battle.

    Interaction with Other Characters

    In addition to the combat system, the game also supports real-time free chat with other players in multiplayer. Players can also link their own characters.

    ● Meet New Friends and Share Wealth!

    You can interact with other players and the NPC characters that appear in the game, and can even earn EXP and money by interacting with other players.

    1) You can enjoy the game for free!

    The available content of the game is 30 weapons and 11 types of armor cards. The base game is free to download and playable, but by purchasing additional content, you can become stronger, create a stronger team, and enjoy a greater variety of gameplay.



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    1. Extract and install the game archive you just downloaded.
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    — Game News —


    New introduction

    The Lands Between was spawned around the outbreak of the great catastrophe that decimated the world. Despite their tragic beginning, you will find the Elden Ring and its people in the seemingly-uninhabited Lands Between.

    Thousands of years later, you find yourself in a world where the Elden Ring continues to thrive. You will be able to live out your dreams, gain fame, and even become an Elden Lord.

    Explore the lands, search for the legendary Elden Ring, and make friends with other heroes who share your passion for this world.

    The Lands Between is a fantasy action RPG where you freely customize your character and develop him based on your play style. You can solve various problems through cooperation with friends and enemies.

    The game has a unique online system that allows you to feel the presence of other players and travel with them, and thus you can participate in battles with monsters, solve problems, or enjoy conversations with your guild members.

    Furthermore, thanks to a unique online element, it is possible to communicate with others even when you are offline. You can communicate through shared messages and the game’s private messenger.

    The Lands Between is not a typical game: It is a fantasy action game that is strongly connected to other games within the RPG genre.

    The Lands Between will be released at Japan Expo in Osaka on November 13, 2018, and the English version will be released in America on January 10, 2019, in Europe on January 21, 2019, and in Asia on February 6, 2019. We will offer long-term support in regions where the game is released.

    We are also announcing the Beta Test for Players in Japan. If you are a PlayStation Network or Nintendo Network user in Japan, we are planning to provide access to the Beta Test exclusively to PlayStation®Network users. In this way, we want to provide you with even greater feedback and input.

    For more information on the Beta Test, please refer to the BETA TEST at the bottom of this page.

    Many pieces of information have been added in the New Gameplay of the game since the release of the previous update.

    1. Mission based on character level

    We have added a mission that


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    game steam mac pc

    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    * Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit/64-bit)
    * Intel® or AMD Processor
    * 3 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended)
    * 2 GB available hard-disk space
    * When downloading the demo and installing the game, please make sure to check the version of your installed operating system.
    * A DirectX-compatible video card (or an on-screen display device) is required to play the game.
    * Please make sure that the video card can support DirectX 9.


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