The new fantasy action RPG developed by Shining, scheduled for release in North America on August 28th, 2017 and Asia on September 27th, 2017.
The game features an open world, diverse environments and exhilarating action, and has won numerous awards, such as Visual Arts Award, GPU Game 2nd Newcomer Award, and YouTube Gaming Award for Game of the Year.

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Elden Ring was developed by Shining. Originally conceived in Japan in the early 2000s, Elden Ring, an action RPG featuring a vast world with a high level of freedom, was finally released in Japan in March of 2017.

Elden Ring is the third game in the Shining Series, a series of renowned fantasy action RPGs created by Shining. We would like to thank everyone who has played the games in the series and have made Elden Ring possible.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Huge 3D world
    Large field areas and complex dungeons make for a higher sense of exploration.

  • Over 700 items
    Over 700 items to collect, each of which provides powerful new equipment to your character.

  • An epic online play
    With asynchronous online play and the ability to directly connect to others, Elden Ring is able to play an epic story of multilayered fragments.

  • Customization
    Customize your character’s costume and equipment, and develop a character that fits your play style.

  • Addictive battle system
    The battle system is easy and exciting, and the game’s special skills are sure to strike you with surprise.

  • Open-Duty system
    Experience the vast world and nearby dungeons directly via the Open Duty icon.

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    1. The Story of the Lands Between
    In the Lands Between, where people live as equals under a single rule of law, there are knights who fight against monsters and corrupt lords. However, after a series of unfortunate events, a conflict has emerged between the knights and the lords.
    2. The Story of the Lands Between
    1. The Story of the Lands Between
    The Lands Between is a fantasy world where magic exists alongside the world of humans. In this world, social custom rules and carries a great weight in one’s life.
    Under the rule of a single human lord, people live peacefully and nobles gaze upon the world together. However, after a series of unfortunate events, the lord has become corrupted by power and greed.
    There are knights and men-at-arms who battle monsters together, but the knight unit is the only force that protects the people of the Lands Between.

    It is a world where people live together in peace. In such a world, people are expected to abide by human custom, meaning that there are knights who fight monsters and men-at-arms who defend the people.
















    What’s new:

    The Sword of the Gathering: Rise, Tarnished!

    Can you clear the challenge?


    You awake as a slave under the name “Elden L. 2nd” in the famous city of Arcaneburg. Your earlier life was poisoned by a lie.

    You are about to be a precious commodity to Arcaneburg’s evil businessman Haga Zircon. However, take a closer look at your surroundings. Are you not in a strange land filled with wonders? Arcaneburg, the city with a population of two million including the million plus noble citizens? This city of fantasy, standing on a floating island surrounded by the sea, is equipped with a divine shield that protects it! It seems that the people responsible for establishing this city were from a different world.

    Guided by the power of “the Sword of the Gathering”, you leave a corrupt and false land in order to fight on the battlefield for your true homeland. Only you can decide the fate of the land and the people of the fantasy world.


    Knight of the Shadows

    You are a Tarnished Knight. Lost to the capital after the fatal incident, you decided to kill your own best friend.

    You have a thick scar on your right wrist, but you can’t remember how you got it. It is implied that you are the kind who would plunge an arrow into his own heart, after killing his best friend.

    You couldn’t think of your friend’s name. Ticking off someone who killed your best friend and hearing they actually died, made you commit the crime of losing your feelings.

    If you cross the line with Haga,

    you will be a Tarnished Knight.

    If you can clear the mission assigned by Haga, you might be ready to face the serious world of Eden.

    ■Weapons and Armor:

    Sword of the Gathering:

    The sword of Eden. It has a large scope with good killing power.

    The blade is so sharp that it will penetrate the devil’s body.

    Blood Puddle

    The blood of your life enemy’s body will be left on the earth to fertilize the crops. One of the special skills you can use with this item.

    The more enemies you defeat, the more blood will be emitted, giving you more special effects.

    Bear Claw Hand


    Free Elden Ring Crack [Mac/Win]

    1- Download game file and extract to the folder where you installed it. Then run setup.exe.

    2- If you haven’t added source, just press next and make sure only your liscence and then give a name for your character.

    3- If your character creation is successful, press next and when the registration screen shows up, click next to finish.

    4- Now your character is created and you can proceed to the other tutorial as usual.

    5- To make a new character, just press next and then select your character.

    6- After a quick tutorial in your starting town, you get to leave town and explore the lands of the Lands Between.

    Tips for playing the game:
    A: To make your character stronger, increase your attribute points.

    P: To get more Gold, you can buy more equipment or sell items.

    O: to gain more items and equipment from dying, your character must be level 1.

    R: To increase your experience points, go to the skills and go to the learning dialogue and make your experience points.

    S: To gain more experience points, work on your weapon and armor.

    H: To gain more items, go to the storage and take the items out of your backpack.

    As you play this game, you will also unlock more specific pieces of armor and weapons. Just go to your character creation section and select “New items” on the bottom.

    You can also use the map that comes with the game. As you play, you will get more map and this will also allow you to go to new areas.

    Play this game like you play other games, seriously!
    There is no time limit on the story, no time to find that one boss that will add hours to your playtime (Well unless you find a Dungeon (Look at the picture). In those, its time to hunt!). You can enjoy yourself for as long as you want and experience the story without worry.

    A: You can buy more items or use your gold as an investment.

    P: You can raise your level by getting experience.

    O: You can increase your level to a higher level to become a higher-level character.

    R: The more items you get, the higher you raise your level.

    S: To gain more experience points, you can work on your weapons or armor.

    H: To increase


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