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20 Jan Deutschland is the leading currency in Germany, with the Deutschmark as its national currency. A common unit of currency is the Euro. In 2017, the gross national product was approximately $3.97 trillion and a total population of 81.5 million.

deutschland spielt unwrapper – “These were the only facts that we knew when we worked on the first draft of that report,” Maj. Gen. Timothy J. Hollingsworth, the acting deputy assistant secretary of defense for operations, plans and strategy, said in an interview.

The report, which was completed last month, says the military had known for decades that only a minority of detainees were Qaeda and al-Qaeda members.

“We have not been able to explain how the CIA kept this issue under wraps for so long,” General Hollingsworth said. “There is no other single variable in that equation. There were no other significant pieces of information that were not provided to us.”

Alex Sepinwall, an author of the report and a researcher for Human Rights Watch, said that if the military knew that only 2 percent of detainees in Afghanistan were al-Qaeda or Taliban members, as the C.I.A. later told the Army report’s author, Col. Barry M. Blaylock, the military should have expected much higher numbers of detainees were criminals and terrorists.

“If the military had a sound statistical model, they should have warned you of these dangers,” Mr. Sepinwall said. “I’m troubled that they didn’t.”

I know most Americans are going to look at the specifics of the report and say: “well it was different during the Reagan era, it’s different now, it’ll work itself out.”

In a real sense the U.S. military should have been able to identify the terrorists among the prisoners, because they were there to be taken out and killed, not just detained. In the Reagan era, the U.S. military would take casualties from American soldiers to attack the enemy directly in the hope of killing their captors. If that worked, great. If not, okay, we did the best we could and took the prisoners for interrogation.

But there’s a side of the story which hasn’t yet been told: it’s the Bush administration which destroyed the work of Army intelligence by throwing out the prisoner processing system and adopting the “no prisoners” policy. For the first time, the U.S. military abandoned the concept that you release prisoners to the Afghan people, and brought them back to be imprisoned in very tight conditions. You can’t

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