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Features Key:

  • Brave the vast world of the Lands Between, facing enormous friends, and powerful enemies and gathering experience and loot!
  • Equip magical weapons and armor to express yourself freely!
  • Customize your character to your liking, and experiment with a variety of weapons and armor!
  • The online world and asynchronous online play give the game a unique online element!
  • Explore various dungeons, gather “kits,” and progress through dungeons and raids with your Party!
  • Explore the five races and develop your character freely, without restrictions!
  • Battle with players from around the world!
  • Elden Ring Latest Release:

    The latest version is 1.7-en!  The new features include:

    • Elden Ring’s various dungeons and loot: You can go through Elden Ring Pit and PvP Pit to obtain avatar items, Avatar Jugs, Dragon Vein, Roth Blue Blood, and Naglfar Blood, and obtain Avatar Coins.
    • World Map:  The world map expands in east-west direction and north-south direction.  See the other team’s area and talk with your friends in the news channel. 
    • Specialized Battle elements:  As an enemy appears at a location to attack you, you can choose one of the three modes:
      • Defensive – Throws a powerful attack from afar.
      • Support: &n


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        – You can actually play this game online- It’s a pretty good fantasy game, with decent graphics- The game is rather simple and lacks a lot of things that you may expect from an RPG like skill trees and stat adjusting- The game comes with a very short story that is told in videos (much like the anime TV game Dragon Age)- The ability to see the other player’s state is a very nice ability- You can acquire special stat raising items by progressing in the game- In the end the game can be a bit too easy because you don’t really need to be really good to succeed- The game can be a bit long because of the huge map and the number of quests- It’s a very fair game because the stats of both characters are equal- The game is very immersive because of the dark fantasy theme


        “ZENONIA meets DWARF AGES.”

        – Ability to actually play online with other players- Good graphics- Well implemented and quite immersive- Magic system works quite well, although it requires frequent usage of items to get over the early difficulties- Dungeons are very big and impressive with large areas and complex designs- The world is quite large with various locations and characters you can meet- There are many side quests- The story is rather short, although it’s a very good step in the right direction- The interface can be a bit confusing when you first start because the puzzles get a bit complicated- After a while you get used to it and you can easily play the game without your knowledge of the interface


        Check out our website if you want to have a chat with one of our editors. We have a live help button on the website which can help you out with any questions!

        This game is currently in a pre-alpha stage of development and is still being updated and improved. There may be bugs at times. If you find any, please send your feedback. The future of this game is still undetermined. The game may not reach full development or become a commercial release, and that decision is not made by this site alone. You can try out the game yourself and you can see how it feels.


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        1. Appearance Customization

        – Appearance Customization:
        Customize the appearance of your character by adjusting the appearance of your body, weapon, and armor.
        – Class Customization:
        Customize the appearance of your class. The classes also have a different variety of skills.
        – Weapon Customization:
        Customize the appearance of your weapon by adding various effects to it.
        – Equipment Customization:
        Customize the appearance of your equipment through different effects.

        2. Ability Customization

        – Ability Customization:
        Divide your attributes into attack, physical, and magic. Customize your attributes and the effect on the performance.
        – Sub Weapon Customization:
        Expand the variety of attacks using sub-weapons (Special Equipment). You can freely combine different attributes, and adjust the balance between physical and magic attributes in order to create a sub-weapon that suits your play style.
        – Sub Armor Customization:
        Increase the variety of attacks using sub-armor (Extra Equipment). You can freely combine different attributes, and adjust the balance between physical and magic attributes in order to create a sub-armor that suits your play style.

        3. Item Customization

        – Item Customization:
        Increase the number of inventory slots available by adding different items into the equipment list. Customize the effects of items based on different attributes and use various equipment in order to create an efficient set.
        – Skill Customization:
        Increase the variety of skills by assigning attributes to each skill. Customize the effects of skills by adjusting the values assigned to the skills.
        – Magic Customization:
        Increase the variety of magic spells by combining attributes, and customize the effects by assigning higher values to magic spells.

        4. Skill Customization

        – Skill Customization:
        You can customize skills by assigning attributes and adjusting the balance between physical and magical attributes. You can also combine different types of skills to create different types of skills.
        – General Customization:
        You can customize skills through complete settings.
        – Item Customization:
        You can combine various settings to maximize the efficiency of the equipped items.

        5. System Customization

        – System Customization:
        Increase the variety of skills by changing the settings. You can also combine various settings to adjust the different types of skills.
        – Skill Customization (System):
        You can combine various settings in order to customize the skills.
        – Character Customization:
        You can customize your character�


        What’s new:

        The online environment, the unique fantasy world, and the vision that we have built are creating a sensation, and we are confident that the game’s content and online components will come to life through the passion and hopes of your creative support.


        "The mother of all RPGs."

        "The ultimate experience"

        "With this game, we have embarked on a bold new adventure."

        "Superb RPG"

        "A tale born from the lifelong fantasy of our creative staff."


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        1. Download the base game.

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        4. You are all set!The previous chapter- The Wunderkind Legacy will be downloaded here.

        This chapter begins the journey of finding the role of Wunderkind in another FFC official report- Duell.

        It will take you through the city of Garrelt, and reveal how to navigate to the major cities.

        Garrelt City Overview

        Garrelt has been a city of trade, development and commerce for generations.

        It is the home of the federation of nations and one of the largest cities in the area.

        The city was a model for development- A model for trade and for the expansion of the federation.

        This is thanks to the largest industry of Garrelt- The Port.

        The city consists of a vast port, which is made up of two major ports.

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        This is the origin of most of Garrelt’s imports.

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        A lot of the port is submerged as a result of the rising sea level.

        The other port is located by the river, which is the main source of the water in the city.

        The government supports the development of agriculture and farming.

        There are many farmers in Garrelt that carry out their farming on a large scale.

        As a result of this system, there are many farmers who live in the city.

        A large number of people in Garrelt also work in the Port or in its trade and commerce.

        This is what makes Garrelt a developed area.

        Garrelt has a very wide variety of different types of businesses.

        There is commerce of all kinds, along with gambling, prostitution, and entertainment.

        The city is home to one of the largest franchises that sell food.

        There are many types of food that are sold from the franchise, including a wide variety of franchises.

        A large number of residents also work for the federation.

        Some people are civil servants, and


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        System Requirements For Elden Ring:

        Mac OS X 10.4 or later
        Windows XP SP2 or later
        Google Chrome
        Media Player 9 or later
        4GB of free space
        Java 7 or later
        Administrator rights on a single hard disk
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