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The Tarnished Prince

Fame from Hero Stories

Imprisoned in the black tower as a state prisoner, the prince who betrayed his country is waiting to see the outcome of his trial. Although the conspirators in his favor are preparing to escape, the details of his crime against his kingdom have yet to be revealed.

The prince yearns to escape the tower and see his family again, but the freedom granted by a pardon is not enough to break his ties with the world. The trial will determine whether he is truly the traitor or his supporters are.

1. Sudden Escape

Castle Dungeon – Labyrinth Dungeon

The trial should last for about 3 years. [The first quest where you escape from the castle is scheduled for May 20, 2018, and the last will be available on September 20, 2019]

Your time left until the trial

Available Quest Time

Castle Dungeon 1st Quest: 3 years 7 days

Castle Dungeon 2nd Quest: 3 years 8 days

Castle Dungeon 3rd Quest: 3 years 10 days

Castle Dungeon 4th Quest: 3 years 13 days

Castle Dungeon 5th Quest: 3 years 20 days

2. The Approach of the Conspiracy

The Tower of Trial

The troublemaker who attempted to take over the royal line of Arden is currently imprisoned in a black tower. He is isolated from society, and his ultimate fate is uncertain.

The Tower of Trial is a prison that is standing on a platform in the middle of a hollowed-out mountain, with three spires on the mountain walls. The prisoners who successfully complete the trial will be taken there.

Available Quest Time

The Tower of Trial 1st Quest: 3 years 7 days

The Tower of Trial 2nd Quest: 3 years 8 days

The Tower of Trial 3rd Quest: 3 years 9 days

The Tower of Trial 4th Quest: 3 years 10 days

The Tower of Trial 5th Quest: 3 years 11 days

3. Building a Life

Arden’s Respite Valley

The conspiracy that attacked you is hiding somewhere, but you do not know where. A prisoner is trying to settle down in Arden, but he does not know that he is being watched.

Arden, a peaceful kingdom that boasts a huge civil war 15 years ago, is now known for being home to the Sovereign Tree�


Features Key:

  • Elden Ring is the first fantasy action RPG. It’s based on the new engine, Goblinko Engine.
  • A vast, open world. You can freely explore the world in the manner of classic RPGs.
  • A sturdy sword and magical practice allowing you to master your sword skills and magic.
  • Different items for traversal, including the airship (AE).
  • A narrative that deeply connects the game’s actions to its characters, and you can form your own opinions of the story as you play.
  • A multiclassed character system makes it easier to play multiple characters and use different tactics. Easy access to the maximum level for each class is always guaranteed.
  • Customize your character’s appearance and gear freely. You can equip up to nine items at the same time.
  • Delightful dungeons where you will meet two quite different foes. Some dungeons contain just you and an AI party.
  • A powerfully interactive battle system that can be tactical and exciting while never sacrificing ease of play.
  • A strong multiplayer that allows you to team up with friends to team up and fight against other players.
  • A rating system that lets you know which actions and routes you have performed.
  • Comprehensive tutorials to guarantee that players of any level are able to immerse themselves in the game.
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    Elden Ring [Mac/Win]

    GameReplays77 (8/4)

    “In the land of Elden, there are a number of castles used for maintaining their army….And to be an Elden Lord, you must defeat the enemy, but in this game, it’s not like that…
    …Instead of a turn-based action role playing game, it’s a series of epic battles one after another. However, rather than having a couple of characters on a single stage, this game has a huge number of characters, and not only that, the character’s movements are smooth and logical…


    “This is a fantasy action RPG where people would play as their own character. No matter who you pick, you would be able to experience a different story by making changes to the character’s appearance, stats, and equipment.
    Each character has specific weapon, armor, and spellcasting-based abilities. The game is played as a JRPG in dungeons and online to find characters and expand your squad, and there are lots of missions for you to do. The battle system is not turn-based. All characters are on the field at the same time and you attack the enemy with single-attack and multi-attack combinations…The battles are animated well in general, and the characters in the main characters seem to be close to the developers. There’s a large number of interesting characters, so you’ll be able to easily recognize them from a distance, and their character designs are also good.
    The game progresses as a story unfolds as you go through the game, so the story is good, too, but there’s no way to complete the story in one game, so you’ll have to play through it again. The action RPG genre has been changing a lot recently, so this game is also different from previous ones, as well.”
    You can see more game reviews and videos on our website:

    Zoe Kabas 2013-02-02 Review Score: A- GameReplays77 (7/5) Posted on: 2013-02-02

    “Elden Ring is a fantasy action role-playing game. For those of you who have just entered the world of Elden Ring, it’s time to get familiar with its gameplay. The game is an action RPG where the main character can move around as he or she pleases and attack enemies directly. There are several enemies in each level, and during the battle,


    Elden Ring [Win/Mac] (Final 2022)

    Menu 1 : Setting & Equipment
    1. User’s Guide
    This user’s guide will introduce the overall features of the game to the players.
    2. New Adventure Dialogue System
    The game creates drama through a unique story-telling system for the first time in a MMORPG.
    3. NPC Walk Through
    We create many 3D models that look beautiful and allow for you to create an interesting story with your friends.
    4. Adventure in World Map
    No manual searching to find rare items; many rewards are obtained by simply exploring the world map.
    5. Adventure Existence
    The world is very vast, with many diverse and rare items.

    Story ELDEN RING game:
    Menu 2 : System Screen
    1. System Screen
    Although you are the protagonist of a new fantasy action MMORPG, we have drawn on many ideas from popular movie and manga series. The system screen shows you the main features of the game, and the various elements related to the game system.
    2. Dungeons
    The map of the dungeons that you create will be shared with other players on the server, allowing you to easily find dungeons to play even if there is no time to create one for yourself.
    3. World Map
    The world map will be divided into areas, you can freely select any areas and play anywhere at any time.

    4. Slots
    The game provides a variety of gameplay modes which you can switch as you please.
    5. Party
    Gather your friends and companions and explore the world together!
    6. Trendy Enemies
    Enemies that move in a variety of different ways, will create a variety of tactics for you to choose from.
    7. Raid System
    In the raid system, you enter a location where there is a boss you have to defeat. If you successfully defeat it, you obtain a lot of great items!
    8. Character Creation
    The characters are carefully designed to bring out various aspects of the game.
    9. Customization
    After finishing character creation, you can freely change the character’s equipment and appearance to form your own unique hero!
    10. Game Ending
    Although you can freely change your equipment at any time, we have added the ‘game ending’ to provide a sense of completion.

    Gameplay 1 ONLINE World :
    Menu 3 : Guild & Party
    1. Your Party
    In the game, you can freely form your party by selecting and matching with players from throughout


    What’s new:


    All other content, including features, the physical product design, text, images and related items are copyrighted to Their4u and ©MiyamotoYasuda.

    All trademark are property of their respective owners and used under license.

    See legal page for additional information.

    Thu, 25 Nov 2017 14:00:40 +0000
    Tarnished has decided to begin the development of a release 2.0 version of the game in May 2018.
    Starting with version 2.0 we will feature more PvP content and features as per the first network-only update, adventure dungeons, multiple dungeons, advanced PvP features and multiplayer online play.
    We will do our best to complete the many tasks needed to really start bringing Tarnished to a stable state of release 2.0.
    Once we feel we have completed version 2.0 we will begin work on version 3.0.
    At this point a more stable network-play is required so, as per the previous network-only update, we have decided to move the release of the first stable network-play version of Tarnished 3.0 into late May or early June 2018.
    Release 2.0 will feature “New Network Features” as it now serves as a foundation for the new network-play version.
    Included in the list of this month’s feature list for our release 2.0 update is new cinematic presentations, session advanced progression and real-time clan tracking.
    The release 2.0 update will be our


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    CPU: Intel Core i3 or better
    Memory: 2GB RAM
    Storage: 4GB available space
    Graphical Power: GeForce GTX 470 or better
    Also, make sure to enjoy Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime through Steam.
    Big thanks to Wind & Stormy for their great fan art and work on this mod.
    As with the Original version, units can now have different configurations for special effects and use special moves/abilities. Also, the sub-unit commander ability has been buffed,


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