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The first step is to identify what casual sex is, and what it isn’t. “Casual sex typically is between someone you have no commitment to, and someone who isn’t particularly great for you — the type of person you can toss in the empty basket, and the type of person who you’re so much better off ending things with,” says Carper. “But casual sex is not a turn-off.”
What is casual sex? Casual sex is a casual sexual encounter without expectations of reciprocation.
In other words, do you believe that the future has an expiration date?
Below are some more definitions:
By definition, casual sex involves two people who intend to have sex, but either don’t want to have a relationship or do not expect to meet again. Casual sex is a sexual encounter with no strings attached.
It’s easy to confuse casual sex with sex on the side. “But the two are entirely different — and unless the two people involved are sexually exclusive before the hook-up, it’s usually better to think about casual sex as a one-off, with no future ambitions on either side,” says Tantachat. If you are serious about ending a casual fling, you can always communicate that to the other person, which can always lead to an emotionally meaningful relationship if it is mutual, she adds.
As for casual sex in general, while it has been increasingly accepted in some circles, casual sex generally is still viewed as being beneath “casual” and “normal.” And this applies to both genders.
If you’re looking to experience casual sex, both as a participant and a receiver, you have to have the consent of the other person. So before you consider requesting that “someone” meet you in your hotel room for hot, sweaty sex, you have to ask yourself, “Are you truly aware of what this encounter is, and if you are, are you really okay with this being part of your sexual history?”
For many people, sex, even casual sex, is just that — a way to express ourselves and feel desire. “Because sex is something we do, but also something we do for society, putting up with the fact that as individuals we are sometimes unable to express a need or desire can be tiresome,” explains Psych Central. “Our egos get bruised — either we are seen as emasculated or we don’t ‘deserve’ the sex.”

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Many young adults agree that they’d like to have casual sex, but fear they’ll end up with HIV or an STI. While this is true, it seems that rates of such infections are currently low, especially in comparison to the US. Condoms are the best prevention method, and have been for years now.
How to turn your casual sex life into something more
Having casual sex as a part of your life can be fun, exciting and stress-free. However, there can be many ways to enhance the casual sex experience and turn it into something a bit more meaningful. Here are some tips for enhancing the casual sex experience.

Tip 1: Casual Sex Before Marriage

Women, who are planning to become pregnant, should not have casual sex for at least five months before marriage. Casual sex can increase your chance of getting pregnant and jeopardize your chance of getting pregnant naturally, this increases the chance of getting an ectopic pregnancy. This can endanger your life and also the life of the baby in your womb.

Tip 2: Casual Sex During Pregnancy

Women who are pregnant, should avoid having casual sex. The reason being is it increases your chances of getting chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis. To avoid getting pregnant and to protect your baby’s health, you should avoid casual sex from the point of conception.

Tip 3: Casual Sex After Childbirth

Soon after you give birth, your body will naturally start to recover. However, if you have had casual sex, your healing may be slower than normal. Your body will need to cleanse your body and this could mean that you will need to have a period of time in order to recover. An STD such as herpes can be passed during casual sex and can last for a long time.

Tip 4: Casual Sex If You are Pregnant

Casual sex should never be used with if you are pregnant. There are many reasons why you should not engage in casual sex. It can increase your chance of getting pregnant and this can make your birth a lot more complicated, or even very dangerous if you are not prepared or not in a position to have a healthy delivery. Pregnant mothers should avoid having casual sex in order to make sure that their babies are healthy and that their pregnancy and delivery is a safe and healthy one.

Tip 5: Casual Sex With a STI

Having casual sex with someone who is infected with an STD is not okay. Casual sex can increase

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