The Elden Ring, a tournament to select the strongest Lord, is held every month. Only a Lord with skill can compete in the tournament, and only those who can bear the powerful curse of the dark cabal can survive the tournament.
The first Elden Ring, which was held from the gods’ shadows, was a complete success. However, to again hold the Elden Ring requires the divine power of the goddesses, and a dark source has appeared.
In order to keep the stability of the Lands Between, the power of the Goddesses must be restored.

At the request of the Goddesses, the famous hero Lyla and his friend Raymond arrive in the Lands Between. Lyla’s fighting spirit, the ever-strong attack power of his heavy blade, and his talent for both magic and fighting prove useful.
But the dark source is gathering evil souls from all the lands in order to fuel the Elden Ring. Lyla and Raymond struggle alone to protect the Lands Between…


• A Unique World of Fantasy and Action
A variety of landscapes and events, with a vast world of fantasy and action, and over 150 events.

• A Wonderful Combo of Fantasy and Action
100 events, which can be viewed in battle. An attack power increased by 50% through buffs, while a defense dropped by 50% through debuffs.

• Magic or Fighting, or Both?
Command your character using a combination of magic and fighting skills. If you master both, then you can be the one to take down the enemy in one swing.

• The Return of Heroes of History
Unique games that are different from traditional RPGs. Over 100 unique events with hundreds of characters from history.

• An Original System to Gain Experience and Skills
A system in which the characters’ attacks and attacks are combined. Each time you perform an action, your EXP and Skill will increase.

• Four Levels of Specialization
Increase both your attack power and defense through specialized equipment. Battle gradually become more exciting as the player gets stronger.

• A New Online MMORPG
Connect with other players using the asynchronous online element. While the world persists, you can take your time to plan your strategy and complete your quests.

• A World Unlocked with New Stories
Various stories and multiple endings. New secrets and previously unknown lands are revealed.

Available Languages:

North American English


Features Key:

  • Story Driven
    The world of Tarnished rests on epic and well-written story, excellently illustrated in three-dimensional graphics. The NPCs and monsters you encounter in the game react realistically to the player’s behavior.
  • Customization
    The character you want to create—from appearance and weapons to skills and equipment—is always enjoyable to alter. The “perfect” version of a character with only a few small adjustments can be created by combining a variety of items.
  • Intuitive Controls
    Created by PlatinumGames, the team behind such critically acclaimed titles as Bayonetta and Vanquish, Tarnished is controlled naturally through touch controls, and the relationships between a character’s actions are made clear.
  • Detailed Setting
    Constant challenges and the sheer number of events available for your character to experience throughout the story will lead you to a feeling of accomplishment that comes with overcoming the challenges. The game’s beautiful scenery, vivid music, and heart-stopping action should entice a player’s attention.
    Multiplayer is available for up to 20 players, and players can connect to each other seamlessly. Players can play in sessions individually or cooperatively and use a variety of characters to take down opponents. The modes of matchmaking vary by country; for example, Japan, the U.S., and Europe are included in North American/European mode, and there is a mode that specifically allows for Japanese and European players. You can also join other players in ranked games that require you to use your gacha to gain experience.
    Up to eight side characters can join you in battle on the field of the main character. By switching between individual characters, you can lead the party to defeat enemies while avoiding attacks from enemy characters. Linking is required to be performed during battle, and the enemy and party members can be requested to link. When this occurs, both players stay in the battle screen, ensuring smooth play and teamwork. This provides a fun experience for the player and characters’ relationships.
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    How to read the gameplay ELDEN RING game?
    ■There are a variety of elements.
    -We call it a Fantasy Action RPG, meaning that the gameplay is about two things.
    First, you can confirm your character’s formation and build it up into your own play style.
    Second, you can battle against foes, defeat them, and advance in the story.
    Both the game elements come together, creating the most unique RPG experience in the genre.
    ■The Danger of Combat
    -You only have three base stats.
    -But they take on the form of numbers instead of points.
    -Stats will be increased every time you attack an enemy.
    -The final in-game number won’t be displayed.
    -It may be tough to believe this, but you will lose if you are hit even a single time by an enemy.
    The more you fight, the more you boost your stats, and the better your equipment will be.
    -You’ll know that you’re about to be defeated if it says “Battle Over”.
    -Why is this?
    It is because combat has become too easy.
    By this, we mean there is a sense of possibility in which you can cause your character to fight when you are at the brink of defeat.
    ■The Unique Drama System
    -On the other hand, Combat isn’t the only part where you can influence your story.
    There are a variety of missions that will take you to different areas where you will see a variety of events occurring.
    -These missions will make the story become a living thing.
    It’s not like other Fantasy Action RPGs where you’re just waiting for the story to go on, and each mission must be cleared.
    -You can do whatever you want.
    ■And the Story That Can Change in Mid-Flow
    -It’s like the One Piece anime.
    Even when you clear an area with a mission, the story will continue to unfold in a new direction, and there are many important points you must watch for.
    It’s like the One Piece anime in which the story continues to unfold, and you have a lot of interesting scenes coming up.
    ■The End
    As you play in this atmosphere, you will encounter unique points of view as you progress.
    -You must be careful with all the obstacles and enemies that you will encounter as you advance.
    ■The First Online RPG that Can be Played “Asynchronous”
    We offer multiple modes that let you


    What’s new:

    Innovative Combat.
    Shoot down opposition with a 2-Way Shooting System that changes depending on the situation.
    Relive the Japanese Action RPG.
    Continent is mapped from the game’s original Japanese development, with all of the original content and details intact. The characters will look different, but they also gain a level up that fully evolves their skills.

    Explore Fantasy Worlds.
    Craft and develop items, from weapons to mounts to armors and armor sets, to progress through the levels of the game. The stats of your gear have a very real effect on your performance in the field.


    the lands between

    Far land in two sides

    Features a vast three-dimensional world and a dynamic lighting effect

    The player navigates seamlessly and directly among the worlds

    Comprehensive tutorial system and a customized counter system

    Unlimited progression and a leveling system by stages

    Take on a dangerous world with innovative online play.

    Two new factions lead the races of Geurye and Erundu

    Unique PvP system that takes place in every battle


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    – Windows 7 64-bit
    – Intel Core i5 2400
    – 4GB Memory
    – DirectX 11
    – 1GB VRAM
    Recommended Requirements:
    – Intel Core i5 2600
    – 6GB Memory
    1. Click “Download” to download the installer
    2. Run the installer.
    3. Follow the instructions in the installation window.
    4. At the last step


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