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The feature design you’ve implemented, however, does not. I believe we can solve this problem using a dedicated PowerBuilder library, which we can add to both of these project files. That would look something like this:

PowerBuilder library.

How could you implement this as a feature in the.

Take the following steps to implement the feature:

Click Build (Xcode).

Select your development target, and select Product -> Scheme.

Select Product -> Archive.

You can find your archived products in the Products.

When you’re ready to test the feature, complete the following steps:

Click Build (Xcode).

Select your development target, and select Product -> Run.

The target is assigned as Active Architecture.

When you’re ready to release the feature, complete the following steps:

Click Build (Xcode).

Select your development target, and select Product -> Archive.

Click the Save for Enterprise or Advanced button, and save the archive to disk.

To use the features of an archived product, your customers must install the feature package by following these steps:

You can find your feature packages in the Products.

After customers have installed the feature package, they can use the feature by following the steps listed in the product documentation.

Follow these instructions to learn how to use the feature.

Display the product documentation.

To use the feature, users must perform the following steps:

The documentation for this guide has been included in the product documentation for the feature.Q:

Preventing the user from removing the reference in a LINQ To SQL query?

I am adding a reference to a LINQ to SQL class in the code behind of a web page. The question is: How can I make sure that the LINQ to SQL class is not removed from the designer and therefore will not be able to delete the object that is in my code?
I know that I could add it and then do a Select in the constructor, but I don’t want to do that and instead, want the “Select” in there automatically to fill out my appropriate properties.


If you want to have the entity auto-generate the POCO classes (as opposed to coding by hand) then you can follow these steps (obviously, the answers here are for VS 2008, but the same applies for VS 2010

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