You know it’s bad for you when you get seriously affected by your own actions. In fact, casual sex can actually be the cause of serious mental health issues for some. Research shows us that individuals who experience frequent sexual hookups could be at risk for suicidal thoughts. But is it so bad to have a healthy sexual appetite? Maybe.
A study released in 2018 stated that having frequent casual sexual hookups can cause problems for your mental health and reduce your quality of life.
Why are some people having more casual sex than others?
Sex and dating expert Joelle Pines gives us five reasons why so many people just need to put down their dating apps and go for it:
#1: You’re Just Looking for Fun

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You’re a little bored with the serious dating scene, and your rolodex is stuck in a porn loop. In other words, you’re looking for a way to tap into some much-needed excitement.
#2: You’re in a New Relationship

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If you’re already engaged or recently married, you might not want to stray. But doing so can be good for your sex life if you’re feeling a little stagnant.
#3: You’re Celebrating Something

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If you’re in the mood to party, going out and having a wild time is perfectly acceptable. Partying together with friends is never a bad idea, either, especially if there are free flowing drinks involved.
#4: Sex Has Become More Normal

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Here’s a statistic that isn’t terribly surprising: sex used to be rare (and super kinky) in your early 20s. But over time, casual sex has started to become “normal.” It’s not just millennials who are doing the hookup thing: The oldest person to have sex at the age of 20 was only born in 1996.
#5: Casual Sex is an Excuse to Lose Control

Why Does Women Have Casual Sex?
Why do women have sex with just anyone? Well, men can definitely have sex with multiple women, too. But why do many women do it?
Research shows that most of us don’t just pick up and go with someone we barely know. Instead, we’re choosing a person, or a type of person, with the desire to explore. So is it always a bad idea for
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No, but it can definitely be problematic. It’s important to know that having sex without anything in it — including but not limited to emotional intimacy and monetary commitment — isn’t necessarily the same thing as sex without intimacy. There are very clear differences between having sex for fun with someone you know and having sex with someone you don’t. And these are largely determined by the amount of “sexuality” in the relationship, or, the amount of emotional investment or psychological engagement you place in it.
One of the most complicated relationships in sex is casual sex. There are two general views in our society — either casual sex is always bad, or is always good. While this article won’t take a side in that discussion, I will try to define the nuances of casual sex and how the act works in our society.
If you hear anyone talk about sex or the morality of it with a bunch of references to anonymous, degrading porn, they are referring to casual sex. Our understanding of the term casual sex is very much dependent upon how much you know about the person you are having sex with. If you use the online dating apps and can scope out the partner’s Instagram, their profile, their LinkedIn, or about them based on other things, you have greater odds of acquiring information about them before and during sex. The other thing to be wary of is the hookup aspect of the app — how easy is it to get sex with strangers?
There are many reasons why casual sex is becoming more and more commonplace. For some, casual sex is just the easiest way to have sex. They may not care if they are having sex with someone that they know, care about, or have a long-term relationship with. For others, they are trying to dodge potential commitments. In most cases, they want to stay single and with no expectations that they have to build a relationship with their partner. For others, it’s really just a matter of convenience. They don’t want to spend the time or effort needed to meet someone else and have a real relationship with them, and therefore, are content to use the service of a casual relationship. Still others use the app to get laid without having to take time to “find” that person.
The debate around hooking up has been front and center lately. From the New York Post’s story, “The ultimate Super Bowl blowout,” to the Daily Dot’s “10 lesser-known sex and dating apps,” the pop culture conversation on casual sex has expanded to other areas: cinema,

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