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Laravel 5.1 return index of array by key

For example I have array like this:
[0] => stdClass Object
[id] => 1
[1] => stdClass Object
[id] => 2

[2] => stdClass Object
[id] => 3

I have this code:
$users = User::all();
$id = 1;
return view(‘areas.areas’)->with(‘content’, $content);

How can I get an index of array by key $id?
I know that I can just count it by my own, but it’s not exactly the right way to do that.
I use Eloquent orm.


Assuming you have an array of objects, and that your objects are ordered by id, you can use array_key_exists:
foreach ($users as $user) {
if (array_key_exists($user->id, $users)) {
$id = $user->id;

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