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The new fantasy action RPG from Gameloft – developed by the creators of Asphalt 8 – is now available in the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch.
The story takes place in the Lands Between, a vast world filled with threats and opportunities. Players create their own character and find a way to work with others to unlock the true purpose of the lands in their quest to become an Elder Lord of the Elden Ring – the guardian of the Lands Between.
The fantasy action RPG is set in the Lands Between, a vast world that spreads across four continents and connects different layers of history and mythology. Players create their own character and strive to carve their own way in the vast world, leaving a legacy behind that will transcend generations to come.
The Lands Between is a world of mystery, wandering pasts, and futures. It’s a world of cultures and conflicts. A world with a multitude of threats and opportunities. It’s a world with a lot to discover, but don’t expect this to happen during your stay. It’s a world that doesn’t tolerate others.
In this universe, there are people who have yet to find their purpose. As you explore this world, you meet others who set out on their own path to forge a destiny.
Drawing on the rich history of the Lands Between, the struggle for power has continued to play out and is now vying for control of the continent of Sin’s Stone. The lands have been divided in two as the nations of the world fight with each other, leaving the way wide open for adventurers.
The Elden Ring is the guardian of the lands. The very place where the four continents converge. The Elden Ring is filled with history and mythology. The Elden Ring is the guardian of this world. It’s up to you to decide what this world is truly for – to become a great hero or to destroy them all. The future of the lands are in your hands.
To become an Elder Lord of the Elden Ring – the guardian of the lands – you will have to work together with others in the group to defeat powerful monsters and conquer vast dungeons.
GAMELOFT’S HARSHEST GRAFFITI, using the unique power of the game engine, provides clear details with rich colors. The art style is crafted to bring out the fantasy of the setting


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The rich world of the Lands Between –
    Whether in the Open Fields or the Dungeons, interesting content that will keep you entertained for a long time.
  • An epic story born from a myth –
    The thrilling story of the Lands Between are born of the deepest and maddening contradiction. As the story unfolds, the different thoughts of the characters collide in the Lands Between, and reveal a more telling story.
  • A dynamic character system –
    While developing your character, you can freely assign points to the magic ability, the strength, and the agility of a character with an enormous number of combinations. In addition, you can equip members of the equipped guild.
  • Opportunistic PvP –
    Objectives, role selection, and the progression of the story will affect the PvP battle, allowing you to experience the pride of defeating your opponents. Of course, PvP battles can only be performed with our intension and skill, and PvP will not be available from the beginning.
  • All-new graphical style –
    In this new fantasy action game, take on adventures in a style where 3D models are rendered in a top-down perspective! The important part of making the 3D models is a combination of an animation engine and an accompanying AI engine.
  • Absolute freedom in item creation and equipment selection –
    You can freely create, customize, and equip items. An enormous amount of items are ready for you to use from the start of the game, and you can freely choose the area and enemies to battle depending on your preference.
  • Concise UI –
    The UI with the most basic functions is applied exclusively to the menu so that you can easily understand the controls at a glance.
  • A self-contained campaign that you can play solo –
    Want to experience the greatness of Elden Ring action role-playing in a simple, self-contained story without control of the party? This game contains a self-contained campaign for you to enjoy by yourself! If you enter a game that is in an online state via networking, you can advance the story by dealing with the quest information that your party encounters.
  • Reasonable Difficulty –
    Difficulty can be adjusted to five levels! In addition to difficulty adjustment, it is also possible to activate particular steps, such as only allowing you to learn class skills, to


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    Enter a fantasy RPG that lets you create your own character.
    RPG: The new fantasy action RPG allows you to create your own character, so you can decide how you want to play. The game also features a large world that lets you explore a variety of locations.
    GAMEPLAY: The action RPG takes the genre and throws in more skill-based combat. The game’s combat system, online play and customization options allow you to play how you want to play.
    STRATEGY: Begin with the elemental tree, which gives you different ways to attack your enemies. Each weapon has different elemental effects, and you can use your skills to combine the weapons to make stronger weapons.
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    Tarnished is a game of skill and strategy.
    RPG: Players can build their party from a wide range of characters, each with different abilities and types. Players can also equip their characters with weapons and armor to make the best of their chosen build.
    STRATEGY: It’s a simple question: Tarnished is a game of skill and strategy. Players are tasked with collecting rare stat bonuses to build the best possible character, and then battling enemies for the highest attack and defense ratings. Only by defeating bosses can players unlock new areas of the world and find new items to add to their armory.
    GAMEPLAY: Character construction and battle strategy are as simple as they come, but Tarnished delivers a wealth of content, from sprawling open-world exploration to hours upon hours of gameplay through a single dungeon.
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    Players can create their own characters.
    RPG: The new Fantasy Action RPG is a unique online RPG, and players are challenged to create their own characters with a wide variety of abilities.
    GAMEPLAY: This new fantasy action RPG takes the genre in a different direction by mixing strategy and action. Players choose a character from a range of archetypes, and then battle enemies across various maps and dungeons.
    STRATEGY: The action RPG presents players with a series of battling across various map types, from caves to caverns to snow-covered plains. Players can use a variety of skills to defeat their enemies, and that comes down to luck as well as strategy.
    GAMEPLAY: The action RPG also presents players with a variety of challenging dungeons to explore. Each of these holds its own unique challenges, and players are expected to master the dungeons to unlock their rewards


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    Appear as a real character. A highly realistic game world and characters are recreated in high-resolution graphics (2D/3D).
    • Shaping of a Vast World
    • Vast world is reproduced in high-definition graphics. From scenes with characters to buildings, every scene is diverse.
    • Beautiful and Varied Characters
    • A wide variety of cartoon-like characters that mix with reality are created with high polygon counts and brought to life by high-resolution textures.
    • Beautiful and Varied Scenes
    • An exciting scene with multiple elements is recreated with a wide variety of scenes and maps that further expand the story.
    • Conversational Dialogue
    • Through conversations in town, the presence of romantic sub-events is reflected, adding depth to the story.
    • Support for 3rd Person View
    • Support for 3rd-person view allows you to enjoy the game in a variety of ways.
    • Beautiful Women and Men
    Featuring beautiful women and men, as well as original characters with high-resolution textures and animation.
    Both solo and multiplayer games are supported. Play matches with up to 16 players.
    • 16 Player Singles Online
    16 player online games that are connected with each other are also supported. Play Online games with strangers and others in the game, even when disconnected from the Internet.
    • Up to 16 Players Online Multiplayer
    Up to 16 player online games that are connected with each other are also supported. Play Online games with strangers and others in the game, even when disconnected from the Internet.
    • Challenge your Friends for Ranked Matches
    The ranking system for multiplayer games and the results of ranked matches will be shown for your friends.
    Possess a variety of ways to display and control your character.
    • 12 Movement Types
    From swing-arm and cross, you can select various movement types.
    • Possibility of Movement in Free Movement Mode
    The possibility of movement is displayed in Free Movement mode.
    • Movement System and Autoscrolling
    Movement is carried out in real time without thinking. You can move with your “maximum speed,” which allows you to handle faster than other characters.
    • Special Moves
    Many special attacks and techniques can be learned with the power of the character’s own ultimate technique.
    • High-quality, High-definition UI
    A wide variety of user interfaces that


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    1. Unzip it
    2. Run the installer and press Next
    3. Accept the License and the End-User Licence Agreement (EULA)
    4. Close the installer
    5. Go to the download directory and double click the elden_ring_setup.exe
    6. Run the program
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    • Fixed not being able to attack hex tiles on the screen border.
    • Fixed not being able to stop in the middle of loading a save.
    • Fixed a bug where clearing and respawning would not happen.
    • Fixed the bug where all the summons will become invisible on the same tile.
    • Fixed the bug where not being able to break the enchanted objects.
    • Fixed a bug where the LOS of some tiles does not increase when damaging them.
    • Optimized the loading speed of the world map.
    • Optimized the way some of the UI is displayed.
    • An easy-to-read option of army standing.
    • Fixed a bug where the interface where you change your equipment was not visible if you stand on one tile.
    • Fixed the bug where the user is informed that the game has shut down when the server starts.
    • Tiles set as Fanned tiles will now generate a broken tile on the bottom when defeated by the enemy (an edge tile).
    • The “Hurry up” option will no longer be shown.
    • Fixed the bug where using the Scissors tool to cut the hex tiles can be used in the wrong direction.
    • Fixed the bug where the hex tiles are shown in the wrong orientation when you rotate the map.
    • Fixed the bug where the chat window does not disappear when you view the “Chat History” tab.
    • Fixed the bug where opening the “Map” tab automatically clears the right-click menu.


    Credits to all the people that worked on the game. The credits are listed here.

    • Speedy Player – The creator of the game.
    • The Design Team – Some of the designers that worked on the game.
    • TangXin – The graphics designer.
    • Ayan’s Art Team – Some of the artists that worked on the game.
    • Als – The programmer.
    • Sey – The


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download it from given links
  • Extract the file, locate the folder, run the installation file
  • You will get a pop-up, it will show “Ready to Install”
  • Sometime it will show a Force Close or if on mobile then hide the pop up and exit the app
  • It needs Internet Connection
  • Follow the Onscreen steps to complete the installation process
  • You need to Run the setup created in the installation process, usually it will show “Ready to Install”
  • Do’t launch, close the app instead run the third-stage installer (you will see red button on the top left) or Click on the_ “Unknown Sources” Icon
  • Click on the checkbox and allow execution of “C:/Elden Ring.exe”
  • Click on the Install Now button
  • After Clicking on “Install Now” button, a progress bar will show to tell you that the installation is ongoing. Wait for sometime and the app will be installed
  • Once the installation is complete, you will be asked to update the app, click on the big button
  • Once the update is completed, you will start the app
  • Click on “Skip” button to skip it, otherwise if you want you can “Open” it
  • Why You Should Install & Crack Elden Ring:

    Elden Ring is fully offline game which can be played by you even you are not connected to the internet.

    Elden Ring is one of the successful adventure, RPG and action game.

    Comes with action packed adventure game play, competitive PvP play and ultimate hack and slash combat.

    Elden Ring is designed with amazing equip and armor system, unique fighting system and fully 3D Graphics.

    Still it’s not a PVP game, it’s an offline game which means you can play it anywhere.


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Intel Core i3 or higher
    4GB RAM
    Windows 10 Pro (or Windows 7 SP1)
    PSN Username and Password
    Network connection
    Storage space (around 30GB)
    Additional Notes:
    This DLC is for the European PSN.
    Installation Instructions:
    1. Open “The Sims 4.exe” in a new window.
    2. Close the new window that opened.
    3. Open the shortcut that opens the game in a new window.


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