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The day after Alain Labaronne, the manager of the Paris Saint-Germain, became the new sporting director of Marseille, French media reported he’d only been appointed until the end of the season, and his team would look to get off to a good start in the Champions League by avoiding the toughest games until later in the group stage.

The first game this weekend – an away match with Borussia Dortmund – will be the first of three against the Bundesliga’s reigning champions, and the BBC reported that new club captain, Xabi Alonso, had backed his new boss to do a great job in his first and only season.

“One title is good enough for me,” Alonso said. “He’s only just finished his season in Paris, and the club is going to be really strong in the coming months. He’s also going to lead the team in the Champions League.

“A lot of [PSG] players were involved in that team, and it’s going to be interesting to play against them. We all think that he’ll be a great choice. He knows everything about every player in the world.”Primary thymic glucagonoma: identification of the glucagon cell and its relation to somatostatin.
Glucagon-like immunoreactivity was isolated from a tumor extract of a primary thymic glucagon-secreting glucagonoma by gel filtration on Sephadex G-50 and chromatofocusing on Mono Q. The glucagon-like immunoreactivity bore an alkaline pH optimum and had eluted as a single peak on gel filtration on Sephadex G-100. Thymic glucagonomas may develop in the thymus or outside the thymus. The glucagon-secreting thymic glucagonoma, which is a primary neoplasm, is unusual, being the second thymic glucagonoma reported in the literature. In the thymus, gastrin-secreting cells have been isolated and are believed to be parietal cells of the thymic medulla. In primary thymic glucagonomas, it is possible that the cells secreting glucagon are cortical cells that are not of the parietal cell lineage. If this is the case, the cells secreting glucagon may be stellate cells, but it is


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