Dubbed after a famous mathematician, the Mandelbulb is a three-dimensional manifestation of an infinitely complex and naturally occurring fractal object. Mandelbulb 3D is a tool that permits you to re-create the set in 3D, an environment where you can display and enjoy a fuller magnitude.
Allows you to customize the parameters to the very detail
The program does not require installation, but rather you can start using it as soon as you decompress the archive in the desired location. Upon launch, the app includes an already made model of the notorious Mandelbulb, so you can consider making the modifications from here. Alternatively, you can start creating your own fractal from scratch.
The highlight of the program stems from the vast array of options available for customizing the design. Simply put, you can specify the formula that you want to calculate, the calculation values for the 3D bulb being designed, coloring options, the number of thread counts in the calculation, enable clipping planes or activate the Julia mode, just to name a few.
The utility also comes with several post-processing tools that allow you to recalculate various sections, include additional drawing on the image, enhance with hard and ambient shadows or edit the reflection, transparency or depth of field. Last, but not least important, you can access the animation maker where you can tweak the keyframes from the actual parameters you calculated previously.
A comprehensive utility for rendering fractal imaging
As you would expect, the application enables you to analyze every aspect of the rendered images minutely via the mouse. More precisely, you can zoom in via the mouse wheel as well as click on the area that you want to inspect. Therefore, you can check and determine whether you would like to keep the last modification you made for your project.
Packing a powerful rendering engine along with dozens of customization options, Mandelbulb 3D may be worth a try if you are passionate about fractals or are looking for a new vibe for your digital art.







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• Comic reader is a full-featured eBook reader which enables the user to view the content of e-books formatted in a variety of formats and languages. The application is rich in customizable options and provides easy navigation and search for specific content.
• Comic Reader supports all eBook formats – AZW, MOBI, EPUB, PDF etc
• Text to speech functionality lets you listen to any of the eBooks right in the application
• Allows you to select and search for specific pieces of text inside the e-book
• Change the font and size of the text
• Change the background color
• Adjust the text spacing
• Add notes and comments
• Apply a style to the whole book with a couple of clicks
• Convert the e-book to text document with one click
• Choose the font of the e-book
• Allows you to change the margins of the e-book
• Allows you to change the font of the margin
• Supports saving of the bookmarks and history
• Bookmarks can be easily restored
• Allows you to change the font and size of the bookmark
• Allows you to apply a style to the bookmark
• Allows you to change the margin of the bookmark
• Provides side navigation for easy bookmarks
• Supports highlighting the text
• E-book can be saved to SD card (SD card support coming soon)
• Search is available on top of the book menu
• Sets the number of columns per page
• Supports the magnification and zooming of the content
• Supports horizontal and vertical page flipping
• Allows you to change the orientation of the book
• Supports annotation
• Provides thumbnail view for the book
• Allows the user to easily read multiple books simultaneously
• Allows the user to show thumbnail for the covers of the books
• Allows the user to change the font of the book
• Supports bookmarks with text notes (come soon)
• Allows the user to show the cover of the book at a time
• Supports multiple languages
• Allows the user to change the text size (coming soon)
• Provides the user the option to change the background color of the book (coming soon)
• Provides a help file with examples and online documentation (coming soon)
• Allows the user to customize the appearance of the library window
• Allows the user to easily change the look of the library window
• Provides a help file (coming soon)
• Allows the user to easily set the custom appearance of the library

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The first time you use the application you will need to install the driver provided with it. The application will prompt you to do this, but the installer requires administrative rights so you have to have elevated privileges. This can be done if you have a group policy installed on your computer.
After installing the program, it will automatically create a file called ComicReader Serial Key.conf in your My Documents\Visual Studio 2010\ComicReader directory. This file contains the path information that points to the library and the directory where your comic files are stored.
To use the application you need to do the following:
Open the solution explorer and double-click the graphic designer.
Right-click and choose Run. It will start the application.
The first time you run it you may need to select all the comic files available on your hard drive. After clicking on OK, the application will wait for you to select the comic files you want to open.
All your comic files are processed as individual image files. On the bottom-right of the window you will see that the progression of the process has been recorded. As each file has been processed, you can preview it by double-clicking on it.
When you have opened your desired file you may need to perform any transformations that are required. This can be done by selecting the appropriate tab in the application window.
At the end of the process you can save the graphic design and use it to edit comic images any time you like. At the end of the application you can select Save as and save your file in the same directory as the original comic file.
WasteOut Description:
WasteOut is a simple program that allows you to perform actions on a comic file without leaving it open on the screen. It is a useful tool that allows you to perform basic actions quickly, and makes it easier to organize your comic archive.
By default, the application is launched from My documents\Visual Studio\WasteOut directory. This is how the default shortcut for the application is created. You can point it in any folder you like though.
The first time you open it you will need to install the application as an Administrator. This can be done by first opening an elevated command prompt. Once you have done this, simply run the installer.
There is no progress indicator so you will need to be patient when the application starts. When it does you may need to select all the comic files available on your hard drive. On the bottom-right of the window you will see


ComicReader is a tool for removing filters that makes comic collections available on all major devices. If you would like to add comics to your collection and read them on your tablet, smartphone or any other mobile device, this is the tool you are looking for.
Simply download the application on your computer or on your mobile phone and start reading comics. There is no need to have your favorite comics in a specific format. Just add the URL of a comic to view it as a web page. You can also just read the comic and open the next one by clicking the ‘next’ button right next to the comic.
Enjoy using this comic reader on a daily basis.
What you can do with ComicReader:
1. Add URLs of comic web pages
2. Read comics without having to sync your comic collection
3. Enable offline mode so you can read them anywhere you like
4. Add new comic pages by clicking ‘add page’
5. Merge your comic collection by hand to choose different pages to add
6. Select different scenes from the comic
7. Go to popular comics/comic pages
8. View statistics
ComicReader needs a browser to browse Web pages. If ComicReader is installed on your computer or mobile phone, the application will see the browser on your computer or mobile phone as browser. If ComicReader is not installed on your device, it will open a web browser.
What’s new:
1. Fix some display problems
2. Allow to sync comics to a server
3. Add option to search
4. Add option to import comics from your PC
Known issues:
We haven’t found any known issues with this app. There will be no missing updates.
How to download:
ComicReader is available for free on the Google Play Store.
What’s new in version 1.1.5:- Bugfixes.- Fixed a bad sync bug.
What’s new in version 1.1.4:- Bugfixes.- Ability to sync comic books with a regular share from PC. Sync on the fly from PC and Android via USB Cable or Bluetooth.*
What’s new in version 1.1.3:- Added more options- Added link to bad contact info from sync error page- Added sort info when getting books by the name- Now supports EPUB books- Improved syncing if no pages have been added/removed or if there has been a sync

What’s New In?

ComicReader is a powerful, simple-to-use software, allowing users to make their own PDF comic books. It offers all the features you would expect from a solution designed specifically for comic reading.
The application provides an easy to use interface, allowing you to import your own comic book page images. Make your pages in high or low resolution mode, depending on your preferences.
Not only that, but you can also create your own frames, as well as add and modify your pictures with various editing tools.
Simple as that
You don’t need any drawing experience to use ComicReader. All that’s required is a graphic software, like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp, capable of creating images that can be used by the application. ComicReader allows you to import various kinds of pictures (JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF), edit them as you want, and then export them to PDF or SVG format (which is particularly useful if you want to save them on the web, or share your work with others).
ComicReader also offers a very extensive export function. You can create your comic book in various formats, and export it as a multipage PDF. Moreover, you can add captions and metadata to your comic book.
ComicReader also comes with a batch export function, allowing you to export many pages or comics to a single file.
A simple interface with many options
ComicReader allows you to import many pictures from your computer using different file types and resolutions. You can make a page in both high or low resolution mode. Moreover, you can also add and edit frames using different tools.
An extensive batch export feature helps you make your own PDF comic, by exporting the pages in their own subfolder of the application’s export directory. You also have the opportunity to save the comic in multipage PDF format.
Furthermore, you can add captions and metadata to your comic book, manage multiple comic books, set up your own import/export routines, and support various languages.
The software is free
If you are looking for a simple-to-use solution that can help you create your own comic books, ComicReader is a highly recommended solution.

A fan site for the Steam network video game service, it provides a variety of useful resources, including screenshots, walkthroughs, news, and announcements.

3D Warehouse is an online central repository for many downloadable 3D content. It allows the public to browse 3D models, textures, video clips and even games


System Requirements For ComicReader:

Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard
2 GHz Dual-Core Intel processor
500 MB free space
PowerPC-based computers
800 MB free space
PSP emulator in Mac OS X Lion:
Download link here
The 30-day version is only available for Mac OS X Lion and below. If you are using Lion, you will have to buy a separate 30-day license.
Note: The Mac version does not require a PSP emulator on Windows.


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